Announcing Team of the Year Prize Payouts

Congratulations on a great 2019 season. We look forward to celebrating everyone it takes to make this possible at our Banquet; from the Cooks, Judges, Reps, Organizers, Staff and Volunteers! 
On behalf of the Board of Directors and the KCBS Staff, we are pleased to announce our 2019 Team of the Year Prize payouts. The total Prize Pool for the Team of the Year program will be $26,425. We are also excited to announce that for 2019, we will also be rewarding the winners of those who have competed in fewer contests, since we know it’s not possible for everyone to compete as often. Please see the breakdowns listed below. 
Please view your current points status on  If you think you are missing any points or have any concerns about points, please contact Karrin Murphy at 1-800-963-5227, or to discuss the need for any adjustments by 11/30/19. Remember, your KCBS membership must be in good standing to receive Team of the Year points. Team of the Year Points are your top 10 highest scores. We will not accept any requests for adjustments after that time to ensure adequate planning for the banquet on January 18th, 2020. 
As a reminder, please be sure to join us at the KCBS Banquet Awards Dinner on 1/18/20 at the Argosy Casino in Kansas City. Hotel reservations can be made at, Dinner reservations coming soon.
If you have any questions, please contact me, Emily Detwiler, at I will be hosting a lunch during the Banquet weekend on Friday, 1/17/20, from 11:30am-1:30pm and would welcome the opportunity to connect with you all during that time.
Prize Payouts - Overall
OVERALL    Amount Per Place 
GC    $                      3,500.00 
RGC $                      1,600.00 
3       $                      1,000.00 
4       $                         700.00 
5       $                         500.00 
6-10  $                         200.00 
11-20$                         125.00 
21-25$                         100.00 
TOTALS        $        10,050.00
Prize Payouts – Categories
CATEGORIES      Amount per Placement (each of 4 Categories) 
GC    $                      1,000.00 
RGC $                         500.00 
3       $                         350.00 
4       $                         200.00 
5       $                         150.00 
6-10  $                         100.00 
11-25 $                           75.00 
TOTALS         $        15,300.00 
Prize Payouts – 1st Place of Smaller Contests Overall First Place in the Smaller Contest Categories 
25 Contests or Less    $                               350.00 
20 Contests or Less    $                               275.00 
15 Contests or Less    $                               200.00 
10 Contests or Less    $                               150.00 
5 Contests or Less      $                               100.00 
TOTALS          $                                        1,075.00