MCBJ Online Test Available

The MCBJ test is now available online. If you've met the requirements to take your MCBJ test, please contact Glenna at the KCBS office. Once your requirements have been verified, the staff will invite you to the test. You'll receive an email with a link to the test. You can also access the test from your Member Menu once approved. 

Features and benefits of the online MCBJ test

  • You can save your test and return to complete it later.
  • Results are available immediately upon completion.
  • Upon passing the test, your CBJ status is instantly updated to MCBJ in your member profile.
  • Email notifications for invitation to take the test, passing score, and fail.
  • Email notification of the questions missed upon fail. 
  • Automated waiting periods of 14 & 90 days between attempts. You can retake the test whenever the time lapse expires. 
The office staff is currently being trained on the invitation process and will be able to send invites beginning the week of June 3rd. Please be patient as they learn the process and new component of the KCBS Platform. 

Good Luck with your tests!