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* The CBJ% shown for contests is determined by the percentage of Certified Judges in attendance the previous year.
* All State Championships are subject to the approval of the American Royal World Series of Barbecue® and Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue



Montello, WI
Starts: 06/11/2010
Ends: 06/12/2010
Website: http://poorque.web.officelive.com
Contest Number: 2174

Prize Money: $70.00
CBJ Percentage: 100%

Contact Information:
Anita Moore
W 5811 Bend Road
Princeton, WI 54968
Phone: 920-420-4618

Contest Results:  [View Printable]

Grand Champion: QU Smokin Krewe
Reserve Champion: Stock Car BBQ

1 QU Smokin Krewe
2 Stock Car BBQ
3 Bringin The Heat
4 KRE Smokers
5 Smokin Mike's BBQ
6 Two Fat Bikers
7 In Da Smoke BBQ
8 Burnita BBQ Boys
9 Burnt Food Dude
10 It's The Pits
11 Team Scrib-BQ
12 Sotally Tober BBQ
13 Chefs Gone Grillin
14 Dewy's Burnt Offerings
15 Nothing Knew BBQ
16 Sweet Burbon Smokers
17 Smokin Weiners
18 U" Bacon Me Crazy"
19 Bun Stuffers
20 Creosote Calamity
21 Captain Pat's
22 Chix N Stix
23 Roxbury Smokers

1 QU Smokin Krewe
2 Smokin Mike's BBQ
3 Stock Car BBQ
4 Two Fat Bikers
5 Dewy's Burnt Offerings
6 It's The Pits
7 KRE Smokers
8 Bringin The Heat
9 In Da Smoke BBQ
10 Sotally Tober BBQ
11 U" Bacon Me Crazy"
12 Smokin Weiners
13 Sweet Burbon Smokers
14 Team Scrib-BQ
15 Chefs Gone Grillin
16 Chix N Stix
17 Nothing Knew BBQ
18 Burnt Food Dude
19 Captain Pat's
20 Creosote Calamity
21 Burnita BBQ Boys
22 Bun Stuffers
23 Roxbury Smokers

1 Bringin The Heat
2 Stock Car BBQ
3 KRE Smokers
4 QU Smokin Krewe
5 Burnt Food Dude
6 U" Bacon Me Crazy"
7 In Da Smoke BBQ
8 Sotally Tober BBQ
9 Burnita BBQ Boys
10 Two Fat Bikers
11 It's The Pits
12 Smokin Mike's BBQ
13 Chefs Gone Grillin
14 Nothing Knew BBQ
15 Dewy's Burnt Offerings
16 Team Scrib-BQ
17 Roxbury Smokers
18 Sweet Burbon Smokers
19 Captain Pat's
20 Smokin Weiners
21 Bun Stuffers
22 Creosote Calamity
23 Chix N Stix

1 Two Fat Bikers
2 Sweet Burbon Smokers
3 It's The Pits
4 In Da Smoke BBQ
5 QU Smokin Krewe
6 Team Scrib-BQ
7 KRE Smokers
8 Captain Pat's
9 Smokin Mike's BBQ
10 Chefs Gone Grillin
11 Sotally Tober BBQ
12 Bun Stuffers
13 Stock Car BBQ
14 Burnt Food Dude
15 Creosote Calamity
16 Burnita BBQ Boys
17 Dewy's Burnt Offerings
18 Nothing Knew BBQ
19 Bringin The Heat
20 Roxbury Smokers
21 Smokin Weiners
22 Chix N Stix
23 U" Bacon Me Crazy"

1 Bringin The Heat
2 Burnita BBQ Boys
3 QU Smokin Krewe
4 Stock Car BBQ
5 Burnt Food Dude
6 Team Scrib-BQ
7 KRE Smokers
8 Smokin Mike's BBQ
9 In Da Smoke BBQ
10 Bun Stuffers
11 Smokin Weiners
12 Chix N Stix
13 Nothing Knew BBQ
14 Two Fat Bikers
15 It's The Pits
16 Chefs Gone Grillin
17 Creosote Calamity
18 Sotally Tober BBQ
19 Dewy's Burnt Offerings
20 Sweet Burbon Smokers
21 Roxbury Smokers
22 U" Bacon Me Crazy"
23 Captain Pat's

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