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February 20, 2011

NOTE:  Because this is my first experience preparing the minutes from our board meetings, there may be a few minor inaccuracies as I did not have access to the MP3 recording before sending to the KCBS office for inclusion in this issue of The Bullsheet.  However, I will update these minutes and put them on the website, and I will work diligently to be the secretary our members and this board deserve.  Thank you for your patience and support.  Tana Shupe, Secretary

 Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes - February 12-13, 2011

 At 7:02 p.m. Executive Director, Carolyn Wells called the meeting to order. Present at the meeting were the following members of the Board in person or by phone: Randy Bigler, Arlie Bragg, Mike Budai, Gene Goycochea, Don Harwell, Paul Kirk, Mike Lake, Wayne Lohman, Tana Shupe, Mark Simmons, Candy Weaver, Merl Whitebook, and Carolyn Wells, Executive Director.  At 7:03 Merl Whitebook stated that a quorum was present

Members Attending:  Mike McCloud, Chris Early, Dale Newstrom, Vicki Peyton

Public Address:  None

All board members recited the KCBS Mission Statement and Board Pledge.

 Election of Officers

 Carolyn Wells announced that Don Harwell and Candy Weaver had been nominated for the position of President.  Each of the candidates gave a three minute presentation of their qualifications.  The board then cast their votes as follows:

Vote:    Don Harwell - 4 votes             Candy Weaver - 8 votes

 Candy Weaver was elected as President of KCBS Board of Directors.  President Weaver then presided over the remainder of the meeting.

 Don Harwell was nominated for the office of Vice President.  Merl Whitebook made a motion to elect by acclamation.  Vote:  11 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions  Motion passed.

Don Harwell was elected as Vice President of the KCBS Board of Directors.

 Tana Shupe was nominated for the office of Secretary.  Merl Whitebook made a motion to elect by acclamation.  Vote:  11 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions  Motion passed.

Tana Shupe was elected as Secretary of the KCBS Board of Directors.

 Mike Budai and Merl Whitebook were nominated for the position of Treasurer.  Each of the candidates gave a three minute presentation of their qualifications.  The board then casts their votes as follows: Votes:  Mike Budai - 8 votes Merl Whitebook - 4 votes

Mike Budai was elected as the Treasurer of the KCBS Board of Directors.

 Minutes:  Motion made by Merl Whitebook to accept the minutes as presented.  Seconded by Wayne Lohman; vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 Accounting and Financial Committee -Mike Budai:  Motion made by Mike Budai to accept the financial reports as presented.  Seconded by Mike Lake; vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 Conflict of Interest Review - Merl Whitebook:  Reported that Conflict of Interest disclosure forms were submitted from the following board members:   Arlie Bragg, Mike Budai, Gene Goycochea, Don Harwell, Mike Lake, Candy Weaver, Carolyn Wells, and Merl Whitebook.   After a full review, the Board finds that no conflicts of interest exist with the aforementioned members.  A motion to approve these Conflict of Interest disclosures was made by Merl Whitebook.  Seconded by Mike Budai; vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 Strategic Planning - Candy Weaver:  Report accepted as presented.  Additional information and follow-up will occur during the board's planning meeting on Saturday, February 12, 2011.

 Membership Committee - Gene Goycochea           :  Based on information prepared by the KCBS office, new KCBS memberships increase by approximately 480 members per month; however we average a loss of 250 memberships in the same period.  Dawn Endrijaitis, in the KCBS office, will be working on a project this year for membership retention and members of the board were asked for their input.

 Philanthropy Committee - Tana Shupe:  Report accepted as presented with a change that rather than forming an ad hoc Grants-in-Aid Committee, the Philanthropy Committee will assume the responsibility to review the applications for these grants and to submit it's recommendations to the full board.

 Rules Committee - Candy Weaver:  The report was tabled to be discussed during Saturday's strategic planning breakout.  A proposed survey on rules to go to the teams was submitted to the members of the board for their review.

 Marketing Committee - Candy Weaver & Tana Shupe:  Tana Shupe deferred to Mike McCloud of MMA who reported on the Great American BBQ Tour, the upcoming Sam's Club BBQ Series, KCBS merchandise sales, and public relations and sponsorship activities and confirmed that a complete recap of the annual banquet weekend is posted on the KCBS website.  He also expressed the need for the board to discuss the process to hire Event Directors for the Sam's BBQ Series, to discuss organizers' requests for a system to contact teams and judges, and for timely approval of upcoming eblasts on EZ Grills and Big Red, while giving members the ability to "opt out" from such communications.  Discussion regarding a second BBQ Tour in 2011 was deferred until the next meeting.

 Merl Whitebook advised that he is formulating a motion regarding a rules change for all organizers that we waive the board's operating rules to entertain a motion as to how to handle the addition registrations for the Sam's Club BBQ series, as the matter could not reasonably be anticipated within the 72-hour mandated time to place a motion for consideration by the Board.

 The potential process to complete registration for the Sam's Club BBQ Series is as follows.  Teams:  Eblast will go to wait list Monday & Tuesday.  If teams do not fill all slots, second registration may occur.  Second registration will be open from noon Monday through noon Tuesday.

Judges:  Proposal is for an open enrollment for Judges in the local and regional contests; the national championship will accept master judges only.  Application is being prepared, with an anticipated 24-hour period process for local contests and a second 24-hour period process for regional contests.  Every judge's membership must be current on the day of contest.

 President Weaver formed an ad hoc committee which will meet on February 21st to discuss qualification and application procedures for the Sam's Club BBQ Series.  On that date, the appointment of committee chairpersons will be finalized and the Rules Surveys from the members of the board are requested.

 2010 - 25th Banquet and Annual Meeting Committee - Paul Kirk:            No Report

 Education Committee - Paul Kirk:  No Report

 Sanctioning Committee - Wayne Lohman:

 Stockton, CA - Tabled in January:  Merl Whitebook made a motion to deny sanctioning due to density and saturation, seconded by Paul Kirk.  Roll call vote requested:

(9)  Ayes:  Kirk, Lake, Budai, Bigler, Lohman, Simmons, Shupe, Bragg, Whitebook

(1)  Noes:  Harwell                  (1) Abstain:  Goyocochea                    Motion passesd

 Wayne Lohman made a motion to accept all contests as submitted with the exception of Olathe, KS.  Wayne will suggest to the organizer an alternative date for that contest.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, vote was (10) Ayes and (1) Abstain.  Motion passes.


                                                Date                                                                            Date

      Name                                Requested                        Name                                Requested

  1  Old Orchard Beach, ME   6/25                             14  Warrens, WI                      9/2

  2  Euharlee, GA                     5/7                               15  Monroe City, MO              5/20

  3  Arkansas City, KS               4/29                             16  Memphis, TN                    6/17

  4  Franklin, IN                        6/24                             17  Brandon, MS                     5/13

  5  Santa Rosa, CA                  9/9                               18  Las Vegas, NE                    5/21


                                                Date                                                                            Date

      Name                                Requested                        Name                                Requested

  6  Olathe, KS                         6/3                               19  Buffalo, NY                        7/23

  7  Pelahatchie, MS                4/1                               20  Amarillo, TX                      5/28

  8  Willowbrook, IL                 6/4                               21  Albany, NY                         7/30

  9  Weeping Water, NE          8/12                             22  Springfield, TN                  9/23

10  Sisters, OR                         6/24                             23  Lawrenceville, GA             10/7

11  Carrollton, KY                    9/9                               24  Mayetta, KS                       6/17

12  Heber City, UT                  6/10                             25  Prescott, AZ                       5/13

13  Bluemont, VA                    7/30                             26  Holbrook, AZ                     7/8

 EXISTING CONTEST REQUESTS:                               

                                                Date                                                                            Date

      Name                                Requested                        Name                                Requested

  1  Columbus, GA                   5/7                               21  Metropolis, IL                    10/7

  2  Tonganoxie, KS                  6/10                             22  Vista, CA                            8/6

  3  Fayetteville, AR                 9/30                             23  Emporia, KS                       8/19

  4  Bellevue, NE                      7/15                             24  Parker, CO                        9/2

  5  Olathe, KS                         8/5                               25  Garnett, KS                        10/14

  6  Sandwich, MA                   6/11                             26  Laurens, SC                       9/30

  7  Platte City, MO                 5/6                               27  Glen Allen, VA                   9/16

  8  San Jose, CA                      6/11                             28  Kingsford, MI                    7/15

  9  Burlington, KS                   7/15                             29  Butler, MO                        10/28

10  Jasper, IN                          8/5                               30  Mount Holly, NJ                7/29

11  Frisco, CO                          6/17                             31  Canton, GA                        10/14

12  McPherson, KS                  8/26                             32  Overland Park, KS (GAB)   5/21

13  Edwardsville, KS                9/16                             33  Marshall, MN                    8/19

14  Rochester, MN                  8/12                             34  Hays, KS                             7/15

15  Hermann, MO                   9/23                             35  Greensboro, GA                9/23

16  Pacific, MO                       8/12                             36  Anthony, KS                       7/15

17  Clarence, NY                     9/23                             37  Paola, KS                           8/27

18  Tryon, NC                          6/10                             38  Holtsville, NY                     8/6

19  Cameron, MO                   7/1                               39  Arthur, IL                           10/7

20  Mason City, IA                   7/22                             40  Council Bluff, IA                5/14


                                                Date                                                                            Date

      New (Licensed)                Requested                        Name                                Requested

  1  Murfreesboro, TN             5/13

      Date Change

  2  Blue Mountains, ON         7/8


 New Ideas - Merl Whitebook: 

 IRS Ruling:  Motion by Merl Whitebook to request a ruling from the IRS as to KCBS Contest Representatives to determine their status as Independent Contractors or changes necessary, seconded by Paul Kirk.  Afer discussion Mike Lake called for the vote, seconded by Mike Budai.  Roll call vote rquested:

(2) Ayes:  Kirk, Whitebook

(9) Noes:  Lake, Budai, Bigler, Lohman, Simmons, Shupe, Harwell, Bragg, Goyocochea.   

Motion fails.

 Motion for Regional Board. Representation:  Motion tabled until March meeting.

 CBJ Committee - Ed Roith:  No report until new chairperson is assigned for this committee.

 Contest Rep Committee - Carol Whitebook:  No report until a new chairperson is assigned for this committee.

 Technology - Don Harwell:  

Harwell reported that meetings continue on design issues with the rep contest program.   

 Members Call-In:  Don Harwell made a motion, seconded by Mike Budai to cease having members call in because we now utilize MP3 technology.  He also confirmed that while he does make small appropriate edits.  After discussion, Tana Shupe called for the vote, seconded by Mike Lake.  Vote was unanimous; motion passed.   A roll call vote was requested:

(3)  Ayes:  Lake, Harwell, Lohman

(8)  Noes:  Kirk, Lake, Bigler, Simmons, Shupe, Bragg, Goyocochea, Whitebook

Motion Fails.

 Election Results:  Out of 14,060 eligible voters, 2,591 were returned.  74.68% of the total votes cast favored regional board representation.  65.03% of the total votes cast feel that related persons should not serve on the KCBS Board of Directors at the same time.  Candidates for the board received votes as follows:

     Name            # Votes                                                 Name                  # Votes

Randy Bigler      1,007                                               Ford Alison                   625    

Mark Simmons       989                                               Sonny Ashford              588

Mike Budai             916                                               Jim Stancil                    518    

Tana Shupe            910                                               Dale Newstrom            513

Arlie Bragg             811                                               John Kirby                     402

Thom Emery          644                                               Scott Kuklin                  288

 MMA Contract:  Harwell made a motion to accept the MMA contract.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, a roll call vote was requested.

(10)  Ayes:  Kirk, Lake, Budai, Bigler, Lohman, Simmons, Shupe, Harwell, Bragg, Goyocochea

 (1)  Abstain: Whitebook.        Motion passes.

 The special committee to review Board Member's actions with and around the 2010 New Orleans contest recommended no censuring and that these issues and this committee be closed.   Board accepted committee's recommendation.

 January Straw Vote:  Don Harwell made a motion that an ad hoc committee be formed to plan and report to the Board how the January straw poll vote regarding regional representation can be achieved.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 Pork Collar Issue:  Motion by Don Harwell that the board defines a boston butt, picnic or whole shoulder as defined by the National Pork Board which does not include the pork collar.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 TOY Awards:   A motion was made by Mike Budai and seconded by Mike Lake to approve cash awards for TOY in 2011.  After discussion a motion was made by Merl Whitebook, seconded by Randy Bigler to call for the vote.  Vote was unanimous; motion passed.  A roll call vote was requested.

(2)  Ayes:  Budai, Simmons,

(8)  Noes:  Kirk, Bigler, Lohman, Shupe, Harwell, Bragg, Goyocochea, Whitebook

(1)  Abstain:  Lake                   Motion fails.

 Closed Sessions:  Don Harwell made a motion, seconded by Randy Bigler, that all closed sessions must have an agenda read before a closed section takes place and that no matter may be discussed in closed session which is not on the agenda.  Vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 A motion was made by Don Harwell, seconded by Gene Goycochea that the Carolyn Wells KCBS Ambassador Award be an annual award, using the criteria presented to the board, be accepted as of December 2010.  Vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 A motion was made by Don Harwell, seconded by Gene Goycochea that, in honor of the KCBS 25th anniversary, the board honor 26 KCBS charter members, and that the following members receive a lifetime membership to KCBS:  Carolyn Wells, Paul Kirk, Ed Roith, Donna McClure, Guy Simpson, Alan Uhl, Donald Pugh, Mark Schroeger, Verl Boes, Ted McClure, Ardie Davis, Bob Schaffer, Roger L. Wagner, Rich Tuttle, Bunny Tuttle, Eugene Aldridge, Smoky Hale, Stephen Yates, Mark Koechner, Tom Blackburn, Gary Buck, Charles L. Jones, Dee Miller, Edward Wilson, Alton Coffelt, and Patty Aldridge.  Vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 Paul Kirk made a motion that the meeting be adjourned at 11:58 p.m. to reconvene at 8:30 a.m. on February 12, 2011.  Seconded by Mike Budai, vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 On Saturday, February 12, 2011, the meeting was called to order by President Candy Weaver at 8:38 central time.  All members were present either in person or on the phone.  No members called in.

 Membership Rentention - Sanctioning & Finance Committees will discuss other opportunities to facilitate membership retention and to better serve all members.  (i.e. by reducing sanctioning fees, offering more benefits to members) 

 Membership - Annual Meeting:  The following four cities have submitted proposals for the 2012 KCBS Annual Meeting:  Denver, Atlanta, DuBuque, San Diego.  Due to the time element required to facilitate the annual meeting, Mark Simmons made a motion to suspend rules to allow the board to immediately select a site for that meeting.   Seconded by Paul Kirk, votes were 9 ayes, 1 no, 1 abstain; motion passed.  Gene Goycochea made a motion to hold the annual meeting in San Diego.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the vote was unanimous; motion passed.  Pending additional research into hotel availability and rates, the tentative date is January 13-14, 2012.

 Old/New Business:

 Motion from Don Harwell to change fiscal year budget was tabled until March for further discussion and input from Exec. Director.

 Motion from Gene Goycochea to replace current truck being used for the BBQ tour was tabled until March.

 Motion from Candy re: TOY was tabled until March.

 Appeal of Action by a Contest Rep - Motion to re-instate contest rep with no action; motion passed.

 Motion regarding "Opt Out" procedure was tabled until March with expected new data coming from technology.

 NEBS:  Mike Lake made a motion to accept the contract; seconded by Randy Bigler, vote was unanimous; motion passed.

 Tana Shupe made a motion thata current board member place an apology on the KCBS contest rep website to the relevant contest rep for action unbecoming a member of the board; that a letter be sent to the contest rep advising rep to exercise more professional verbage in potential future communications to KCBS and board members, and that the board member receive censure for action unbecoming a member of this board.  Motion was seconded by Paul Kirk and a roll call vote was requested. 

(10)  Ayes:  Kirk, Lake, Budai, Bigler, Lohman, Simmons, Shupe, Bragg, Goycochea, Harwell

Motion passesd.


Motion was made by Wayne Lohman, seconded by Tana Shupe that the appeal from a contest rep was considered and that the rep be reinstated with no action taken.  Motion passed

President Weaver formed an ad hoc committee to prepare an application and make recommendations for Event Directors for the Sam's Club Series to the board at a called meeting.

A meeting will be held on Monday February 21st @ 7:0 p.m. to receive suggestions from the Sam's Club Committee, for President Weaver to announce the appointment of committee chairpersons, and to review the Rules Survey.

 Paul Kirk moved to adjourn at 1:43 p.m., seconded by Mike Lake; vote was unanimous; motion passed.



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