Ann Hurst

Ann Hurst - Columbus, OH

1. Please describe the skills you posses (which you believe are stronger than the other
candidates) which would make you an asset as a board member, in dealing with the
challenges facing KCBS, and give an example of how those skills would serve the
KCBS Board of Directors and its membership.

My strongest skills lie in business management and Counseling (I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervision Designation and am the CEO of my agency). I think both in terms of management “what is best for the company” and counseling “what is best for the individual.” In addition I have been a cook, judge, and organizer of KCBS events. All of these skills give me a unique viewpoint into what KCBS currently
is and what it can be without overlooking the individual members as it moves into a new year of growth.

2. If you are a Cook, Judge, Rep or Backyard Cook, please identify the major KCBS
issues concerning one of the areas in which you are involved. Describe the major issue,
your strategies to correct or improve the issue, and what you see as the biggest
challenge to the success of your plan.

I have had the opportunity, like many of you, to travel throughout the U.S. both as a Cook and a Judge. One of the difficulties I have run into is inconsistency in how the events are run based on differences in interpretation. Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” With this in mind I would like to work toward having a more unified interpretation so that everyone is moving forward together. I think the biggest barrier is unifying such a diverse group of people who all bring such wealth of character and experience to KCBS. I also think that if we all work together toward a common goal then as Henry Ford said, success will take care of itself.

3. Identify your major short term goal and the major long term goal, if elected to the Board of KCBS and your plan to implement
change or improvement in order to carry out each of these goals
My major short term goal is to identify the way I could best be of service to KCBS and then step into that role. My long term goal would be to help the different areas of KCBS to better communicate with each other. Finding a way for judges and cooks to communicate and understand each other. Finding a way for Reps to be consistent throughout the country/world in regard to how they interpret the guidelines. Implementing a way for everyone to work better together as a whole.

4. If elected please explain, “your level of commitment, time and energy” for committee projects and monthly reports, board meetings
and attendance, as well as representing KCBS to the public and being responsive to our members. Please understand that
“whatever time is required” is not an acceptable answer. Executive Committee members typically volunteer 8-10 hours a month
and Committee Chairs typically volunteer 3-5 hours a month. “No Report” often means no activity. Will you be an active board
member or inactive board member?

If elected to the board I would be an active board member. My job allows me to make my own hours so I would be willing to volunteer anywhere from 3 to 10 hours a month or more.

5. What new ideas would you have in regards to marketing or new ideas that would benefit membership?
a. I would like to find out what KCBS is currently doing for marketing and see what can be done to enhance the current strategy. Perhaps KCBS would benefit from more cross marketing with its organizers. The different organizers have special events in each area and KCBS coming along with additional press releases could help bring more attention to the competitions and in turn KCBS. Also, KCBS having a table or presence at competitions that have festivals attached would get information about KCBS to the public who are attending and have an interest in BBQ.

6. Please describe your previous participation in KCBS activities and years of experience.
I have been a member of KCBS since 2014. I first became a certified judge and certified table captain. I am currently a certified Master Judge with over 60 contests and one half of the cook team Burning Pig. My husband and I also organize the Pigmania competitions. Starting in December in Nevada and ending in October in Ohio KCBS is my life. Every weekend I am either judging, cooking or organizing a competition. In between those weekends we are preparing for a cook or working on final touches for the Pigmania competitions. During the “off” months we are still working behind the scenes making sure that the next season of Pigmania
is better than the last.

7. Please explain why you want to be a member of the KCBS Board of Directors.
KCBS is such a large part of my life it feels like a natural progression to become a member of the Board of Directors. As a member of the board I would have the ability to bring what I have seen in KCBS and utilize my skills to better serve this amazing BBQ Community.