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The Kingsford® Points Chase

Points Chase Results

Overall  |  Chicken  |  Pulled Pork  |  Pork Ribs  |  Brisket

Points Leaders

PlaceTeam NamePoints
2Lotta Bull BBQ280
3Early Bird BBQ146
4Lakeside Smokers138
5Pellet Envy130
6Wild Bunch Butt Burners113
7Burnin Bob's Butts n Bones104
8Munchin Hogs @ the Hilton102
9Lo' -N- Slo' BBQ94
10Hot Meat Smokers94
11T'N'T Dynamite BBQ94
12Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q94
14Pork Barrel BBQ82
15Fat Angel BBQ82
16Squeal of Approval80
17Slap Yo Daddy BBQ74
18warren co pork choppers74
19Gilly's Barnstormin' BBQ68
20Swine Assassins63
21All Sauced Up62
22THREE BROTHERS (Different Mothers)60
23Twyford BBQ & Catering60
24Parrothead Smokers60
25Swiggin' Pig60
26Bourbon Barrel BBQ58
28Jacked Up BBQ56
30Governor's B-B-Q48
31Jcs pit crew47
32Serial Griller45
33Belly Brothers BBQ Team44
34Smokin' In The Dark43
35Big O's BBQ40
36Pork County Barbeque40
37Old Plantation BBQ40
39Grog N Hogs40
402 Men and a Pig39
41Smokers Wild38
42The q factor36
43Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ36
44Bucks Naked BBQ35
45Pickin' Porkers35
46Q Pig BBQ35
47Wolf Creek BBQ32
48pa. midnite smokers32
49Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n32
50one slice at a time31
51Pork of the North31
52Sun of a Beach31
53bronze star bbq31
54Killer Hogs30
55Sweet Peppers28
56Shiggin & Grinnin27
57Mikey O's Real BBQ27
58Brazen BBQ27
59Lucky's Q26
60Philly Blind Pig BBQ24
61J Adams Rib24
62Hickory Pit Stop24
63Pete's Firehouse BBQ24
64When Pigs Fly24
65Smokie and the Bandit23
66IAB 30 BBQ23
67Political Pork22
69Leeps BBQ20
70Rub Me Tender BBQ20
71Pigheaded BBQ20
72Pop 'n' Chubby's20
73A Boy & His Barbeque19
75Jimmy & The Squealers18
76Backdraft BBQ18
77Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ17
78Jo-Bawb's BBQ16
80Fighting Del Fuegos16
81Wild Blue16
82Ponderosa BBQ16
83B&C Smokers16
84House of Q16
85In The Key Of Que16
86Smokey's Bar-B-Que16
87South Pork16
88Big Papa's Country Kitchen16
89Big o dang o bbq16
90Virginia 'Q16
91Slower Lower BBQ16
92Meat, Inc.16
93Wicked Que16
94Left Coast Q16
95Rib Ticker II16
96Heavenly Manna BBQ16
97Pip'n Hot15
98Little Pig Town14
99Hog Bones BBQ12
100Doghouse Willie12
101Rocky Top Barbeque12
102Smoke of the Shoals12
103Rooftop Barbeque12
104HammerHead BBQ Team12
105Ranch hand bbqh12
106Butcher's Daughter BBQ12
108Piggin n grinning llc12
109Extreme BBQ Trailers.Com12
110Smelly Butts BBQ12
111Porkin' Da Pig12
112E & D's BBQ12
113little lukes bbq12
114Jacks Old South12
115Smokopolis BBQ12
116Open Bar BQ12
117Smokibros. Bbq12
118Clark Kent Super Smokers10
119Rib Tickler BBQ10
120Boo Booz BBQ8
121Burnin' Down the Hog8
123Rock River BBQ8
124dew the que8
125Wilbur's Revenge8
126Flower of the Flames8
127Big Ol' Boys BBQ8
128No Clue8
129Big John and the Lil Rascals8
130Q Live Crew8
131Go For Smoke BBQ8
132Raw Dawg's BBQ8
133Twin Pillars8
134Donnie's Mofo Mojo BBQ8
135Pit Bull8
136The KC P.O.P.s8
137Four Kings BBQ8
139Kinney's Kountry Kookers8
140Finn's Finest BBQ8
141Birds of a Feather BBQ Team8
142Steel Smokin' BBQ8
143The Basic BBQ Team8
144Hotty Totty BBQ Crew8
145lord of the ribs8
146Blue Moon Saloon8
147Lyin Pigs8
149The Long Dawgs8
150Team Enoserv8
152Smoke Me Tender BBQ8
153Pig Newton6
154The Smoking Hills6
155charlotte's rib bbq6
156Smokin' J BBQ6
157Wally's Smokin Pit5
1582 Man BBQ5
159Rollin' Rumps4
160Big Boyz BBQ4
161Bad Backs & BBQ4
162Big Pig Inc4
163Whistle Pig4
1644 Mile Smokin' Crew4
165Hogg Ugly4
166Blindog's Outlaw BBQ Gang4
167Smokin' Hams4
168Bib's N Rib's4
170Nana and Nem4
171Perry Brothers ans Sons BBQ4
173pork ninjas4
174Porchy's BBQ4
175Big T'z Q Cru4
176Grillz Gone Wild4
177Big Don's4
178Eads' Downhome4
179Big Pig BBQ4
180Hog Me Tender4
181Bam Dazy BBQ4
182S.L.O. BBQ Smoking Team4
184MoonSwin Boys4
185Tex's Style4
186Butler Center Barbeque4
187Grillin' Pirates4
188Missouri Sultan's of Smoke4
189J & J Bumpin Butts4
190Smokin Buds4
191Loud-n-Proud BBQ4
192Critter Cookers4
194Cecil's Smokin' BBQ4
195Undercover Smokers4
196Bootheel BBQ4
197Whiplash & Willies Holy Smoke BBQ4
198Mo and Lou Bar B Que4
199The Cheeseheads4
200Pork of Apathy4
201Seymour Smokers4
202Barry Q4
203Over The Coals4
204I-35 BBQ Boyz4
205Barry and Erica4
206Smokin Cons4
207Pork wrenches4
208Forrest's Fine Foods4
209Wild Hogs BBQ4
210Out of the Pit BBQ4
211BBQ Beast4
212trailhead bbq4
213Stewed, Qued, and Tattooed4
214St. Louis Black Iron BBQ4
215Tr's up in smoke4
216Papa's Smokehouse BBQ4
217BS Pitmeisters4
218Mr. Bobo,s Traveling BBQ Allstars 4
220Pappa bear bar b q4
221Hoggs Gone Wild4
222School of fire4
223Big muddy boys4
224It's 5 O'clock somewhere4
226Salty Dawg's Smoke Pit4
227Pennsytucky Pig Smoker4
228Crotchwood BBQ Team4
229Team Old School4
230Big Bad Wolves4
231Weekend Porkers4
232Byrd and His Flock4
233Smokin moes4
234lost weekend grill4
235Rub This4
236Grill Daddies4
237Whole Hog Cafe4
238We Rid U Long Time4
239Garden State BBQ4
240Pigs Done4
241Cruzin 2 Q4
242Tell You What BBQ4
243Bayou Poker Smokers4
244Wicked Blues BBQ4
245Smoke on the Water NJ4
246Alley Boys4
247Sauced! BBQ4
249pig newton4
250The Cowboy Way BBQ4
251Smokey Bones BBQ4
252Big Daddy Black BBQ4
253A Series of Small Fires4
254Lowbelly BBQ4
255Apache bbq4
256Southward bbq4
257General BBQ4
258Rhythm 'n QUE4
259Why You Grillin' Me Dawg?4
260Here's the Rub4
261Kyles BBQ4
262Dads Doing What They Love4
263Bang a Drum4
264Mr Applejacks BBQ Competition Team4
265Pork U BBQ4
266Otis and the Bird4
267Pig Candy BBQ4
268Backyard Burners4
269Wally's Smokin Pit II4
270T&J Backyard BBQ4
271Big daddy's Bama bbq4
272Deep South Grilling Co4
273The Pig Easy4
274Butts, Bellies, & Buddies Too4
275Montana Q4
276Dragon's Breath BBQ4
277Rolling Hogs4
279Wicked Pig4
280Fat Dad's Barbeque4
281Blazen BBQ4
282Gerrit Boys Barbeque4
283Three porks and a smoker4
284JoBeaz Blazin' Butts and Wings4
285Smokin Hot Butts4
286Bubba Joes BBQ4
287Okey Dokey Smokey4
288Nowhere bar and grill4
289Bad Brads4
290Barnett Farms4
291Smokin butt crew4
292Fire Dancer BBQ3
293Pig Pak3
294Iowa's Smokin' Buds3
295Bones Brigade3
296pig pen3
297Worth the waits3
298Swine Wine and Dine3
299BBQ Masters2
300Ryans BBQ Shack2
301Fire Ants BBQ1
302Big Mook's BBQ0


PlaceTeam NamePoints
2Lotta Bull BBQ110
3Munchin Hogs @ the Hilton60
4Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q60
5Pellet Envy60
6Early Bird BBQ60
7Twyford BBQ & Catering60
8Lo' -N- Slo' BBQ50
9Lakeside Smokers50
10Burnin Bob's Butts n Bones50
11Squeal of Approval40
13Wild Bunch Butt Burners35
14T'N'T Dynamite BBQ30
15Slap Yo Daddy BBQ30
16Fat Angel BBQ30
17Gilly's Barnstormin' BBQ30
18All Sauced Up30
19Swine Assassins30
20Hot Meat Smokers30
21warren co pork choppers30
23Pork Barrel BBQ30
24Killer Hogs30
25Bourbon Barrel BBQ30
27Governor's B-B-Q20
28Belly Brothers BBQ Team20
29Parrothead Smokers20
30The q factor20
31THREE BROTHERS (Different Mothers)20
32Jacked Up BBQ20
33pa. midnite smokers20
35Grog N Hogs20
36Old Plantation BBQ20
37Swiggin' Pig20
38Pork County Barbeque20
39Pete's Firehouse BBQ20
40Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ20
41bronze star bbq15
422 Men and a Pig15
43Mikey O's Real BBQ15
44Pickin' Porkers15
45A Boy & His Barbeque15
46one slice at a time15
47Serial Griller15
48Smokie and the Bandit15
49Sun of a Beach15
50Shiggin & Grinnin15
51Smokin' In The Dark15
52Brazen BBQ15
53Bucks Naked BBQ15
54Q Pig BBQ15
55Pork of the North15
56Jcs pit crew15
57IAB 30 BBQ15
58HammerHead BBQ Team0
59Bones Brigade0
60Smokin moes0
61lost weekend grill0
62Rock River BBQ0
64Rub This0
65Q Live Crew0
66Grill Daddies0
67Byrd and His Flock0
68Wilbur's Revenge0
69Weekend Porkers0
70Pennsytucky Pig Smoker0
71Crotchwood BBQ Team0
72Team Old School0
73Big Bad Wolves0
74Whole Hog Cafe0
75We Rid U Long Time0
76Smoke on the Water NJ0
77Ryans BBQ Shack0
78Alley Boys0
79Iowa's Smokin' Buds0
80Wicked Que0
81Sauced! BBQ0
82Wicked Blues BBQ0
83Bayou Poker Smokers0
84Garden State BBQ0
85pig pen0
86Pigs Done0
87Slower Lower BBQ0
88Cruzin 2 Q0
89Birds of a Feather BBQ Team0
90Tell You What BBQ0
91The Basic BBQ Team0
92Smokopolis BBQ0
93Open Bar BQ0
94Salty Dawg's Smoke Pit0
96Out of the Pit BBQ0
97BBQ Beast0
98trailhead bbq0
99Stewed, Qued, and Tattooed0
100Wild Hogs BBQ0
101Forrest's Fine Foods0
102I-35 BBQ Boyz0
103Barry and Erica0
104Leeps BBQ0
105Smokin Cons0
106Fire Dancer BBQ0
107Political Pork0
108Little Pig Town0
109Ponderosa BBQ0
110Pork wrenches0
111St. Louis Black Iron BBQ0
112Tr's up in smoke0
113School of fire0
114Big muddy boys0
115It's 5 O'clock somewhere0
116Hoggs Gone Wild0
117Pappa bear bar b q0
118The Smoking Hills0
119pig newton0
120BS Pitmeisters0
121Mr. Bobo,s Traveling BBQ Allstars 0
124Big Papa's Country Kitchen0
125Team Enoserv0
126Smokey's Bar-B-Que0
127Rhythm 'n QUE0
128Fat Dad's Barbeque0
129Backdraft BBQ0
130In The Key Of Que0
131Blazen BBQ0
132charlotte's rib bbq0
133Gerrit Boys Barbeque0
134Smokin' J BBQ0
135Smokibros. Bbq0
136Three porks and a smoker0
137Wicked Pig0
138South Pork0
139House of Q0
141Smoke of the Shoals0
142Butts, Bellies, & Buddies Too0
143The Pig Easy0
145Jo-Bawb's BBQ0
146Montana Q0
147Dragon's Breath BBQ0
148Ranch hand bbqh0
149Rolling Hogs0
150Smokin Hot Butts0
151Over The Coals0
152Piggin n grinning llc0
153Smokin butt crew0
154Worth the waits0
155Bad Brads0
156Barnett Farms0
157Hickory Pit Stop0
158Big o dang o bbq0
159Bubba Joes BBQ0
160Smelly Butts BBQ0
161Okey Dokey Smokey0
162Nowhere bar and grill0
163JoBeaz Blazin' Butts and Wings0
164Big daddy's Bama bbq0
165Southward bbq0
166General BBQ0
167Deep South Grilling Co0
168Why You Grillin' Me Dawg?0
169Apache bbq0
170Flower of the Flames0
171Rib Tickler BBQ0
172Lowbelly BBQ0
173The Cowboy Way BBQ0
174Smokey Bones BBQ0
175Big Daddy Black BBQ0
176A Series of Small Fires0
177Here's the Rub0
178Wally's Smokin Pit0
179Kyles BBQ0
180Lyin Pigs0
181Backyard Burners0
182Wally's Smokin Pit II0
183Pip'n Hot0
184Blue Moon Saloon0
185T&J Backyard BBQ0
186Pig Candy BBQ0
187Otis and the Bird0
188Dads Doing What They Love0
189lord of the ribs0
190Twin Pillars0
191Bang a Drum0
193Mr Applejacks BBQ Competition Team0
1942 Man BBQ0
195Four Kings BBQ0
196Meat, Inc.0
197Rib Ticker II0
198Rooftop Barbeque0
199Pork U BBQ0
200Papa's Smokehouse BBQ0
201When Pigs Fly0
202Finn's Finest BBQ0
204Heavenly Manna BBQ0
205Kinney's Kountry Kookers0
206Extreme BBQ Trailers.Com0
207Blindog's Outlaw BBQ Gang0
208Hotty Totty BBQ Crew0
209Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n0
210Big Pig Inc0
211Wolf Creek BBQ0
212Rollin' Rumps0
213The Long Dawgs0
214Sweet Peppers0
215Smokers Wild0
216Hogg Ugly0
217Bad Backs & BBQ0
218Smokin' Hams0
219Porkin' Da Pig0
220Clark Kent Super Smokers0
221Smoke Me Tender BBQ0
222Swine Wine and Dine0
223Rub Me Tender BBQ0
224little lukes bbq0
225Philly Blind Pig BBQ0
226Pigheaded BBQ0
228Big Ol' Boys BBQ0
229Loud-n-Proud BBQ0
230Smokin Buds0
231Grillin' Pirates0
232Missouri Sultan's of Smoke0
233dew the que0
234J & J Bumpin Butts0
235Cecil's Smokin' BBQ0
236Butcher's Daughter BBQ0
238Fighting Del Fuegos0
239Big O's BBQ0
240B&C Smokers0
241No Clue0
242Bib's N Rib's0
243Boo Booz BBQ0
244Burnin' Down the Hog0
245Jacks Old South0
246Pork of Apathy0
247The Cheeseheads0
248Mo and Lou Bar B Que0
249Bootheel BBQ0
250Go For Smoke BBQ0
251Hog Bones BBQ0
253J Adams Rib0
254Butler Center Barbeque0
256Tex's Style0
257Pig Newton0
258Porchy's BBQ0
259Big T'z Q Cru0
260Wild Blue0
261Lucky's Q0
262The KC P.O.P.s0
263Pit Bull0
264Donnie's Mofo Mojo BBQ0
265Raw Dawg's BBQ0
266Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ0
267E & D's BBQ0
269Nana and Nem0
270Pig Pak0
271Perry Brothers ans Sons BBQ0
272Grillz Gone Wild0
275Steel Smokin' BBQ0
277MoonSwin Boys0
278S.L.O. BBQ Smoking Team0
279Left Coast Q0
280Bam Dazy BBQ0
281Eads' Downhome0
282Big Pig BBQ0
283Hog Me Tender0
284Big Mook's BBQ0
285Rocky Top Barbeque0
286Jimmy & The Squealers0
287Big Don's0
288Virginia 'Q0
289Doghouse Willie0
290BBQ Masters0
291pork ninjas0
292Whiplash & Willies Holy Smoke BBQ0
293Seymour Smokers0
294Big John and the Lil Rascals0
295Undercover Smokers0
296Critter Cookers0
297Pop 'n' Chubby's0
298Barry Q0
299Big Boyz BBQ0
3004 Mile Smokin' Crew0


PlaceTeam NamePoints
2Lotta Bull BBQ47
3Early Bird BBQ39
4Pork Barrel BBQ33
5Hot Meat Smokers27
6Lakeside Smokers23
7Burnin Bob's Butts n Bones23
9Wild Bunch Butt Burners17
10Fat Angel BBQ15
11Jcs pit crew14
12Swine Assassins14
13Rub Me Tender BBQ14
14Pigheaded BBQ14
16South Pork13
172 Men and a Pig13
18Parrothead Smokers13
19Meat, Inc.13
20Slap Yo Daddy BBQ13
21In The Key Of Que10
22Jacked Up BBQ10
23Fighting Del Fuegos10
24Smokin' In The Dark9
25Lucky's Q9
26Shiggin & Grinnin9
28All Sauced Up9
30THREE BROTHERS (Different Mothers)9
31Pork of the North9
32Swiggin' Pig9
33Extreme BBQ Trailers.Com9
34Smokibros. Bbq9
35House of Q9
36warren co pork choppers7
37Philly Blind Pig BBQ7
38Virginia 'Q6
39Rocky Top Barbeque5
40Jacks Old South5
41one slice at a time5
42Team Enoserv5
43Old Plantation BBQ5
44Rock River BBQ5
45The Basic BBQ Team5
46Pickin' Porkers5
47Kinney's Kountry Kookers5
48Big Ol' Boys BBQ5
49Backdraft BBQ5
50Pork County Barbeque5
51Leeps BBQ5
52Twin Pillars5
53IAB 30 BBQ5
54Bourbon Barrel BBQ5
55T'N'T Dynamite BBQ4
56Pellet Envy4
57Sweet Peppers3
58Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n3
59Wolf Creek BBQ3
602 Man BBQ2
61Pop 'n' Chubby's2
62No Clue2
63The KC P.O.P.s2
64J Adams Rib2
65Big O's BBQ2
66Raw Dawg's BBQ2
68Q Live Crew2
70Gilly's Barnstormin' BBQ2
71Donnie's Mofo Mojo BBQ2
72Burnin' Down the Hog2
73Squeal of Approval2
74Flower of the Flames2
75B&C Smokers2
76Boo Booz BBQ2
78Go For Smoke BBQ2
79Pit Bull2
80The Long Dawgs2
81little lukes bbq2
82Lyin Pigs2
83Finn's Finest BBQ2
84Sun of a Beach2
85Smokers Wild2
86Rooftop Barbeque2
87Lo' -N- Slo' BBQ2
88Rolling Hogs1
90Over The Coals1
91Dragon's Breath BBQ1
92Ranch hand bbqh1
93Apache bbq1
94Montana Q1
95Jo-Bawb's BBQ1
96Smokin Hot Butts1
97trailhead bbq1
98J & J Bumpin Butts1
99Blindog's Outlaw BBQ Gang1
100Butts, Bellies, & Buddies Too1
101The Pig Easy1
102Southward bbq1
104Hogg Ugly1
105Hotty Totty BBQ Crew1
106JoBeaz Blazin' Butts and Wings1
107Bucks Naked BBQ1
108Tell You What BBQ1
109Grill Daddies1
110Q Pig BBQ1
112lost weekend grill1
113Whistle Pig1
114Byrd and His Flock1
115Wild Hogs BBQ1
116Salty Dawg's Smoke Pit1
117Whole Hog Cafe1
118Team Old School1
119Mikey O's Real BBQ1
121HammerHead BBQ Team1
122Loud-n-Proud BBQ1
123dew the que1
124Cruzin 2 Q1
125Birds of a Feather BBQ Team1
126Smokin butt crew1
127Smokin Buds1
128Missouri Sultan's of Smoke1
129Smoke Me Tender BBQ1
130Smokin moes1
131Rub This1
132Bones Brigade1
133Pigs Done1
134Smoke of the Shoals1
135I-35 BBQ Boyz1
136Ponderosa BBQ1
137Smokin Cons1
138Fire Dancer BBQ1
139Bad Backs & BBQ1
140Barry and Erica1
141Smokie and the Bandit1
142School of fire1
143Pork wrenches1
144Smokin' Hams1
145Heavenly Manna BBQ1
146Munchin Hogs @ the Hilton1
147pa. midnite smokers1
148Big Papa's Country Kitchen1
149Fat Dad's Barbeque1
150Gerrit Boys Barbeque1
151Mr. Bobo,s Traveling BBQ Allstars 1
152Bib's N Rib's1
155BS Pitmeisters1
156Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q1
157Rhythm 'n QUE1
158Smokey's Bar-B-Que1
159Hickory Pit Stop1
160Pappa bear bar b q1
161Okey Dokey Smokey1
162Bad Brads1
163General BBQ1
164Barnett Farms1
165Nowhere bar and grill1
166Forrest's Fine Foods1
167Big daddy's Bama bbq1
168We Rid U Long Time1
169Deep South Grilling Co1
170Piggin n grinning llc1
171Why You Grillin' Me Dawg?1
172Big Pig Inc1
173Porkin' Da Pig1
174Big o dang o bbq1
175Hoggs Gone Wild1
176Tr's up in smoke1
177Smelly Butts BBQ1
178It's 5 O'clock somewhere1
179Three porks and a smoker1
180The q factor1
181Rollin' Rumps1
182Bubba Joes BBQ1
183St. Louis Black Iron BBQ1
184Big muddy boys1
185Worth the waits1
186Pennsytucky Pig Smoker1
187Big Don's1
188Big Boyz BBQ1
189A Series of Small Fires1
190The Cowboy Way BBQ1
191Smokey Bones BBQ1
192Whiplash & Willies Holy Smoke BBQ1
193Seymour Smokers1
194T&J Backyard BBQ1
195Big John and the Lil Rascals1
196Barry Q1
197Critter Cookers1
198Kyles BBQ1
199When Pigs Fly1
200Pork of Apathy1
201Hog Bones BBQ1
202The Cheeseheads1
203Mo and Lou Bar B Que1
204Bootheel BBQ1
205Nana and Nem1
207Jimmy & The Squealers1
208Doghouse Willie1
209pork ninjas1
210BBQ Masters1
211Governor's B-B-Q1
212Undercover Smokers1
213Grillz Gone Wild1
214Butcher's Daughter BBQ1
215S.L.O. BBQ Smoking Team1
216MoonSwin Boys1
218Bang a Drum1
219Brazen BBQ1
220Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ1
221Mr Applejacks BBQ Competition Team1
222Left Coast Q1
223Dads Doing What They Love1
224Steel Smokin' BBQ1
225Perry Brothers ans Sons BBQ1
226Bam Dazy BBQ1
227Hog Me Tender1
228Pete's Firehouse BBQ1
229Rib Ticker II1
230Big Pig BBQ1
231Eads' Downhome1
233bronze star bbq1
234lord of the ribs1
235Blue Moon Saloon1
236Four Kings BBQ1
237Serial Griller1
238Bayou Poker Smokers1
239Wicked Que1
240Wicked Blues BBQ1
241Garden State BBQ1
242Weekend Porkers1
243Sauced! BBQ1
244Grillin' Pirates1
245Big T'z Q Cru1
2464 Mile Smokin' Crew1
247Iowa's Smokin' Buds1
248Alley Boys1
249Crotchwood BBQ Team1
250Big Bad Wolves1
251Smoke on the Water NJ1
252Cecil's Smokin' BBQ1
254Slower Lower BBQ1
255Stewed, Qued, and Tattooed1
256BBQ Beast1
257Out of the Pit BBQ1
258pig pen1
259Wilbur's Revenge1
260Smokopolis BBQ1
261Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ1
262A Boy & His Barbeque1
263Big Daddy Black BBQ1
264Otis and the Bird1
265Here's the Rub1
266Wally's Smokin Pit II1
267Backyard Burners1
268Lowbelly BBQ1
269Pork U BBQ1
270Rib Tickler BBQ1
271Wally's Smokin Pit1
272Pig Candy BBQ1
273Papa's Smokehouse BBQ1
274Grog N Hogs1
276Tex's Style1
277Butler Center Barbeque1
279Porchy's BBQ1
280Wild Blue1
281Pig Newton1
282Belly Brothers BBQ Team1
283Clark Kent Super Smokers1
284E & D's BBQ1
285Wicked Pig1
286Open Bar BQ1

Pulled Pork

PlaceTeam NamePoints
2Wild Bunch Butt Burners43
3Lotta Bull BBQ37
4Big O's BBQ26
5Lakeside Smokers23
6Smokers Wild20
7Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q19
8J Adams Rib18
9Swiggin' Pig17
10Early Bird BBQ17
11Hot Meat Smokers15
12warren co pork choppers15
13Jcs pit crew14
14Lo' -N- Slo' BBQ14
16Wild Blue13
17Slower Lower BBQ13
18Governor's B-B-Q13
19When Pigs Fly13
20Belly Brothers BBQ Team13
22Ponderosa BBQ13
23Slap Yo Daddy BBQ13
24Big Papa's Country Kitchen13
25T'N'T Dynamite BBQ12
26Munchin Hogs @ the Hilton11
27Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n11
28Jacked Up BBQ10
29Butcher's Daughter BBQ9
30Grog N Hogs9
31Old Plantation BBQ9
32Mikey O's Real BBQ9
33E & D's BBQ9
34Burnin Bob's Butts n Bones9
35All Sauced Up9
36Parrothead Smokers9
372 Men and a Pig9
38THREE BROTHERS (Different Mothers)9
39Hickory Pit Stop9
40Ranch hand bbqh9
42Fat Angel BBQ7
43Wolf Creek BBQ7
44Backdraft BBQ7
45Pellet Envy6
46Virginia 'Q6
47little lukes bbq6
48Blue Moon Saloon5
50Piggin n grinning llc5
52lord of the ribs5
53pa. midnite smokers5
54Big John and the Lil Rascals5
55Bucks Naked BBQ5
56Smoke Me Tender BBQ5
57Jacks Old South5
58Pork Barrel BBQ5
59HammerHead BBQ Team5
60Pickin' Porkers5
62Gilly's Barnstormin' BBQ4
63Philly Blind Pig BBQ3
64Lucky's Q3
65Jimmy & The Squealers3
66Rib Tickler BBQ3
67Clark Kent Super Smokers3
68Sweet Peppers3
69Serial Griller3
71Political Pork2
72In The Key Of Que2
73pig newton2
74Pop 'n' Chubby's2
75Little Pig Town2
76Smokin' J BBQ2
77Go For Smoke BBQ2
78The Smoking Hills2
79charlotte's rib bbq2
80Q Live Crew2
81Squeal of Approval2
82Boo Booz BBQ2
85Flower of the Flames2
86Fighting Del Fuegos2
87No Clue2
88Raw Dawg's BBQ2
89Donnie's Mofo Mojo BBQ2
90B&C Smokers2
91Pit Bull2
92Burnin' Down the Hog2
93The KC P.O.P.s2
94Sun of a Beach2
95Rub Me Tender BBQ2
96Rooftop Barbeque2
97Lyin Pigs2
98Pigheaded BBQ2
99Finn's Finest BBQ2
100The Long Dawgs2
101Grillin' Pirates1
102Big daddy's Bama bbq1
103Smoke of the Shoals1
104Smokin' In The Dark1
105The Pig Easy1
106one slice at a time1
107Smokin Hot Butts1
109JoBeaz Blazin' Butts and Wings1
111South Pork1
112Butts, Bellies, & Buddies Too1
113Nowhere bar and grill1
114Worth the waits1
115Smokin butt crew1
116Why You Grillin' Me Dawg?1
117General BBQ1
118Forrest's Fine Foods1
119Southward bbq1
120Apache bbq1
121Okey Dokey Smokey1
122House of Q1
123Dragon's Breath BBQ1
124Q Pig BBQ1
125Rock River BBQ1
126Rub This1
127Big Ol' Boys BBQ1
128Smokin moes1
129Wild Hogs BBQ1
130Grill Daddies1
132Byrd and His Flock1
134Missouri Sultan's of Smoke1
135trailhead bbq1
136Rolling Hogs1
137Montana Q1
138Over The Coals1
139Tell You What BBQ1
140Cruzin 2 Q1
141Pigs Done1
142The Basic BBQ Team1
143Birds of a Feather BBQ Team1
144Jo-Bawb's BBQ1
145Bad Brads1
146Heavenly Manna BBQ1
147Bad Backs & BBQ1
148Blindog's Outlaw BBQ Gang1
149Hogg Ugly1
150Rollin' Rumps1
151Hotty Totty BBQ Crew1
152Extreme BBQ Trailers.Com1
153I-35 BBQ Boyz1
154Smokin Cons1
155Leeps BBQ1
156Kinney's Kountry Kookers1
157Porkin' Da Pig1
158Smokin' Hams1
159Shiggin & Grinnin1
160Gerrit Boys Barbeque1
163Bib's N Rib's1
164Smokey's Bar-B-Que1
165Rhythm 'n QUE1
166Fat Dad's Barbeque1
167BS Pitmeisters1
168Mr. Bobo,s Traveling BBQ Allstars 1
169Team Enoserv1
170Fire Dancer BBQ1
171Barry and Erica1
172Smelly Butts BBQ1
173Tr's up in smoke1
174School of fire1
175Loud-n-Proud BBQ1
176The q factor1
177Big o dang o bbq1
178Swine Wine and Dine1
179Bones Brigade1
180Barnett Farms1
181Deep South Grilling Co1
182dew the que1
183Three porks and a smoker1
184St. Louis Black Iron BBQ1
185Hoggs Gone Wild1
186J & J Bumpin Butts1
187Big Pig Inc1
188Smokie and the Bandit1
189Big muddy boys1
190Pork wrenches1
191Pappa bear bar b q1
192Bubba Joes BBQ1
193Smokibros. Bbq1
194It's 5 O'clock somewhere1
195Smokin Buds1
196Salty Dawg's Smoke Pit1
197The Cheeseheads1
198Bootheel BBQ1
199Pork of Apathy1
200Grillz Gone Wild1
201Steel Smokin' BBQ1
203Nana and Nem1
204Perry Brothers ans Sons BBQ1
205Pork of the North1
206pork ninjas1
207Doghouse Willie1
208Mo and Lou Bar B Que1
209Hog Bones BBQ1
210Here's the Rub1
211Four Kings BBQ1
212Wally's Smokin Pit1
213Otis and the Bird1
214Kyles BBQ1
215The Cowboy Way BBQ1
216Bourbon Barrel BBQ1
217bronze star bbq1
218Pip'n Hot1
219Lowbelly BBQ1
220Pig Pak1
222Twin Pillars1
223Hog Me Tender1
224Eads' Downhome1
225Big Pig BBQ1
226Cecil's Smokin' BBQ1
2272 Man BBQ1
228Bam Dazy BBQ1
229Dads Doing What They Love1
230Left Coast Q1
232S.L.O. BBQ Smoking Team1
233Brazen BBQ1
234Rocky Top Barbeque1
235Barry Q1
236Big Don's1
237Bang a Drum1
238MoonSwin Boys1
239Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ1
240Big Boyz BBQ1
241Critter Cookers1
242Whiplash & Willies Holy Smoke BBQ1
243Undercover Smokers1
244Seymour Smokers1
245Smokey Bones BBQ1
246Pig Candy BBQ1
247Wilbur's Revenge1
248Garden State BBQ1
249Smokopolis BBQ1
250BBQ Beast1
251Backyard Burners1
252Out of the Pit BBQ1
253Stewed, Qued, and Tattooed1
254Wicked Blues BBQ1
255Bayou Poker Smokers1
256Crotchwood BBQ Team1
257Whole Hog Cafe1
258We Rid U Long Time1
259pig pen1
260Weekend Porkers1
261Ryans BBQ Shack1
262Mr Applejacks BBQ Competition Team1
263Whistle Pig1
264Open Bar BQ1
265Smoke on the Water NJ1
266Big Bad Wolves1
268Team Old School1
269Pennsytucky Pig Smoker1
270Sauced! BBQ1
271Wicked Que1
272Pete's Firehouse BBQ1
273Pork U BBQ1
274Big Daddy Black BBQ1
275A Boy & His Barbeque1
276Tex's Style1
277IAB 30 BBQ1
278Rib Ticker II1
279Papa's Smokehouse BBQ1
280T&J Backyard BBQ1
281A Series of Small Fires1
282Meat, Inc.1
283Big T'z Q Cru1
284Porchy's BBQ1
2854 Mile Smokin' Crew1
286Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ1
287Wicked Pig1
288Alley Boys1
289Iowa's Smokin' Buds1
290Wally's Smokin Pit II1
291Butler Center Barbeque1
292Swine Assassins1
293Pork County Barbeque1
294Pig Newton1
295lost weekend grill1

Pork Ribs

PlaceTeam NamePoints
2T'N'T Dynamite BBQ32
3Pellet Envy30
4Lotta Bull BBQ29
5Munchin Hogs @ the Hilton27
6Lakeside Smokers27
7Wolf Creek BBQ19
8warren co pork choppers19
9Squeal of Approval18
10Political Pork18
11Early Bird BBQ17
12Burnin Bob's Butts n Bones17
13Serial Griller15
14Hot Meat Smokers15
15Lo' -N- Slo' BBQ14
16bronze star bbq13
17Smokin' In The Dark13
18Pip'n Hot13
19Wicked Que13
20Governor's B-B-Q13
21Heavenly Manna BBQ13
22Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ13
23Pork County Barbeque13
25Bucks Naked BBQ13
26Big o dang o bbq13
27Jimmy & The Squealers11
28Philly Blind Pig BBQ11
29Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q11
30Sun of a Beach10
31B&C Smokers10
32Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ9
33The q factor9
34Pickin' Porkers9
35Parrothead Smokers9
36When Pigs Fly9
37Bourbon Barrel BBQ9
38Smokopolis BBQ9
39Jo-Bawb's BBQ9
40Hog Bones BBQ9
41THREE BROTHERS (Different Mothers)9
42Slap Yo Daddy BBQ9
43Pork Barrel BBQ9
44Q Pig BBQ9
46Fat Angel BBQ7
47Sweet Peppers7
48Wild Bunch Butt Burners7
49Rooftop Barbeque6
50Pop 'n' Chubby's6
51Smokie and the Bandit5
52Rocky Top Barbeque5
53Brazen BBQ5
54Swine Assassins5
55Hotty Totty BBQ Crew5
56Steel Smokin' BBQ5
57Grog N Hogs5
58dew the que5
59Swiggin' Pig5
60All Sauced Up5
61Piggin n grinning llc5
62Gilly's Barnstormin' BBQ4
63Smokers Wild4
64Rib Tickler BBQ3
65Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n3
66Lucky's Q3
67Clark Kent Super Smokers3
68Backdraft BBQ3
70Virginia 'Q2
71Rub Me Tender BBQ2
72charlotte's rib bbq2
73Little Pig Town2
74Go For Smoke BBQ2
75Raw Dawg's BBQ2
76The KC P.O.P.s2
77J Adams Rib2
79Boo Booz BBQ2
80Jacked Up BBQ2
81Finn's Finest BBQ2
82Fighting Del Fuegos2
83Donnie's Mofo Mojo BBQ2
84The Smoking Hills2
85Jcs pit crew2
86No Clue2
87Smokin' J BBQ2
88Pit Bull2
89Big O's BBQ2
90Q Live Crew2
91Burnin' Down the Hog2
92Blazen BBQ2
93pig newton2
94Lyin Pigs2
95Pigheaded BBQ2
96Flower of the Flames2
97The Long Dawgs2
99In The Key Of Que2
100little lukes bbq2
101Rolling Hogs1
102trailhead bbq1
103Whole Hog Cafe1
104Apache bbq1
105Dragon's Breath BBQ1
106Montana Q1
107Team Old School1
108Crotchwood BBQ Team1
109Weekend Porkers1
110We Rid U Long Time1
111Smoke on the Water NJ1
112Ryans BBQ Shack1
113Over The Coals1
114Smokin moes1
115Cruzin 2 Q1
116Grill Daddies1
117Ranch hand bbqh1
118Smokin Hot Butts1
119Bones Brigade1
120Rock River BBQ1
121Rub This1
122HammerHead BBQ Team1
123lost weekend grill1
124Whistle Pig1
125Byrd and His Flock1
126Wild Hogs BBQ1
127Big daddy's Bama bbq1
128Fire Ants BBQ1
129Hoggs Gone Wild1
130Barry and Erica1
131Ponderosa BBQ1
132Leeps BBQ1
133I-35 BBQ Boyz1
134Pork wrenches1
135Smokibros. Bbq1
136Tr's up in smoke1
137Pappa bear bar b q1
138Smelly Butts BBQ1
139Three porks and a smoker1
140St. Louis Black Iron BBQ1
141Smokin Cons1
142Bib's N Rib's1
143BS Pitmeisters1
144Rhythm 'n QUE1
145Team Enoserv1
146Smokey's Bar-B-Que1
147Gerrit Boys Barbeque1
149pa. midnite smokers1
150Fat Dad's Barbeque1
152Old Plantation BBQ1
153Shiggin & Grinnin1
154Mr. Bobo,s Traveling BBQ Allstars 1
155Big Papa's Country Kitchen1
156School of fire1
157Bubba Joes BBQ1
158Smokin butt crew1
159South Pork1
160Butts, Bellies, & Buddies Too1
161JoBeaz Blazin' Butts and Wings1
162General BBQ1
163House of Q1
164Forrest's Fine Foods1
165one slice at a time1
166Birds of a Feather BBQ Team1
168Tell You What BBQ1
169Pigs Done1
171Southward bbq1
173Worth the waits1
174Okey Dokey Smokey1
175Bad Brads1
176Big muddy boys1
177It's 5 O'clock somewhere1
178Hickory Pit Stop1
179Deep South Grilling Co1
180Smoke of the Shoals1
181Why You Grillin' Me Dawg?1
182BBQ Beast1
183Nowhere bar and grill1
184The Pig Easy1
185Barnett Farms1
186The Basic BBQ Team1
187A Boy & His Barbeque1
188Papa's Smokehouse BBQ1
189A Series of Small Fires1
190Four Kings BBQ1
191IAB 30 BBQ1
192Pete's Firehouse BBQ1
193Pig Candy BBQ1
194Big Daddy Black BBQ1
195Rib Ticker II1
196Otis and the Bird1
197Kyles BBQ1
198Lowbelly BBQ1
199Pork U BBQ1
200MoonSwin Boys1
201Perry Brothers ans Sons BBQ1
203Eads' Downhome1
204Cecil's Smokin' BBQ1
205Butcher's Daughter BBQ1
206Left Coast Q1
207Big Pig BBQ1
209Bad Backs & BBQ1
211Pig Pak1
212Grillz Gone Wild1
214Wally's Smokin Pit1
215Meat, Inc.1
216Missouri Sultan's of Smoke1
217Loud-n-Proud BBQ1
218Grillin' Pirates1
219Smokin Buds1
220Swine Wine and Dine1
221J & J Bumpin Butts1
222Blindog's Outlaw BBQ Gang1
2232 Men and a Pig1
224Big Pig Inc1
225Rollin' Rumps1
226Smokin' Hams1
227Porkin' Da Pig1
228Belly Brothers BBQ Team1
229Big Ol' Boys BBQ1
230Here's the Rub1
231Smokey Bones BBQ1
232T&J Backyard BBQ1
233The Cowboy Way BBQ1
234Blue Moon Saloon1
235Wally's Smokin Pit II1
236Backyard Burners1
238Smoke Me Tender BBQ1
239Hogg Ugly1
241Mr Applejacks BBQ Competition Team1
242Dads Doing What They Love1
243Big T'z Q Cru1
244Wicked Pig1
245Alley Boys1
246Porchy's BBQ1
247Iowa's Smokin' Buds1
248Butler Center Barbeque1
2494 Mile Smokin' Crew1
250Wild Blue1
251E & D's BBQ1
252Pig Newton1
253Tex's Style1
255Bayou Poker Smokers1
256Sauced! BBQ1
257Open Bar BQ1
258Out of the Pit BBQ1
260Wilbur's Revenge1
261Stewed, Qued, and Tattooed1
262Big Bad Wolves1
263Salty Dawg's Smoke Pit1
264pig pen1
265Wicked Blues BBQ1
266Slower Lower BBQ1
267Garden State BBQ1
268Mikey O's Real BBQ1
269Extreme BBQ Trailers.Com1
270Jacks Old South1
271Undercover Smokers1
272Big John and the Lil Rascals1
273Critter Cookers1
274Big Boyz BBQ1
275Seymour Smokers1
276S.L.O. BBQ Smoking Team1
277lord of the ribs1
278Bam Dazy BBQ1
279Twin Pillars1
2802 Man BBQ1
281Bang a Drum1
282Hog Me Tender1
283Barry Q1
284Big Don's1
285Mo and Lou Bar B Que1
286The Cheeseheads1
288Pork of Apathy1
289Bootheel BBQ1
290Nana and Nem1
291Doghouse Willie1
292Whiplash & Willies Holy Smoke BBQ1
293Kinney's Kountry Kookers1
294Pork of the North1
295pork ninjas1
296Pennsytucky Pig Smoker1


PlaceTeam NamePoints
2Lotta Bull BBQ57
3Pellet Envy30
4Gilly's Barnstormin' BBQ28
5Fat Angel BBQ23
7Squeal of Approval18
8T'N'T Dynamite BBQ16
9Sweet Peppers15
10Lakeside Smokers15
11Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n15
12Jacked Up BBQ14
13Lo' -N- Slo' BBQ14
14Swine Assassins13
15Rib Ticker II13
17Early Bird BBQ13
18THREE BROTHERS (Different Mothers)13
19Bourbon Barrel BBQ13
20Smokey's Bar-B-Que13
21Left Coast Q13
22Leeps BBQ13
23Hickory Pit Stop13
24Smokers Wild12
25Lucky's Q11
26Serial Griller11
27Wild Bunch Butt Burners11
28Pop 'n' Chubby's10
29Little Pig Town10
30Big O's BBQ10
31Doghouse Willie9
32one slice at a time9
33Slap Yo Daddy BBQ9
34All Sauced Up9
35Open Bar BQ9
36Q Pig BBQ9
38Swiggin' Pig9
39Porkin' Da Pig9
40Smelly Butts BBQ9
41Smoke of the Shoals9
42Parrothead Smokers9
43Belly Brothers BBQ Team9
44Hot Meat Smokers7
45Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ6
46Brazen BBQ5
47The q factor5
48Pork Barrel BBQ5
49Wilbur's Revenge5
50Old Plantation BBQ5
51Four Kings BBQ5
52Burnin Bob's Butts n Bones5
53Pork of the North5
54Jo-Bawb's BBQ5
55Smokin' In The Dark5
56Grog N Hogs5
57House of Q5
58pa. midnite smokers5
59HammerHead BBQ Team5
60Birds of a Feather BBQ Team5
62Munchin Hogs @ the Hilton3
63Jimmy & The Squealers3
64warren co pork choppers3
65Wolf Creek BBQ3
66Rib Tickler BBQ3
67Pig Newton3
68Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q3
69Clark Kent Super Smokers3
70Backdraft BBQ3
71Philly Blind Pig BBQ3
72Raw Dawg's BBQ2
73Virginia 'Q2
74Smokin' J BBQ2
75Go For Smoke BBQ2
76In The Key Of Que2
77Jcs pit crew2
78charlotte's rib bbq2
79Q Live Crew2
80Political Pork2
81Pit Bull2
82Boo Booz BBQ2
84No Clue2
85Flower of the Flames2
86Burnin' Down the Hog2
87Fighting Del Fuegos2
88The Smoking Hills2
89J Adams Rib2
90Blazen BBQ2
91Donnie's Mofo Mojo BBQ2
93The KC P.O.P.s2
94B&C Smokers2
95The Long Dawgs2
96Rub Me Tender BBQ2
97Rooftop Barbeque2
98Lyin Pigs2
99Finn's Finest BBQ2
100Wally's Smokin Pit2
101Sun of a Beach2
102little lukes bbq2
103Pigheaded BBQ2
105Why You Grillin' Me Dawg?1
106The Pig Easy1
107Butts, Bellies, & Buddies Too1
108Bad Brads1
109Forrest's Fine Foods1
110Apache bbq1
111Smoke Me Tender BBQ1
112Swine Wine and Dine1
113General BBQ1
114Deep South Grilling Co1
115Barnett Farms1
116Nowhere bar and grill1
117JoBeaz Blazin' Butts and Wings1
118Okey Dokey Smokey1
119trailhead bbq1
120Big daddy's Bama bbq1
122South Pork1
123Smokin butt crew1
124Smokin Hot Butts1
125lost weekend grill1
126Grill Daddies1
127Rub This1
128Bucks Naked BBQ1
129Whistle Pig1
130IAB 30 BBQ1
132Wild Hogs BBQ1
133Byrd and His Flock1
134The Basic BBQ Team1
135Cruzin 2 Q1
136Dragon's Breath BBQ1
137Rolling Hogs1
138Montana Q1
139Over The Coals1
140Backyard Burners1
141Pigs Done1
142Tell You What BBQ1
144Ranch hand bbqh1
145Piggin n grinning llc1
1462 Men and a Pig1
147Blindog's Outlaw BBQ Gang1
148Kinney's Kountry Kookers1
149Bad Backs & BBQ1
150Rollin' Rumps1
151Hotty Totty BBQ Crew1
152Smokin' Hams1
153Smokin Cons1
154I-35 BBQ Boyz1
155Hogg Ugly1
156Extreme BBQ Trailers.Com1
157Heavenly Manna BBQ1
158Big Pig Inc1
159Gerrit Boys Barbeque1
160Fat Dad's Barbeque1
161Rhythm 'n QUE1
163BS Pitmeisters1
164Big Papa's Country Kitchen1
165Mr. Bobo,s Traveling BBQ Allstars 1
166Team Enoserv1
167Shiggin & Grinnin1
169Fire Dancer BBQ1
170Barry and Erica1
171Bubba Joes BBQ1
172Smokibros. Bbq1
173St. Louis Black Iron BBQ1
174School of fire1
175Three porks and a smoker1
176Missouri Sultan's of Smoke1
177Southward bbq1
178Big Ol' Boys BBQ1
179dew the que1
180J & J Bumpin Butts1
181Big o dang o bbq1
182Pappa bear bar b q1
183Loud-n-Proud BBQ1
184Smokin Buds1
185Ponderosa BBQ1
186Smokie and the Bandit1
187Grillin' Pirates1
188Pork wrenches1
189It's 5 O'clock somewhere1
190Tr's up in smoke1
191Hoggs Gone Wild1
192Big muddy boys1
193Smokin moes1
194Meat, Inc.1
195The Cheeseheads1
196Pork of Apathy1
197Grillz Gone Wild1
198Hog Bones BBQ1
199Mo and Lou Bar B Que1
200Nana and Nem1
201BBQ Masters1
203Perry Brothers ans Sons BBQ1
204pork ninjas1
206Bootheel BBQ1
208Wally's Smokin Pit II1
209Big Daddy Black BBQ1
210T&J Backyard BBQ1
211When Pigs Fly1
212Steel Smokin' BBQ1
213MoonSwin Boys1
214Jacks Old South1
215bronze star bbq1
216Pig Pak1
218Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ1
219Hog Me Tender1
220Mr Applejacks BBQ Competition Team1
221Big Pig BBQ1
222Dads Doing What They Love1
223Undercover Smokers1
224S.L.O. BBQ Smoking Team1
226Twin Pillars1
227lord of the ribs1
228Eads' Downhome1
229Bang a Drum1
230Governor's B-B-Q1
231Big Boyz BBQ1
232Seymour Smokers1
233Big Don's1
234Cecil's Smokin' BBQ1
2352 Man BBQ1
236Big John and the Lil Rascals1
237Whiplash & Willies Holy Smoke BBQ1
238Barry Q1
239Rocky Top Barbeque1
240Bam Dazy BBQ1
241Critter Cookers1
242Kyles BBQ1
243Pip'n Hot1
244BBQ Beast1
245Weekend Porkers1
246Mikey O's Real BBQ1
247Out of the Pit BBQ1
248Salty Dawg's Smoke Pit1
249Stewed, Qued, and Tattooed1
250Otis and the Bird1
251Bayou Poker Smokers1
252Pickin' Porkers1
253Wicked Blues BBQ1
254Smokey Bones BBQ1
255Garden State BBQ1
256Smokopolis BBQ1
257We Rid U Long Time1
258Team Old School1
259Pennsytucky Pig Smoker1
260Butcher's Daughter BBQ1
261Smoke on the Water NJ1
262Slower Lower BBQ1
263Whole Hog Cafe1
264Crotchwood BBQ Team1
265Big Bad Wolves1
267Wicked Que1
268Sauced! BBQ1
269Pete's Firehouse BBQ1
270Pork U BBQ1
271Papa's Smokehouse BBQ1
2724 Mile Smokin' Crew1
273Here's the Rub1
274Pig Candy BBQ1
275Bib's N Rib's1
276A Series of Small Fires1
277Blue Moon Saloon1
278Lowbelly BBQ1
279Big T'z Q Cru1
280A Boy & His Barbeque1
281Wild Blue1
282Tex's Style1
283The Cowboy Way BBQ1
284Alley Boys1
285Wicked Pig1
286Pork County Barbeque1
287Porchy's BBQ1
288Butler Center Barbeque1
290E & D's BBQ1
291Rock River BBQ1

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