KCBS BOD Quick Notes - April 2019

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting
April 10, 2019
Roll Call: 
Dennis Polson, Mike Richter, Jason Cole, Alan Sellers, Jay Amsbaugh, Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Haymo Gutweniger, Myron Berry
KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Heath Hall, Kim Collier
Board pledge:
                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None
Minutes of Last Meeting
David Qualls: I move to accept minutes of the March 13, 2019 Meeting.
Second - Randy Bigler Motion Passed Unanimously
Financial Statements
Jason Cole:   Attached is the last month’s financial report.  Please accept this report.
President’s Report
Candy Weaver:     In February, I was charged to have an independent Missouri nonprofit attorney examine 2018 conflict statements examined in light of contracts with 2018 directors approved by the board at the very end of the 2018 year.  This attorney has had no prior involvement with KCBS or related entities.  He has issued an opinion letter regarding conflicts and contracts.  There are options to be considered and discussed among current directors.  Further clarification is needed from the five directors who were a part of the 2018 board.  No motion is expected.  It is my desire to advise the members of KCBS that these matters are being examined.
This is a KCBS board unlike any other.  Six seated directors were not a part of the board last year, five were.  The number one vote receiver was elected with an announced investigative direction as to how KCBS got to where it is today.  This does effect board interaction.  Add intense member reaction to the revised web site and problems with functionality, cook complaints of the random judge seating have raised high tensions on the board.  Problems and issues must be prioritized to achieve the best result for KCBS.
I expect unity on the board, but not conformity!  We were each elected for our individual strengths and thought for the betterment of KCBS.  Let’s clear the smoke and do our very best for KCBS!
Sanctioning Report
Kim Collier:  Automatic Approval  
REC’D                    DATES                   NAME                                                                                    CITY, STATE
New Contests – In House Approval
Existing Contests – In House Approval
Event Name                                                                                                      Start Date      End Date             City       State
UMB Smokin Vault BBQ Contest (Invitational Competitor's Series) 5/3/2019        5/4/2019                Kansas City          MO
Masters In May Day 1                                                                                      5/3/2019    5/4/2019                Bancroft                 WI
Masters in May Day 2                                                                                      5/4/2019    5/5/2019                Bancroft                 WI          
Wild West BBQ Cook-Off                                                                               5/10/2019 5/11/2019              Lamar                    CO
Mark Marley's Go Big or Go Home BBQ Bash (DAY 1)                            5/10/2019 5/11/2019              Plainview               TX
Queen Mary Food Festival                                                                             5/10/2019  5/11/2019              Long Beach          CA
Mark Marley's Go Big or Go Home BBQ Bash (DAY 2)                            5/11/2019  5/12/2019              Plainview               TX
Red, White, and BBQ Day 1                                                                          5/24/2019  5/25/2019              Westmont             IL
4th Annual Southern Sate BBQ Cook-off                                                    5/24/2019 5/25/2019              Conroe                  TX
Big Bear Grill & Chill                                                                                       5/24/2019 5/25/2019              Big Bear Lake      CA
Red, White, and BBQ- Day 2                                                                         5/25/2019  5/26/2019              Westmont             IL
Heritage Heat Western Smokin BBQ                                                          5/25/2019  5/26/2019              Mountain View,     AB CANADA
The Stith Family Farms Backyard BBQ contest (BACKYARD ONLY)    5/25/2019  5/25/2019              Elizabethtown       KY
Throwdown in the Vineyards                                                                         5/31/2019 6/1/2019                Murphy                   CA
Separation Colonial BBQ Competition                                                       6/7/2019    6/8/2019                New Castle           DE
Beats, Brews, & BBQ                                                                                      6/7/2019    6/8/2019                Wagoner               OK
The Robertson County Fair (COMPETITORS SERIES)                           6/7/2019    6/8/2019                Springfield            TN
Reelin N Smokin Backyard BBQ Competition (BACKYARD ONLY)      6/7/2019    6/8/2019                Huntsville              AL
Delta Smoke BBQ Contest                                                                            6/7/2019    6/8/2019                Wynne                    AR
Downtown BBQ Showdown (BACKYARD ONLY)                                     6/7/2019    6/8/2019                Meridian                MS
Smoked on the Western Slope                                                                    6/7/2019   6/8/2019                Parachute             CO
Beltway BBQ Showdown                                                                               6/8/2019    6/9/2019                Upper Marlboro    MD
Poosa-Q                                                                                                            6/14/2019 6/15/2019              Montgomery          AL
BBQ Battle Finland                                                                                          6/15/2019 6/16/2019              Tampere               FINLAND
Dadfest BBQ Cookoff                                                                                     6/15/2019                                  Kansas City          MO
Ribs on the River                                                                                             6/21/2019 6/22/2019              Louisiana              MO
11th Annual Auburn Hills Barbecue Cook-Off                                           6/21/2019 6/22/2019              Auburn Hills          MI
The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle-Kansas State Championship                 6/21/2019 6/22/2019              Lenexa                   KS
GOBS Riverfest Red White & Que                                                               6/28/2019 6/29/2019              Bellevue                NE
BBQ SmokeDown at Chicagoland                                                              6/28/2019 6/29/2019              Joliet                      IL            
Back To Mayberry                                                                                            6/29/2019 6/30/2019              Rodney                  IA
Handcuffs & Hoses Backyard BBQ Contest (BACKYARD ONLY)         7/4/2019    7/4/2019                Broken Arrow        OK
Ceramic City Jazz, Blues & BBQ Festival                                                   7/5/2019    7/6/2019                East Liverpool      OH
New Jersey State Barbecue Championship                                             7/12/2019 7/13/2019              North Wildwood   NJ
Keepers of the Fire BBQ Contest                                                                 7/12/2019 7/13/2019              Mayetta                  KS
Celtic Smoke at Dalriana Festival Of Music & Food                                 7/13/2019 7/14/2019              Glenarm, Billobo IRELAND
Smokin Hot BBQ                                                                                             7/13/2019 7/14/2019              Gledswood Hill,   Sydney
Piggin in the Park                                                                                            7/19/2019 7/20/2019              Jasper                   GA
Barn Burner BBQ                                                                                             7/20/2019 7/21/2019              Chilliwack, British Columbia Br
Racing for the BBQ                                                                                         7/26/2019 7/27/2019              Blue Springs        MO
Effingham -Jam                                                                                               7/26/2019 7/27/2019              Effingham             IL
Rumble on the Red                                                                                        7/26/2019 7/27/2019              Morris                     MB
Gilroy Garli-Que BBQ Challenge                                                                  7/26/2019 7/27/2019              Gilroy                      CA
Cotton Pickin BBQ Cook-Off                                                                          7/26/2019 7/27/2019              Hartselle               AL
Pit at the Park                                                                                                   8/2/2019    8/4/2019                Macungie              PA
Route 66 BBQ & Steak Showdown                                                              8/9/2019    8/10/2019              Springfield            MO
Big Blue Barbecue                                                                                          8/9/2019    8/10/2019              Shelbyville             IN
Mountain High BBQ Festival & Car Show                                                   8/9/2019   8/10/2019              Franklin                 NC
Maryland State BBQ Bash                                                                             8/9/2019    8/10/2019              Belair                     MD
Smoke in the Park (BACKYARD ONLY)                                                      8/9/2019    8/10/2019              Glencoe                 AL
Thrillin' & Grillin' Maine State Championship BBQ Festival                    8/10/2019 8/11/2019              Saco                       ME
Cape Jaycees BBQ Fest                                                                                8/16/2019 8/17/2019              Cape Girardeau   MO
Evansville BBQ                                                                                                8/16/2019 8/17/2019              Evansville              IN
Pig Out in the Park (BACKYARD ONLY)                                                      8/17/2019                                  Frostburg              MD
Smoking for a Reason (BACKYARD ONLY)                                              8/23/2019 8/24/2019              Fort Payne             AL
Great Americana BBQ Festival                                                                     8/23/2019 8/24/2019              Franklin                 TN
Wild West BBQ Shoot Out                                                                             8/23/2019 8/24/2019              Wendover              NV
Vine St BBQ Competition & Fest (BACKYARD ONLY)                             8/24/2019                                  Park Ridge            IL
Smokin in the Bogs                                                                                        8/30/2019 8/31/2019              Warrens                WI
Route Six Ribfest                                                                                             8/31/2019 9/1/2019                Coudersport         PA
Septemberfest BBQ & Rib-eye Steak cook-off challenge                       8/31/2019 9/1/2019                Omaha                  NE
Fire on the Mountain (BACKYARD ONLY)                                                  9/6/2019    9/7/2019                Arab                        AL
Mark Twain Brewery American's Hometown BBQ Bash                         9/6/2019    9/7/2019                Hannibal               MO
Smokin' on the White                                                                                      9/6/2019    9/7/2019                Batesville              AR
40th American Royal World Series of Barbecue- OPEN CONTEST     9/12/2019 9/15/2019              Kansas City          KS
40th American Royal World Series of Barbecue- INVITATIONAL          9/12/2019  9/15/2019             Kansas City         KS
Silver Lake Sand Dunes Apple & BBQ Festival                                         9/13/2019 9/14/2019              Mears                     MI
Bands brews & BBQ                                                                                       9/13/2019 9/14/2019              Boise                     ID
Italian Hardcore Barbecue (DAY 1)                                                              9/13/2019 9/14/2019              Carugate               MI
KTD Smokin Gobbler Cook-Off                                                                    9/13/2019 9/14/2019              Worthington          MN
Gritty Open 9                                                                                                     /13/2019    9/14/2019              Philadelphia         PA
RiverFest                                                                                                           9/13/2019 9/14/2019              Decatur                  AL
Italian Hardcore Barbecue (DAY 2)                                                              9/14/2019 9/15/2019              Carugate               MI
Decatur's Smokin BBQ Festival Backyard (BACKYARD ONLY)             9/14/2019                                  Decatur                  IL
Rumble on the River Presented by TheBBQSuperStore.com                9/20/2019 9/21/2019              Grand Haven        MI
Cherokee Strip BBQ Cook-Off                                                                      9/20/2019 9/21/2019              Ponca City             OK
Constitution BBQ                                                                                             9/20/2019 9/21/2019              Grand Lake           CO
Little Apple Classic Car & BBQ Cook Off                                                    9/20/2019 9/21/2019              Manhattan             KS
Smoke in the Sweet Grass BBQ Championship                                      9/20/2019 9/21/2019              Big Timber            MT
Barbeque on the Hill (COMPETITOR'S SERIES)                                      9/21/2019                                 BlueIsland            IL
Smoke in the Park                                                                                           9/27/2019  9/28/2019              Lemoyne               PA
New Albany Blues Brews and BBQ Festival                                              9/27/2019 9/28/2019              New Albany           IN
Shawnee Great Grillers State Championship                                           9/27/2019 9/28/2019              Shawnee               KS
BBQ, Blues, Biscuits & Brews                                                                      9/27/2019 9/28/2019              Natchez MS
Backyard BBQ Festival (BACKYARD ONLY)                                              9/28/2019                                  Pilot Grove            MO
Fire In the Sky BBQ Lite'N Up Broadway (BACKYARD ONLY)                9/28/2019                                  Broadway Westville NJ
Brew N Que-Perth 2019                                                                                 10/4/2019 10/5/2019              Ascot                      WA
Smoketoberfest                                                                                               10/4/2019 10/5/2019              Ottumwa                IA
Squealin on the Square                                                                                 10/4/2019 10/5/2019              Laurens                                 SC
Swine At the Shrine Porktobertfest                                                              10/4/2019 10/5/2019              Savannah              GA
Riverside Blues, Brews & BBQ                                                                    10/4/2019 10/5/2019              Greenfield             MA
The Real Squeal BBQ & Music Festival                                                      10/11/201910/12/2019           Lyons                     GA
Central Illinois Bragging Rights (CIBR-BBQ)                                            10/11/2019 10/12/2019          Arthur                     IL
Eastern Carolina BBQ Throw Down                                                            10/11/2019 10/12/2019          Rocky Mount         NC
Butterfest 2019(BACKYARD ONLY)                                                             10/11/2019 10/12/2019          Butler                     AL
Scottsboro BBQ Cook Off Festival (BACKYARD ONLY)                           10/12/2019                               Scottsboro            AL
Fountains at Greenbriar Blaze Off                                                                10/18/2019 10/19/2019          Independence      MO
Meat Scream BBQ Competition                                                                   10/18/2019 10/19/2019          Westminster         CO
Best of the Midwest                                                                                         10/18/2019 10/19/2019          Union Grove         WI
Currituck Heritage Bulls & BBQ Festival                                                     11/1/2019 11/2/2019              Powells Point       NC
Slab-O-Rama Barbeque Challenge                                                            1/17/2020 1/18/2020              Bullhead City        AZ
Shotgun Fred BBQ Showdown                                                                     2/14/2020 2/15/2020              Huntsville              TX
Best in the Desert Southwest KCBS BBQ Competition                          2/28/2020 2/29/2020              Yuma                     AZ
Smoke of the West                                                                                          7/11/2020 7/12/2020              Goondiwindi, Queensland AUSTRALIA
Need Board Approval –NONE
Sanctioning Report:
Myron Berry:          The committee met on April 3, 2019 at 12:03 pm. Present were Haymo Gutweniger, Randy Bigler, Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier, Candy Weaver and Myron Berry.
A discussion was held regarding a letter from an organizer who had issues with the new website correctly listing their contest each month on the listing of contests. The letter will be discussed in our next BOD meeting in closed session.
Randy Bigler gave the committee an update on the work to revise the 2017 Organizer Guide that he and Sandy Fulton are currently working on. They hope to have it completed by the end of April. An Ad Hoc committee will be formed to work with Randy and Sandy.
Discussed the National Grilling Society's rules, regulations and guidelines. Kim Collier emailed copies to the committee members.
Discussed a letter to Sanctioning Committee regarding consideration to ask any Master Series (TOY points eligible) contests that occur during December to hold two spots open until October 31 for teams competing for KCBS TOY race. This was tabled until next meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 12:43 pm.
Myron Berry: I Move Approve Sanctioning Committee Reports
Second - Haymo Gutweniger, Motion Passed Unanimously

Marketing Company Report- First Club Marketing
Social Media / Member Liaison Committee: *Note- This Committee is charged with communication, education, marketing and membership issues. 
Notes to the board from the agenda and discussion of the committee meeting: April 1st
SM-MScommittee@kcbs.us April 01 chat, Monday, at 4:00 pm Kansas City time Richard Fergola, Jay Amsbaugh, Heath Hall, Carolyn Wells, Jennifer Eggleton, Alan Sellers
In attendance: Health, Candy, Richard, Alan
 (Marketing), (Social Media), (Member Services).
Notes for our committee discussion:
  1. Suggestion was made to create a marketing plan that would include several different platforms.
  1. You-tube channel for producing content videos by some of the world’s best Pit-masters.
  2. Social Media
  3. Living streaming of events.
  4. Live Q&A Sessions via Website or Social Media platforms.
For the above: We need to generate a position “Marketing Administrator” for KCBS” to produce and manage these very things above. This position will report directly the Heath Hall and Carolyn Wells.
Heath and Richard will work together to build a marketing plan and bring it back to the committee for approval.
At this point we would like to present a motion to acquire a “Marketing Administrator”
We would make a motion to allow Heath and Carolyn to search for a candidate to handle the in house communications.  And assist in developing a marketing Plan.
  1. Recognize every cook team with an award for 180 or 700 at every comp.  A Sticker, Large enough 4”x 4” to be mounted on a trailer or a pop up to show that team success.  The will be a KCBS Stickers with 180 or 700 ribbon on it showing that award for all to see.  Price quotes are in from Kim.  We want to discuss and make a motion to the board to accept and move the program forward.
These stickers will be sent to the reps to hand out or we can send them from the office.
Quote file and drawing files are attached: The cost of 6,000 stickers is $1,271.00
“We make a Motion to accept the program of giving out 180 & 700 stickers to all winners going forward approving KCBS to spend the quoted amount to acquire the products.
  1. We receive the marketing report from our Marketing Company. See attached
  1. Membership report:
April Report
Total Current Members 19,857, Net Gain from last month of 434
New members: 378
Renewed: 1,191
Non-renewals: 844
Lifetime: 1,811
International: 2,031
Total countries: 38

International Committee:
Wayne Lohman:  The IBOM first trip of the year took us to Costa Rica for a CBJ Class, sanctioned contest, and complete the training schedule for 4 new Reps.  The organizer of the BBQ events scheduled cooking classes with two major sponsors, Cargill and Weber Grilling Academy for their company personnel.  We also cooked for the US Embassy Staff, Marines Security Guards and US Department of Agriculture Counselors during the week.  United States Ambassador Sandra Day attended the Saturday contest and participated in the Awards Ceremony.
This was our 3rd sanctioned contest in Costa Rica, organized by Weber Grilling Academy.  Prior to the contest we had 23 students in the CBJ class.  We spent time in discussions with U.S. Meat Export Federation and the Office of Agricultural Affairs in Panama in bringing KCBS to Panama and Guatemala.  We also met with organizers from Paraguay who will be competing in our sanctioned event in Brazil, with plans for classes and a contest in 2020 in their country.  Public attendance at the contest was estimated at 8000 with excellent newspaper and TV coverage for KCBS.
Other Major US contest sponsors, other than Cargill and Weber, for this event were Coke Cola, Bimbo Bread Co. (Wonder Bread), and Miller Lite. Jim Johnson held 8 cooking demos for Sabores Chefs School, Tortiricas Tortilla and Taylor Brand Beef during the contest as well as cooking classes the previous week.
The Costa Rican teams demonstrated a tremendous amount of camaraderie during the contest, waiting and clapping as each of the teams brought their brisket entry to the turn-in table.  The Judges, seated on a second story balcony, also stood and clapped for the teams to show their appreciation for the entries and team work.  This was a very successful and well organized Central American Contest.
Since the writing of this report, we have initiated discussions on a new contest at Meat Fest in Panama City, Panama.  We have, to date, 6 more International trips planned.

CBJ Committee Report:
Dennis Polson:    KCBS CBJ Committee Meeting Minutes March 25, 2019 7:30 pm (CDT)
Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Linda Polson, Recording Secretary; Brian DeCoud, Alan Rothrock, Maxine Kilgore, Marge Plummer, Frank Gonzales, and Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director.
Dennis opened the meeting and reported that response to the E-Blast about CBJ's cooking with Teams has been excellent with numbers approximately doubled from previously.
Marge requested that fellow committee members provide suggestions at the next meeting about how to encourage cooks to register for contests earlier due to problems for organizers/judge coordinators in planning for correct number of judges, judging supplies, etc.
The topic of judges socializing with cook teams was discussed at length and the Guidelines developed by the committee is attached.
Rep statement for cooks about hosting CBJ's and the CMTC proposal were discussed but tabled until next meeting due to time constraints.
Committee members who have experienced the “Chip Draw” seating selection reported that it has gone very smoothly with no problems encountered.  Dennis provided information about the time line for planned technology changes.
Next meeting is scheduled for April 29th at 7:30 CDT. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.
  PROPOSED - Judges Socializing with Cook Teams Guidelines
  1. Be brief.
  2. Be general in your discussions. Do not advise or coach teams prior to judging.
  3. Do not view or sample anything on day of judging.
  4. Most importantly: be visible. Do not go inside an enclosed area or out of view, in a cook site.
  5. Do not congregate in the cook area of any team.
  6. Check in at judging area at designated time, before visiting with Cook Teams.
  7. Do not be late to the judging area for the Judges' meeting or you will be replaced.
  8. Visiting with teams after contest is over and sampling products, if offered by a team, is
 Permitted and encouraged.
  1. Socializing with teams on evening before contest and participating in activities such as “pot luck dinner” is also permitted. It is not acceptable to view turn-in boxes or to sample any product that you could judge the following day.
  2. Judges may visit with Cook Teams if the cooks are open to visit. If not, the Judge is to respect that choice and move on.
Rep Committee
Randy Bigler: The KCBS Rep Committee held its first Quarterly meeting with 55 of the 116 reps. This was my initial meeting with the reps to try and get them on the same page. I explained the new seating procedure and answered their questions on any concerns. The 2nd quarterly meeting will be held at the end of June.    

Technology Committee
David Qualls:  We continue to work through the transition into the new Platform. We are developing a criteria to implement a new standardized method of seating judges for contests that takes into account many facets of the scoring history.
The Technology Committee has added two members who have legitimate qualifications to develop such a system.
These Two Members are:
David McAllister, American Royal World Champion of Team 913 BBQ Software developer in the Kansas City area for the last 18 years that graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems in 2001.
George Mullins, A former Board of Directors for KCBS with Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, over 20 years of experience in software and web development, network engineering and administration, and over 15 years of experience in analytics working directly with Data Scientists and experts in statistics from institutions such as MIT and Stanford.
These two qualified members of the Committee will be working with Mark Kenney of BBQData on a process that will encompass a wide array of data and the variables associated. Then they will work out a request to provider proposal to bring to the Board for consideration.

This issue of seating is important to many and it is critical that it be implemented in a manner that is dependable and amendable as conditions change.
It is the hope of the Committee that the Board and more importantly the Membership has confidence that this assembled group has the qualifications and experience to lead this project to implementation.

I am very Happy that Mark Kenney and his BBQData system has stepped in to help in this area that KCBS does not have the resources to accomplish at the current time.
Please accept this report for April.

Event Committee:  *Note: Event Committee is charged with Banquet, Invitational, Team of Year, and Great American Cookout  
We had our monthly call on April 2nd, at 7pm EST
Members in attendance were Cole, Fergola, Stidham, Hall, and Bigler.
The 2019 Annual Banquet and Team of the Year awards will be held at the Argosy Casino
January 17-18, 2020. Other items discussed included:
• Budget
• Potential sponsors
• Team Payouts
• Judge recognition
• Team Recognition, to include teams in the 5, 10, 15 & 20 categories
• Educational and breakout sessions
We also discussed the 2020 World Invitational. Items discussed included potential locations & dates.

Rules Committee
Richard Fergola:  The rules committee has three motions to present under New Business
1.  No forks for judges during the judging processed with emphasis placed on no licking fingers between categories.
The next two motions are for 2020, not 2019...
2.  Bump up the TOY bonus points from 35 to 50.
3.  TOY tie breaker format that was submitted by in the March meeting.

Nominating Committee
Dennis Polson:  No Report.  

Philanthropy Committee Report
Mike Richter:  The eblast announcement for scholarship applications should go out the week of April 7th.  

Audit Committee Report
Myron Berry:          Bids for quotes on a financial audit have been sent to three audit firms. The quotes are to be in by April 25. The firms have signed an NDA form in order to have certain financial information sent to them in order for them to provide a quote.
Bylaws Committee Report
David Qualls: Reviewing the bylaws structure in order for the committee to deal with revisions in a organized format.                                

Building Committee
David Qualls: The Lease for the 2nd floor did not materialize. The Committee along with the C.E.O. and the Realtor are actively pursuing a new candidate for lease as well as the sale of the building in a consecutive manner.

Old Business   None

New Business
Discussion and Possible Motion on the Statement of Mike Richter;
Statement by Mike Richter, The current board of directors is unlike any in my previous 4 years. Even after learning of the meeting held during the invitational which omitted board members in attendance at the invitational, I hoped the new board would work in the best interest of KCBS. However, at the February meeting it became apparent this was not to be the case as the election of new officers was a foregone conclusion and there was an obvious agenda.
Additionally, we now know at the February meeting incorrect information was provided prior to a vote which impacted the outcome of the vote. A director requested a special meeting to discuss an important issue with the applicable parties. In the ensuing correspondence the director is accused of bullying. In my opinion the bullying was by the other directors burying it in a committee that already has a full plate.  Based on the comments and actions it is obvious to me there are board members with a mission based on a dislike of previous board members and decisions made by the board in 2018.  To the best of my knowledge there were no secret meetings or plotting last year or in my previous 4 years on the board. 
I love KCBS and Carolyn Wells and all of my decisions have been with the best interest of KCBS in mind. With the false accusations, negativity of the last election, and the constant negativity and bullying I honestly do not know how much more I will endure. I may be naive but there are not supposed to be ulterior motives or secret agendas. We were all elected to serve the membership and do what is best for KCBS.  If things continue on the current course, I believe history will point to this as the beginning of the end of KCBS.
Discussion Held-No Action Taken
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Change the Team of the Year calendar from December 16th - December 15th to
November 1st - October 31st. Starting November 1, 2019. Per recommendation of the Events Committee
Jason Cole: I Move To- Change the Team of the Year calendar from December 16th - December 15th to
November 1st - October 31st. Starting November 1, 2019
Second - Randy Bigler, Motion Passed Unanimously
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Change the 2020 World Invitational and the 2020 Team of the year awards Banquet to be held together in November. Date and location TBA. Per recommendation of the Events Committee
Jason Cole: I Move To- Change the 2020 World Invitational and the 2020 Team of the year awards Banquet to be held together in November.
Second - Randy Bigler, Motion Passed Unanimously
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Consider Judge Socializing Standards Per recommendation of the CBJ Committee
Dennis Polson: I Move To- Approve The Judge Socializing Standards as Presented By The CBJ Committee
Second - Mike Richter, Motion Passed Unanimously
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Consider Establishing an milestone award for International Judge’s miles traveled to participate. Per recommendation of Haymo Gutweniger.
Haymo Gutweniger: I Move To-  Approve establish an awarding program for judges traveling. The awards program will be named Traveling judges around the world. The awards will be in 3 categories, bronze for traveling the world once (25.000 miles), traveling the world twice (50.000 miles) in silver and a gold level (100.000 + miles). The awards shall be in Pins (bronze, silver, gold) and be handed out to traveling judges. The program shall be retroactive.
Second - Mike Richter, Motion Passed Unanimously
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Acquire a Marketing Administrator Per recommendation of the Social Media / Member Liaison Committee.
Discussion Held-No Action Taken
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Direct Heath Hall and Carolyn Wells to search for a candidate for In-house Communications Per recommendation of the Social Media / Member Liaison Committee.
Discussion Held-No Action Taken
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Eliminate the use of forks for judges during the judging processed with emphasis placed on no licking fingers between categories. Per recommendation of the Rules Committee
Richard Fergola: I Move To- Use Forks For The Pork Category Only During The Judging Process
Second - Jason Cole, Motion Passed- Voting Yes: Amsbaugh, Berry, Cole, Fergola, Gutweniger, Polson, Qualls, Richter. Voting No: Bigler, Sellers.
The next two motions are for 2020, not 2019...
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Move the T.O.Y. bonus points from 35 to 50. For the 2020 Season. Per recommendation of the Rules Committee
Discussion Held-No Action Taken
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Revise the T.O.Y. tie breaker format that was submitted by in the March meeting for the 2020 Season. Per recommendation of the Rules Committee
Discussion Held-No Action Taken
Discussion and Possible Motion To- Schedule a special meeting with Mark Gibbs, Park Road & Mark Kenney to discuss the computer seating program. Per request of Jason Cole
Jason Cole: I Move To- Schedule A Special Meeting to Discuss The Computer Seating Program With The Board, The Technology Committee, Mark Gibbs, Mark Kenney, and Park Road Technologies
Second - Mike Richter, Motion Passed with One No Vote.
Closed Session Agenda:
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director Reports
Discussion of Financial Reports
Discussion on the Table Captains Invoice changes at the March Board meeting with a possible motion in open session.
Discussion of Marketing Contracts
Discussion of Real Estate
Discussion of Technology Budgets and Progress
Randy Bigler: I Move to enter into the Closed Session.
Second- Mike Richter, Motion Passed Unanimously
Entered into at 9:38pm
Returned into Open Session.  11:28PM
After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session
Dennis Polson: I Move To- I move to change the Table Captain Invoice by changing the Student fee from $30.00 to $45.00 and changing the Instructor fee from $5.00 to $8.00.  Setting a minimum number of students for a stand-alone Table Captain class at 10 students and setting a minimum number of students for a Table Captain class to be held in conjunction with a Certified Barbeque Judge class at 5 students.
Second - Randy Bigler, Motion Passed Unanimously
Adjourn or Suspend
Mike Richter: I Move to Adjourn
Second- Dennis Polson, Motion Passed Unanimously
Meeting Adjourned at 11:55