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* The CBJ% shown for contests is determined by the percentage of Certified Judges in attendance the previous year.
* All State Championships are subject to the approval of the American Royal World Series of Barbecue® and Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue

Carolina Foothills BBQ Cook-Off


Gaffney, SC
Starts: 07/17/2009
Ends: 07/18/2009
Website: http://www.scpeachfestival.org
Contest Packet: http://www.scpeachfestival.org/forms.htm
Contest Number: 1431

Prize Money: $6300.00
CBJ Percentage: 100%

Contact Information:
Dennis Stroupe
PO Box 549
Gaffney, SC 29342
Phone: 864-761-6518
Fax: 864-487-3399

Contest Results:  [View Printable]

Grand Champion: Butts and Breastts
Reserve Champion: Pickin Porkers

1 Butts and Breastts
2 Pickin Porkers
3 Lotta Bull BBQ
4 Mtn Magic Country BBQ
5 Britton's BBQ
6 Common Interest
7 Big Mo from Aho
8 Triple J BBQ
9 P&C Smoke-A-Holics
10 Sceamin Nite Hog BBQ
11 Swamp Sauce Smoking
12 Raw Talent
13 Q-WE-DO
14 Two Old Men And A Grill
15 Smoky Mountain Smokers
16 Cajun Mojo
17 Kick Back Cove Racing BB
18 Iron Pig BBQ
19 Smoke This
20 Blue Sky BBQ
21 Sleepeasy&MidnightSmoker
22 Keez Creek Super Q
23 Appalachian Q Crew
24 Tucker's Pig Pluckers
25 Bayou Poker Smokers
26 Bite Me BBQ
27 Dr. Brownstones BBQ
28 M&M
29 Elks Kitchen

1 Blue Sky BBQ
2 Keez Creek Super Q
3 Mtn Magic Country BBQ
4 Raw Talent
5 Big Mo from Aho
6 Butts and Breastts
7 Britton's BBQ
8 Pickin Porkers
9 Lotta Bull BBQ
10 Smoky Mountain Smokers
11 Cajun Mojo
12 Sceamin Nite Hog BBQ
13 Q-WE-DO
14 Triple J BBQ
15 Iron Pig BBQ
16 Common Interest
17 Kick Back Cove Racing BB
18 Tucker's Pig Pluckers
19 Sleepeasy&MidnightSmoker
20 P&C Smoke-A-Holics
21 Bite Me BBQ
22 Two Old Men And A Grill
23 Smoke This
24 Bayou Poker Smokers
25 Swamp Sauce Smoking
26 Appalachian Q Crew
27 Dr. Brownstones BBQ
28 M&M

2 Common Interest
3 Swamp Sauce Smoking
4 Two Old Men And A Grill
5 Bayou Poker Smokers
6 Butts and Breastts
7 Iron Pig BBQ
8 Pickin Porkers
9 Lotta Bull BBQ
10 Triple J BBQ
11 Sleepeasy&MidnightSmoker
12 M&M
13 Big Mo from Aho
14 Sceamin Nite Hog BBQ
15 P&C Smoke-A-Holics
16 Raw Talent
17 Smoky Mountain Smokers
18 Mtn Magic Country BBQ
19 Smoke This
20 Appalachian Q Crew
21 Britton's BBQ
22 Kick Back Cove Racing BB
23 Cajun Mojo
24 Keez Creek Super Q
25 Tucker's Pig Pluckers
26 Blue Sky BBQ
27 Elks Kitchen
28 Dr. Brownstones BBQ
29 Bite Me BBQ

1 P&C Smoke-A-Holics
2 Butts and Breastts
3 Mtn Magic Country BBQ
4 Lotta Bull BBQ
5 Bite Me BBQ
6 Britton's BBQ
7 Swamp Sauce Smoking
8 Appalachian Q Crew
9 Sceamin Nite Hog BBQ
10 Kick Back Cove Racing BB
11 Cajun Mojo
12 Raw Talent
13 Elks Kitchen
14 Pickin Porkers
15 Smoky Mountain Smokers
16 Triple J BBQ
17 Big Mo from Aho
18 Two Old Men And A Grill
19 Iron Pig BBQ
20 Smoke This
21 Tucker's Pig Pluckers
22 Common Interest
23 Blue Sky BBQ
24 Dr. Brownstones BBQ
25 Q-WE-DO
26 Sleepeasy&MidnightSmoker
27 Keez Creek Super Q
28 Bayou Poker Smokers
29 M&M

1 Pickin Porkers
2 Common Interest
3 Butts and Breastts
4 Britton's BBQ
5 Triple J BBQ
6 Mtn Magic Country BBQ
7 Smoke This
8 Big Mo from Aho
9 Swamp Sauce Smoking
10 Lotta Bull BBQ
11 Appalachian Q Crew
12 Sceamin Nite Hog BBQ
13 Keez Creek Super Q
14 P&C Smoke-A-Holics
15 Blue Sky BBQ
16 Two Old Men And A Grill
17 Kick Back Cove Racing BB
18 Cajun Mojo
19 Smoky Mountain Smokers
20 Sleepeasy&MidnightSmoker
21 Raw Talent
22 Q-WE-DO
23 Tucker's Pig Pluckers
24 Iron Pig BBQ
25 Bite Me BBQ
26 Bayou Poker Smokers
27 Dr. Brownstones BBQ
28 M&M

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