KCBS BOD and CEO Update

Dear KCBS community,
The election of new board members, hiring of a CEO, and engagement of new legal counsel presented KCBS with the opportunity to undertake a detailed review of operations and vendor relationships to ensure we are pursuing our mission as effectively and efficiently as possible and in full compliance with our tax-exempt status and other legal requirements. While the review remains ongoing, we have identified the following areas of improvement:
 ·         use of officer consultation only for purposes of taking board-level action between regular meetings and only if calling a special meeting of the full board is impossible or impractical;
·         increasing governance transparency while maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality to protect the interests of the organization;
·         engaging in transactions with insiders and other forms of conflicts of interest only if it provides clear advantages to the organization not otherwise available and then only if the IRS’s safe harbor procedures are followed;
·         introduction and enforcement of a code of conduct for all levels of the organization, including members and volunteers; and
·         conducting appropriate business and legal due diligence prior to engaging vendors and avoiding long-term, exclusive arrangements with onerous early termination provisions.
We will provide periodic updates as this process continues. If you have questions, please contact Emily Detwiler, CEO, at ceo@kcbs.us or Candy Weaver, President, at cweaver@kcbs.us .