Candidates for Special Board Election

The following list of Candidates have been nominated to fill the open seat on the Board of Directors.
All Candidates were requested to submit a current photograph, a statement of qualifications, a biography, and general campaign platform and their answers to the election questionnaire.
Each Candidate has a page located here on the website under The NEWS-Board-Board. Nominees link on the Menu Bar. 
Rob Castle
Michael Dampier
Nancy Goldsmith
Tracy Hixon
Ann Hurst
David McAllister
David Miller
Bill Moon
Bradley Philpott
Matthew Ray
Chris Shores
Brian Turner
Richard Vandermeulen
Rick Wagner
Ralph Williams
The election voting shall begin 7:00am Central Time on June 24th, 2019 through 7:00pm Central Time on June 30th, 2019.
The Voting process will be conducted online exclusively.
The results will be announced on the KCBS website at 7:00pm Central Time on Monday July 1st 2019. The newly elected member shall begin their term at the July 10, 2019 KCBS board meeting.