KCBS September Board Agenda

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda
September 18, 2019
Roll Call: 
Dennis Polson,  Alan Sellers, Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Haymo Gutweniger, Myron Berry, Ralph Williams.
KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Emily Detwiler, Kim Collier
Board pledge:
                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None

Minutes of Last Meeting
David Qualls: I move to accept minutes of the July 10, 2019 Regular Meeting and Special Meeting of August 7, 2019.

Financial Statements
Myron Berry:   Attached is the July 2019 financial report.  Please accept this report.

Contest Report - None Submitted
Need Board Approval –None Submitted
Sanctioning Report:
The committee meeting was called to order at 12:07pm, attending were:
Emily Detwiler, Myron Berry, Haymo Gutweniger, Randy Bigler, Sandy Fulton, Robert Stouffer and Kim Collier.
Kim reported to the committee that there were two contests that had applied for sanctioning on the same date and they were 135 miles apart. The locations were LaGrange, Missouri and Washington, Missouri. The Washington contest has been held for the past 10 years and the LaGrange contest is a new contest. The committee's opinion was that it was too close for both contests to be held on the same date. The organizer for the LaGrange contest had been informed that their contest might not be approved for the same date as Washington but that they could be approved for a Sunday contest on the same weekend.
A discussion was held about a possible additional contest sanctioning category ( Pro-Am) and the feasibility of having an additional category. Discussion about the pros and cons followed with questions about the rules and regulations that would govern a Pro-Am contest.  The purpose of this category would be to allow backyard teams to compete against pro teams and still keep their backyard status. It would also allow the pro teams who feel they need to practice their cooking without spending a lot of money. Pro teams would still be allowed to cook in Master Series contests. There would be no TOY points awarded for Pro-Am contests and they would not be qualifiers for The Jack, American Royal or KCBS Invitational. Randy Bigler will solicit opinions from cook teams at upcoming contests and report back to the committee.
Further discussions were held about the feasibility of having an Organizers Committee or adding an Ad Hoc committee to Sanctioning to offer training to organizers such as an annual Organizers class. There are several contests where the organizer is new or the contest is in second year and needing advice or assistance. An organizers manual is currently being reworked by Sandy Fulton and Randy Bigler. The committee recommends to the BOD adding either an Organizers committee or creating an Ad Hoc committee within Sanctioning to offer additional guidance and assistance for organizers.
Meeting adjourned at 1:10pm
Marketing Company Report- First Club Marketing:
The following report is for the month of August and includes The KCBS, social media outlets performance. This report reflects the dates as requested by the KCBS Board of Directors
The GAC tour for 2019 is already well underway, we have submitted all documents for and to the Brand Partners most every Brand Partner agreement with KCBS requires monthly or bi-annually impact reports be generated and sent as well as making sure deliverables are completed on behalf of KCBS for each partner.
FCM is in full 2020 sales mode for the GAC tour as well as additional customized programs to expand on current partnerships as well as bring in new ones.
This report is a brief summarization of the full report submitted to Carolyn Wells the KCBS Executive Director, Emily Detwiler the KCBS C.E O. and the SM-MS Committee as directed by the KCBS BOD. Much more detailed information is contained in that full report.
First Club Marketing Report for
KCBS Marketing/Social Media KCBS August 2019
(Web Stats for 8/1/19 – 8/31/19)
Total page views for Dates:                140,087 (July)        150,953 (August)
Total Unique Users for Dates:              34,413 (July)        35,304 (August
Time per Visit: 4m-8s

Great American Cookout Tour
2019 Schedule is much larger reach than in any previous years. In 2018 the event reach was roughly 1.7m event attendees, 2019 is a projected 2.9m. The first 14 stops are completed with 6 remaining

The National Turkey Federation's Turkey Smoke
The first four of the five events have been completed and received a great reception by the BBQ teams, The last round for 2019 will be in Salisbury, NC on 9-20-19 at the Tilley Harley- Davidson Biker Blues BBQ Rally and BBQ Classic

Cabo Wabo Tequila, CABORITA
We have completed 11 of the 26 rounds and all have gone very smoothly with fabulous response and support
Tito’s Vodka (Brisket Program)
We have completed 1 or 10 events with added Prize purse funds to the Beef Brisket category winners
Print Media Potential Reach for KCBS           32,364,917           45,149,121           12,784,204           39.5%+
As of 7-28-19       As of 8-27-19       Difference
  • Twitter Followers:
17,372 17,489 117 .7%+
  • Twitter Impressions:
61,208 68,853 7,645 12.5%-
  • Twitter Potential Reach
508.114 661,542 153,425 30.2%+
  • Instagram Followers:
11,523 12,753 1,230 10.7%+
  • Instagram Impressions
139,988 369,800 229,812 164.2%+
  • Facebook total Likes:
85,666 86,604 938 1.1%+
  • Total Audience:
114,561 116,846 12,285 2%+
  • Facebook Impressions:
368,800 784,481 425,681 115.4%+
  • Facebook Post Clicks:
2,243 25,388 23,145 1031.8%+
  • Facebook Reactions:
2,680 8,777 6,097 227.5%+
  • Facebook Engagements
3,559 37,169 33,610 944.4%+
Social Media / Member Liaison Committee: *Note- This Committee is charged with communication, education, marketing and membership issues. 
Committee Report our phone call meeting on Sept 9th conference call:  SM-MScommittee@kcbs.us Sept 9th 2019 chat, Monday, at 4:00 pm Kansas City time:
 Sammye Phelps, Karrin Murphy , Jennifer Eggleston, Randall Bowman, Emily Detwiler, Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver Alan Sellers,
 (Marketing), (Social Media), (Member Services).
Notes from our committee discussion:
  1. Adjustments were made in the counts of active paid members.  We are currently at 17,507 from 20,066 the month before. They had not subtracted the dropped members for a few months and the data had a catch up adjustment.  We had only 751 renewed members and 502 non-renewals.  Sammy and the office have started a contact program to reach back members.  We will also be able to mine some of the data as to directions we are headed and are they the best of KCBS.
  2. Emily and the office will start approving members request into the “Official Judges Facebook Group”
  3.  Emily is in her first month and she is drilling into every part of the business.  This includes the areas on Marketing, Member Liaison, Social media and membership. I feel that with some more time she will be coming to us for what she feels is the best pathway for our future.
  4. Emily will meet with Donna Fong for The ambassador program going forward.
  5. New ideas mention in the committee was search out a culinary scholastic program to being intramural teams in to BBQ to competition league.  Anywhere from Regional to international.
  6. We all were ask to provide questions to be ask at the Royal to help generate content for our web site.
International Committee:
Wayne Lohman:   No Report The IO team is in Poland.

CBJ Committee Report:
Dennis Polson:     KCBS CBJ Committee Meeting August 26, 2019  7:30 pm CDT  
Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Linda Polson, Recording Secretary; Marge Plummer, Maxine Kilgore, Brian DeCoud, Frank Gonzales, Alan Rothrock, Ralph Williams, KCBS BOD; Candy Weaver, KCBS President; and Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director.
                Dennis opened the meeting and introduced Ralph Williams as the new Committee Co-chair, since David Qualls has other time commitments.
                Frank reviewed cooks volunteering for sign-up for MCBJ certification, during the past month. There continues to be 86 teams from 31 states participating; Dennis said he had a query from a judge today.
                Dennis said that the Organizer Survey is in the queue for the IT team to work on.
                The committee had a lengthy discussion of ideas for participation of CBJs at the January, 2020 banquet/meeting. They reviewed ideas presented by committee members as well as input received from other CBJs.  Committee members will contact “celebrity” cooks about donating a cooking class opportunity for a drawing for a CBJ(s) who are present at the annual meeting.
                Dennis will look into offering a free Table Captain Class, having a short presentation from the Park Road IT group and having someone from IO give a Power Point presentation about International contests and judging opportunities in other countries. The committee also discussed having a panel discussion or round table between judges and cooks, encouraging interaction & shared knowledge between cooks and judges.
                The committee also reviewed a proposed list of nomination criteria and application process for recognizing Outstanding KCBS Judges for 2019. Ralph will tweak the rough draft of the Nomination/Application form & send it to committee members for review.  Dennis will present the idea at the next BOD meeting.
The Kansas City Barbeque Society and its various events have long been supported by our certified judges.  KCBS would like to recognize those dedicated judges.  Attached you will find a form for nominating that special individual.  Please read the nomination criteria.  Failure to meet the nomination requirements will eliminate that individual from the selection process.
Once the nomination form is received by the specified deadline, November 1, 2019, they will be sent to the CBJ committee, appointed by the CBJ Chairperson, Dennis Polson.  When the applications are sent to the selection committee, ALL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION will have been removed. Applicants will be judged strictly on their own merits.  (ex. No names, towns, states, event names, dates, etc.) If, in the review process, any identifying descriptors are found, the nomination is automatically eliminated. Please send applications to Ralph Williams, rwilliams@kcbs.us.
Nomination requirements. 
  1. Nominee must be a member in good standing.
  2. Must have been a member for a minimum of 10 consecutive years with KCBS (excludes IO)
  3. CBJ Master level certification and/or TC certification is not required.
  4. Must have 100 signatures showing they have worked within the judging area (ex. CBJ, TC, leftovers, data entry, number changing, turn-in, etc.)
  5. Must demonstrate the characteristics of friendliness, willingness to work any assigned task
  6. Must demonstrate their Ambassadorship about KCBS within and outside the event arena
Dennis asked that committee members review the MCBJ test that he sent out & then send comments & suggestions to him for correction.
                The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm; the next meeting will be September 30th at 7:30 CDT.

Rep Committee
Randy Bigler:  Rep Meeting 9/2/19
Present:  Randy Bigler-Chair, Linda Voth, Debby & Bill Gage, Nancy Muller, Kim Collier, KCBS Contest Sanctioning Coordinator & Emily Detwiler KCBS CEO.  Absent Mike Winter & Haymo Gutweniger Co Chair
Banquet Jan 2020- there will be a short Rep Meeting (about 30 minutes) probably scheduled for Sat morning. While not required- Randy does encourage Reps to attend.  The next Quarterly Rep Meeting is being planned- invites will be coming shortly. (Linda Voth will assist with arrangement)
Update KCBScore & Rep quiz.   New version was released last week 8/28/19 and email sent to Reps .  Reps have a month to complete & may repeat as needed until passed.  If not completed within allotted timeframe- Reps will lose access to Rep Portal. Will be unlocked as soon as quiz is completed with passing score (100 %.)  Deb & Bill requested some clarifications on a few questions, issues with not being able to get scores when they repeated the test. Deb also voiced concerns re International Reps access to video & quiz.  Nancy mentioned not receiving email –but was able to locate it during meeting.    Randy will look into the issue why repeat tests are scoring a 0% vs corrected score.  Will also be looking to see who has or hasn’t completed task.
Backyard judges – Randy mentioned issues with some judges not wanting to judge backyard. Requests that Reps encourage judges to support Backyard contests as needed.
Organizer’s needs & declining contest issues: Discussion regarding how Reps can help Organizers with contests- teams seem to be signing up later & later which has an impact on being able to get adequate judge numbers.  Linda asked, if Organizers can get team lists to assist with their recruiting?  Kim mentioned that she is unable to release emails- but can release mailing addresses (US only & some list may require a fee.) Kim also mentioned that she has been working on some membership incentives for Organizers to become KCBS members that would include several additional tools- including further add discounts, posting on KCBS pages and team lists.   Nancy asked about the Team Registration/Paypal account that was previously discussed at the website walkthrough in Jan 2019.  That section is currently on hold- issue regarding team’s membership status.  Randy will follow up to see if it’s on the future needs lists.   Other discussion includes that some organizers are having a hard time meeting the needs of some of the master series teams- the increase for space needs (thereby decreasing the # of teams that can fit in the same space), increased electric needs (cost increase) and just the leg work and lack of volunteers available, as well as all of the negative discussions of contests, KCBS etc. impacting the ability to get & maintain sponsors.  Nancy mentioned one contest they canceled last year as they we’re getting the team sign ups since there was a new contest conflict- when she spoke with the organizer re returning this year- he said he made money last year for the 1st time and he had a lot less work.  Kim agreed she had heard similar comments from Organizers.   Randy is working on the Organizer’s Manual for 2020.

 Technology Committee
David Qualls: No Report For This Month.
Event Committee:  *Note: Event Committee is charged with Banquet, Invitational, Team of Year, and Great American Cookout  
Randy Bigler: The Events Committee met August 28, attendees were Richard Fergola, Myron Berry, Sandy Fulton, Karrin Murphy and Kim Collier.
Banquet: We discussed with Karrin and Kim the breakout sessions at the banquet. Karrin will get a schedule together and sent out to the BOD and committee members to make sure everyone is covered. As of right now there will be a CBJ, Rep and Organizer’s sessions. Richard Fergola will be repeating the Building a Brand for anyone that wants to attend and Cory Litton will be speaking in the Organizer’s session. There will be some discussions in the office with more info coming at next month’s meeting.
TOY: We discussed TOY and I think I might have miss spoke at last month’s meeting but the awards for our PRO team of the year should be the same as in year’s passed with trophy’s going down to 25th place. We decided that banners would also be given to the same place winners as in the past.
Invitational Contest: Myron and I made a trip to Nashville to several campgrounds to see if any of them would work for our 2020 Invitational Contest. We came away with a very good prospect. It is the Jellystone campground right on Music Valley Drive right off Briley Parkway. This location has almost everything we need except for a judging area. But there is a location in this campground that can accommodate a large tent that we would need to rent for the judging. There are plenty of campsites with 30, 50-amp power, sewer, water. I sent all the committee members the map of the park right before the meeting. Richard thought it would be a good idea to ask one of our current organizers to assist with the organization of this invitational contest. Richard will be talking to Emily about this suggestion.  This campground is approximately ¼ mile from The Inn at Opryland, this is the same location we used the last time we held the banquet in Nashville. Myron and I talked to those folks and they are very interested in hosting us. I told the POC that someone from the KCBS office would be handling this and they would be in touch. The biggest issue we have right now is to come up with a date to hold this banquet/invitational. The committee decided that it should be either the first or second week of November 2020. But, the second week of November will not work due to conflicts with other KCBS Contest going on that same weekend. I do not feel that would be the right thing to do is to compete with one of our very own contest.
The meeting adjourned at 7:30pm. Next meeting will be Sept 25 at 6:00pm CST.

Rules Committee
Candy Weaver:  Via e-mail, the Rules Committee has been discussing the tri-fold rules brochure.   Current rules are unformatted to Word document.  Suggestion has been made for the following changes (shown in BOLD):
9) Meat shall not be sculptured, branded or presented in a way to make it identifiable to an individual team.  Rosettes from meat slices are not allowed.  Violations of this rule will be scored a one (1) on all criteria by all six judges.
12) Garnish is optional if used, once determined to be legal, garnish plays no further role in the appearance score.  When used it is limited to chopped, sliced, shredded or whole leaves of fresh green lettuce, curly parsley, flat leaf parsley, curly green kale and/or cilantro.  PROHIBITED GARNISHES ARE lettuce cores and other vegetation, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO endive, red tipped lettuce.  “PROHIBITED” garnish shall receive a penalty score of one (1) on appearance.
Rules recommends that the font for the Rules brochure be larger.  Accomplish this by printing the rules on legal paper with 4 columns instead of 3.
No other changes have been suggested.  Rules moves that the above changes be adopted.

Nominating Committee
Dennis Polson:  No report this month.

Philanthropy Committee Report
Myron Berry:       The Gary Wells Sportsman Award and the Carolyn Wells Ambassador Award applications are available online at kcbs.us under the Philanthropy Tab. Deadline to file applications is December 1, 2019. The awards will be presented at the January KCBS banquet.

Audit Committee Report
Myron Berry:        Audit is still in Progress.

Bylaws Committee Report
David Qualls: No Report this month.         
Building Committee
David  Qualls:
  • A few parties who had been interested are no longer interested or think the building is too large.
  • 3-4 parties that are still potentially interested with CBRE following up.
  • 1 new tour scheduled this week.
 Old Business   None

New Business
Discussion and possible motion of adding a CBJ Instructor portal  to the website for all information to be accessed by CBJ Instructors.
Discussion and possible motion of  Creating an Outstanding Judge Award
Discussion and possible motion of  Directors of  the Corporation under Article IV of the Bylaws

Closed Session Agenda:
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director Reports
Discussion of Financial Reports
Discussion of  any Pending Legal or Contracting matters.
Discussion of Contest representative actions at a contest.

After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session

Adjourn or Suspend