August 7, 2019 Special Meeting Quick Notes

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Special Meeting
Quick Notes
August 7, 2019 at 7:00 PM CST
Roll Call: 
Dennis Polson,  Alan Sellers, Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Haymo Gutweniger, Ralph Williams.
Myron Berry Joined the Meeting at 7:46 pm
KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells,

Purpose of Special Meeting;
Discussion and Consideration of Establishing a Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy as suggested by KCBS Legal Counsel

History: Previous Boards have initiated disciplinary actions against members with no established guidelines or process  available to the member in question. The purpose of this policy is to guide The KCBS Board of Directors in reviewing and investigating alleged violations of the Code of Conduct by Members and in the event violations are determined to have occurred, taking disciplinary action, in a manner which is fair, reasonable, equitable and consistent.

David Qualls: I move to establish the Members Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy
Second- Sellers- Motion Passed Unanimously

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Closed Session Agenda:

Address reports pertaining to a KCBS sanctioned event in Vista, California  on 8-2-2019

Discussion of an Employment Agreement for the Chief Executive Officer Position

Ralph Williams: I move to enter into Closed Session
Second- Gutweniger Motion Passed Unanimously

Entered Closed Session at 7:03 pm
Returned to Open Session at 7:47pm

After Closed Session:

David Qualls: I move to refer the non-payment of prizes in the Vista contest to the KCBS Attorney's to pursue the Guarantee Agreement, and to also require that the pending sanctioned contests by the Organizer be required to have a bank credit line letter to guarantee in an amount equal to the prize purse payable to KCBS or the Sanctioning will be withdrawn 10 days prior to the contests
Second- Gutweniger - Motion Passed Unanimously

David Qualls: I move to authorize the President to enter into an Employment Agreement with the prospective C.E.O. candidate as discussed in closed session.
Second- Polson - Motion Passed Unanimously

Randy Bigler: I move to Adjourn
Second-- Gutweniger - Motion Passed Unanimously

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 PM