KCBS International Announces Formation of International Advisory Council

Over the past 8 years, we’ve had the supreme honor of working with lovers of competition BBQ all over the world to grow the respect and integrity of the KCBS sanctioning program. We started out with a dedicated group of people in the city of Hoofddorp in The Netherlands and the International growth of KCBS has exploded from there. We now have membership in 34 countries and are expecting over 60 contests for 2019.

In 2014, KCBS International was created as an LLC by the KCBS Board of Directors and we, the KCBS International Board of Managers, became the governing and interpreting arm for the International side of KCBS. We (with the help of the KCBS office) oversee all things KCBS does internationally, including Sanctioning, Rules, Reps, Organizers, CBJ and TC Instructors, Contests, Judges, International TOY….

Our growth internationally has been exciting to watch and to be part of. Of course, with tremendous growth across many cultures and differences in languages has come many challenges. Such great and widespread growth has created the need for further input and guidance from people representing these many geographic areas. Beginning in 2019 we will create an advisory council to participate in decisions affecting all actions KCBS takes internationally.

KCBS members living outside the US who are interested in being part of this partnership, that charts the future of all areas of KCBS International, please keep watch for further information. We anticipate starting with members from several geographic areas containing our highest number of members. Development of this program is progressing and implementation is expected early 2019!

We are excited for you to join us in making KCBS International strong—all over the world!

The KCBS International Board of Managers

Bill and Debby Gage

Jim and Becky Johnson

Wayne and Maria Lohman

Carolyn Wells