Bill Moon



Growing up in Florida, there were very few BBQ “joints” and competitions were none existent.  I did a lot of grilling, but never any true BBQ.    After I moved to NC in the summer of 1989 I still had not heard of any competitions.  I started watching a show on PBS in early 2005 about grilling and BBQ and got interested in the art of BBQ.  I bought a small offset smoker and got what I thought was pretty good at making BBQ.  I learned of KCBS and competitions and joined in the summer of 2006 so that I could do my first competition.  I was bit by the BBQ bug and never got a cure from it.  I have competed in 7 states in the southeast from that first contest until Oct 2013 when I “retired” from competing.  I was asked to help out another competitor that I had met during my competing time, and we had gotten a grand champion and together we went to the American Royal.  I have not only competed, but I am also a KCBS Certified Table Captain, and a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge.  I have also served on the rules committee 3 different years.

During my working career I had been a certified electrician (residential, commercial and industrial), certified HVAC technician, certified welder, certified pneumatic/hydraulic technician, as well as other maintenance related areas.  I have been a maintenance group leader, building maintenance supervisor, church treasurer, church trustee, sound technician and other duties.   As a maintenance group leader, I was responsible for not only the building (1,250,000 square feet) but over 2500 pieces of machinery to keep production running.  I had 21 maintenance personnel under my supervision that I was responsible for to keep everything running smoothly. 

My last 4 years of employment before retiring was being the senior HVAC Technician responsible for the HVAC system (cooling, heating, ventilation) of a newly built modern state of the art computer controlled Cancer Center.  I had to find, fix, and document every, and all problems (per federal and state regulations) in a timely manner to keep the staff and patience comfortable and environmentally safe.  My responsibilities also included testing the fire alarm system and related equipment, responding to all fire alarms on the hospital complex, assisting other departments during emergency situations, and continuous training.

I am a team “player” and want to see the future of KCBS to be a very successful one.

General Campaign Platform

As a candidate for the board, I feel as a longtime member of KCBS, I have seen, heard, read, most every monthly board meeting minutes. In my 13 years of membership I have competed in 7 states, and volunteered in the judging process in 22 states.  I know the challenges of the cooks, judges, TC’s and others involved.  I have served on the rules committee and know what it takes to get involved and work with the committees to resolve issues and offer ideas and opinions, as well as to listen to other ideas and opinions and accept them for discussion.  Being retired, I feel I have the knowledge, experience and time to invest for the betterment of our organization.

My love for this organization is “calling” me to “step up” to the next level to help make it a better and more enjoyable experience for all of us.  Let us together put fun back into this wonderful sport.

With my work experience of getting things done, I feel I can be a qualified board member because of my cooking, judging, table captain and volunteering experience.

Q: Please explain why you want to be a member of the KCBS Board of Directors and the skills you possess which would make you an asset as a board member.

In order for KCBS to be successful, there has to be board members that are willing to work together with an open mind to changes, ideas, and a vision for growth, and success.  As mentioned previously, I have worked with staff to achieve such success.  If I was able to keep a multimillion dollar production facility working and meeting deadlines, I feel I can successfully achieve the same criteria with KCBS.

Q: Please describe your previous participation in KCBS activities and years of experience.

I have been a member since 2006 when I signed up to participate as a cook.  I have competed from 2006 until the fall of 2013 in 7 different states.  I am a KCBS Certified Table Captain as well as a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge.  I have been on the rules committee for 3 different years under 2 different Rules Committee Chairman.   I have been asked to be an Ambassador and have been handing out KCBS membership applications whenever possible. 

Q: As a board member, what do you believe are the major challenges currently facing KCBS?

I feel one of the biggest challenges is the new website.  There seems to be too many complaints, including myself, of communication between signing up (pre-registration), organizers, judge coordinators, judges, teams, and general overall “bugs”.  There is still, after 6 months, of a lot of data still not available.

During my 13 years with KCBS, the judging classes have been taught 3 different ways.  I have seen and heard judges trying to correct other judges that have been taught by a different method, and that needs to stop.

Q: In dealing with these challenges, give an example of how your skills would serve the KCBS membership as a Director on the board.

As a cook, judge, TC, I know the challenges to each of us trying to apply, and participate in an event.  I see and hear the frustration and with my experience as a maintenance group leader with the challenges keeping a building functioning, machinery working properly, ordering needed supplies, and keeping the maintenance staff doing their jobs properly and in a timely manner, that the programmers need to have a timeline of achievements to be met, and accountable for.  I do not know how or what their “sales” pitch was to get the contract, but the board needs to see that whatever was “promised” needs to be met.

I feel that there should be a standardized method of judging, and every member (rep, instructor, judge, TC) be retrained and brought up to date with a judging standard.  

Also, every rep, instructor, judge, TC, cook and member should be required annually to acknowledge that they have sought out any changes in the rules, judging, and any other annual changes and sign a waiver that they have read, understand them, and will abide by them.

And in closing, thank you for reading my entire bios, and voting for me.