KCBS BOD Regular Meeting Agenda November 13, 2019 7pm CST

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda
November 13, 2019
Roll Call: 
Dennis Polson, Alan Sellers, Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Haymo Gutweniger, Myron Berry, Ralph Williams.
KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Emily Detwiler, Kim Collier Wayne Lohman, IO Team

Board pledge:
                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None

Presidents Report:
Candy Weaver:  There was a big change at The Jack this year — a very big tent!  It was a big change for teams and especially for contest administration.  During the downpour during the awards ceremony, that big tent was a very welcome change.
The “Big Tent” is a great analogy that covers the various kinds of outdoor “food sport” in Barbeque.  There’s the majors, Houston Livestock & Rodeo BBQ, Memphis in May and the American Royal.  The first two contests have their own judging methods, the AR uses KCBS method.  Other sanctioning bodies in BBQ are IBCA, BCA, PNWBA, FBA and others, each with their own judging methods.  Then there’s a slew of unsanctioned outdoor cooking contests too.  I was involved with Hasty Bake’s very unique contest.  One entry was fully judged before another entry went to the table.  Now, there’s a new group, the National Barbecue Tour.  Welcome under the Big Tent!
In KCBS’ world, Team of the Year points for 2019 ends December 15th. Because a change for 2020, Contests beginning November 1st also count for 2020! Enjoy this last few weeks earning points for both the 2019 and 2020 Season.
The Banquet at the Argosy is just around the corner in January.  Now is the time for contest season planning!
Minutes of Last Meeting
David Qualls: I move to accept minutes of the October 9, 2019 Regular Meeting

Financial Statements
Myron Berry:   Attached is the September 2019 financial report.  Please accept this report.

Contest Report – Kim Collier
Event_Name Begin_Date End_Date City State Country
The Golden State Battle II 1/24/2020 1/25/2020 Hollister CA UNITED STATES
Northeast Beerbq Festival 1/24/2020 1/25/2020 Bundalong, Vic   AUSTRALIA
Humble BBQ Cook-off 1/31/2020 2/1/2020 Humble TX UNITED STATES
Sip & Swine BBQ Festival 3/6/2020 3/7/2020 Lawrenceville GA UNITED STATES
Country Road & BBQ Contest-Day 1 3/13/2020 3/14/2020 Torreglia   ITALY
Country Road BBQ Contest-Day 2 3/14/2020 3/15/2020 Torreglia   ITALY
Pigmaster's BBQ Challenge 4/17/2020 4/18/2020 Connelly Springs NC UNITED STATES
Smoke in the Valley 4/17/2020 4/18/2020 Linn Valley KS UNITED STATES
Smoke On the Border 4/18/2020 4/19/2020 Gravette AR UNITED STATES
Smoke on the Water Festival(BACKYARD ONLY) 4/24/2020 4/25/2020 Florence AL UNITED STATES
WashMo BBQ, Bike & Blues 4/24/2020 4/25/2020 Washington MO UNITED STATES
KCBS GREEK FIRE Festival 2020 4/25/2020 4/26/2020 Reichshof   GERMANY
Whistlestop Festival & Rocket City BBQ 5/1/2020 5/2/2020 Huntsville AL UNITED STATES
Esperanza Bonanza  5/8/2020 5/9/2020 Marion  AR UNITED STATES
Rockin BBQ 5/8/2020 5/9/2020 Warsaw  IN UNITED STATES
Minnesota In May 5/8/2020 5/9/2020 Cambridge MN UNITED STATES
Minnesota In May (BACKYARD ONLY) 5/9/2020   Chambridge MN UNITED STATES
Twin Valley Fire and Smoke 5/15/2020 5/16/2020 Morgantown PA UNITED STATES
Ribs on the River 5/15/2020 5/16/2020 Louisiana MO UNITED STATES
Big Bear Grill & Chill BBQ Championships 5/22/2020 5/23/2020 Big Bear Lake CA UNITED STATES
Tony Stone BBQ Competition 5/30/2020 5/31/2020 Hoofddorp   NETHERLANDS
Original SD BBQ Championship 6/5/2020 6/6/2020 Huron SD UNITED STATES
9th Annual Valley Veterans BBQ Competition  6/5/2020 6/6/2020 Valley NE UNITED STATES
Honeybee BBQ Competition 6/12/2020 6/13/2020 LaFayette GA UNITED STATES
Buskers, Brews & BBQ 6/12/2020 6/13/2020 Aurora CO UNITED STATES
Lake Country BBQ Cook-Off (BACKYARD ONLY) 6/14/2020   Okauchee WI UNITED STATES
Bone Suckin Sauce Peak City Pig Fest 6/19/2020 6/20/2020 Apex NC UNITED STATES
Barbourville BBQ Cook-Off & Festival  6/19/2020 6/20/2020 Barbourville KY UNITED STATES
Smoke of the Dragon BBQ-n-Brew  6/26/2020 6/28/2020 Dallas OR UNITED STATES
Heritage Days BBQ showdown (Day one) 6/26/2020 6/27/2020 Belvidere IL UNITED STATES
York County BBQ Festival 6/26/2020 6/27/2020 Delta PA UNITED STATES
Heritage Days BBQ showdown (Day Two) 6/27/2020 6/28/2020 Belvidere IL UNITED STATES
Rotary Ribs Rhythm & Blues Festival  7/11/2020 7/12/2020 Auburn NY UNITED STATES
Effingham -Jam 7/24/2020 7/25/2020 Effingham IL UNITED STATES
Smoke in the Grove 7/24/2020 7/25/2020 Spring Grove PA UNITED STATES
Dodge City Days Smokin' Saddles BBQ Competition-Day 1 7/24/2020 7/25/2020 Dodge City KS UNITED STATES
Dodge City Days Smokin' Saddles BBQ Competition-Day 2 7/25/2020 7/26/2020 Dodge City KS UNITED STATES
514BBQ-Festival BBQ St-Jerome Day 1 7/31/2020 8/1/2020  St-Jerome, Quebec   CANADA
514BBQ-Festival BBQ St-Jerome Day 2 8/1/2020 8/2/2020 St-Jerome,Quebec   CANADA
Lassen Annual BBQ Cook-off 7/31/2020 8/1/2020 Susanville CA UNITED STATES
Wild West Fest on Fire 8/8/2020 8/9/2020 Medvode   SLOVENIA
Western Legends Heritage and Music Festival 8/14/2020 8/15/2020 Kanab UT UNITED STATES
Sand Creek Summer Daze Saucy & Glazed BBQ Competition 8/14/2020 8/15/2020 Newton KS UNITED STATES
13th Annual Big Island BBQ 8/21/2020 8/22/2020 Albert Lea MN UNITED STATES
4th Annual Pre-Fall Festival 8/22/2020 8/23/2020 Emmetsburg IA UNITED STATES
4th International Suydersee BBQ Contest 9/4/2020 9/5/2020 Flevoland   NETHERLANDS
Snake River Farms BBQ Battle-Day 1 9/4/2020 9/5/2020 Boise ID UNITED STATES
Snake River Farms BBQ Battle-Day 2 9/5/2020 9/6/2020 Boise ID UNITED STATES
5th International Suydersee BBQ Contest 9/5/2020 9/6/2020 Flevoland   NETHERLANDS
Smoke on the Ohio 9/11/2020 9/12/2020 Vernon IN UNITED STATES
Bands, Brews & BBQ 9/11/2020 9/12/2020 Boise ID UNITED STATES
Smoke on the Trails 9/11/2020 9/12/2020 Gardner KS UNITED STATES
Ribs, Rod and Rock N Roll 9/11/2020 9/12/2020 Vermillion SD UNITED STATES
Murphysboro BBQ Cook-Off 9/24/2020 9/26/2020 Murphysboro IL UNITED STATES

Need Board Approval –None Submitted

Sanctioning Report:
In Attendance: Myron Berry, Haymo Gutweniger, Randy Bigler, Emily Dewilder, Kim Collier,
Debbie Yopp, Gary Moss, Brenda Long and Sue Mikula.
Meeting began at 12:03 pm.
Kim Collier reported that there were no conflicts on contest dates at this time. Kim has received 15 contest applications for 2020 in the last two days.
At our September meeting the committee recommended that an Organizers committee be formed as an Ad Hoc committee under the Sanctioning Committee. This request was approved by KCBS President Candy Weaver at the October BOD meeting and today was the Organizers committee initial meeting. The committee has nine members that consists of eight organizers and one KCBS representative. Discussion about the KCBS Organizers Facebook page, possible classes for organizers, the need for training for new organizers and the cancellation of contests were the mail topics of discussion. Kim Collier is preparing an Organizers Survey and will send a prototype of survey to the committee members. Kim plans on having the survey completed and sent out to all KCBS organizers by November 18, 2019. This survey should give KCBS an excellent feedback from our organizers.
Beginning in December the Organizers will meet separately from the Sanctioning committee.
All recommendations and reports will be given to the Sanctioning Committee and forwarded to the KCBS BOD.
Meeting adjourned at 12:44 pm.

Social Media / Member Liaison Committee: *Note- This Committee is charged with communication, education, marketing and membership issues. 
Alan Sellers:      Committee Report our phone call meeting on Nov  4th conference call:  SM-MScommittee@kcbs.us  Monday, at 4:00 pm Kansas City time:
This groups meeting time is changing to the 3rd Monday of the month at the 4:00 PM Kansas City time.
    Alan Sellers, Candy Weaver
 (Marketing), (Social Media), (Member Services).
Notes from our committee discussion: we did not have a phone meeting this month as we had several issues that caused most on the committee to not be available.
Membership Counts.
We are currently 17,319 Members Down 95 from last month.
New Members: 144 this month, down 116
Re-New Members: 667 this month, down 214
Non Renew: 386 this month, up 8
Lifetime: 1932 this month, up 4
International Members: 2192 this month, down 26
Countries represented: 42 this month, up 1
Sammye has been approving all requests for the members to join the official Facebook page. “Official Judges Facebook Group” new Members approved in the last 28 days 42. Total membership on this Facebook group in 1,302. Over the past 60 days we have accepted 129 new members into this Facebook group. 37 requested were declined because they were not active members of KCBS. One advertisement was removed because member complained about the site accepting sales request on this group of Judges.
The Ambassador program going forward has many questions to be resolved. Alan will send Emily the good points, the successes, who made good ambassadors, what were the problems and the short comings, so a KCBS formal program can be developed, budgeted.  Evaluations will be made going forward.  We will be putting on a Ambassador review meeting at the banquet this year for the organizers and reps to expose them to the program. 

Marketing Company Report- First Club Marketing: None Presented
International Committee:
Wayne Lohman: International BBQ Competition Teams are coming to Memphis, TN to elevate the Southern Hot Wing contest to a World Championship Wing Festival.  Four teams from Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica and Argentina have applied to compete in this KCBS Competitors Series event.  How does this help the contest?  Tourism monies are now available for the organizer since it is attracting international competition to the City.  KCBS has sanctioned this event for the past 9 years which supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities and St. Jude Children Research Hospital.
Contests and class activity have picked up in Mexico and Central and South America where we are now working with members of Country Grilling and BBQ Associations.  Our challenge is to determine how we can work with the association to sanction contests and certify judges when that has been the reason for their country Association.  It’s important for each association to retain their country identity to work with KCBS.  Organizers come through the Association and don’t reach out to KCBS to sanction their events.  The Latin American Countries are excellent prospects for our grilling series contests.  Organizers are planning Asado Contests with Picanha, Fraldao, Alcatra and Maminha as the competition cuts of beef.  Asado, is very popular in Latin American Countries and means a gathering of friends for a grilling Party.  The new KCBS Contest in Mexicali, Mexico has Tacos has a separate contest with beef, fish and pork entries.
The KCBS International Board of Advisors will schedule quarterly meetings by world regions as it’s very difficult for Board members to attend from some areas of the KCBS World due to time differences.  The majority of International KCBS Reps are working adults with families who cannot attend meetings in early morning hours.  4 country regions are being considered.
The IOTeam leaves for Sao Paulo, Brazil, the day before Thanksgiving.  We have scheduled two CBJ classes and the first sanctioned KCBS Championship.  Lithuania has also scheduled their first contest in the capital of Vilnius, where the IOTeam will have events with the US Embassy.
 We are working on appointing 2 Reps for the Caribbean as we think there are enough existing contest to warrant having them work the numerous islands that have local contests.  Travel cost to bring reps from the US has hampered existing contests from becoming sanctioned.
CBJ Committee Report:
Dennis Polson:    KCBS CBJ Committee Meeting Minutes October 28, 2019 7:30 pm CDT
Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Ralph Williams, Co-Chair; Linda Polson, Recording Secretary; Becky Johnson, Carl Parrish, Maxine Kilgore, Alan Rothrock, Marge Plummer, Frank Gonzales, and Jon Amedei.
Dennis opened the meeting.  Frank reported that cooks volunteering to have MCBJ candidates cook with them is increasing slowly with 88 teams, representing 33 states now participating.
Plans for the CBJ meeting at the annual banquet were discussed. Emily is working on a video/slide presentation featuring judges, as well as cooks, organizers and others for the banquet.  Ralph is working with KCBS staff on plans for the Table Captain's class, which will be Friday afternoon.  Allen Sellers will give a short presentation about the Ambassador program.  Park Road staff will conduct a question & answer session on IT issues. Dennis will give a review of 2019 CBJ committee accomplishments. The International Organization (IO) Team will provide a presentation about KCBS Contests overseas, travel tips, as well as involvement opportunities for US judges. The remainder of the 90 minutes session will be open for questions/answers.
Incentives for CBJs to attend the banquet were discussed. Dennis has reached out to 2 cooks about providing a free or discounted cooking class opportunity.  Brian contacted a cook in CA but received a negative response.  Ralph will contact 2 more cooks.
As Carolyn was absent, there was no report regarding Duluth Trading gifts for CBJ(s) who receive Outstanding CBJ of the year recognition.
Ralph reported that he has received 5 nominations to date for Outstanding CBJ of the Year. With an October 31st deadline, the committee will make a selection of recipient(s) in November.
Dennis received feedback about errors in the MCBJ test. He requested feedback from committee members before all corrections are sent to Park Road for changes to be made.
Other items discussed included BOD proposal for table formula for number of judges & ongoing problem of cooks waiting until just before a contest to register, which causes great difficulty for Organizers & Judge Coordinators to have precise number of needed CBJs available, some of whom drive several hours to attend  an event.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm with next meeting scheduled for November 25th CST.

Rep Committee
Randy Bigler:  The Rep Committee met Nov 5, in attendance Haymo Gutweniger, Lynda Voth, Bill and Debby Gage, Mike Winter, Randy Bigler, President Candy Weaver, Executive Director Carolyn Wells, and CEO Emily Detwiler.
The Rep Committee is currently updating the Cooks, Judges and Table Captain contest scripts for 2020. The following reps have retired from KCBS, Kathy Dakai, Jamey Johnson and Steve Bedwell. There are several areas of the country that need additional reps. Those areas are the Pacific Northwest, Upper Midwest and New England, I have asked the current rep corp for recommendations for these areas.
We discussed the Table Matrix and have a few questions. A motion may be needed to make a change after discussion. The next rep committee meeting will be December 3, 2019 at 1:00pm CST.
Technology Committee
David Qualls:  Rep Portal is finished. A table average report is ready to roll out where teams may see a report of the averages of all tables at a Master Series Event, they participated in.  The Report is available in the teams membership portal under their team score history pages.  We also have a data acquisition issue to discuss in Closed Session. 

Event Committee:  *Note: Event Committee is charged with Banquet, Invitational, Team of Year, and Great American Cookout  
Randy Bigler:      The Event Committee has no report for November. The next Event Committee meeting will be November 27. 2019 at 7:00pm CST.

Rules Committee
Candy Weaver:  The Rules Committee met on November 5th. Randy Bigler and Mike Winter attended from the Rep Committee.  
The MP3 recordings were discussed and proposed changes reflecting 2020 rules changes for all three recordings.  Also discussed was wording in the judges recording regarding fraternizing with cooks at a contest.  Judging chicken by removing skin was mentioned.
One member had question if there was a minimum age requirement for a chief cook.  After discussion, it was decided that the subject issue should be addressed by the full board.  Request a spot on the closed agenda for this matter.  Possible motion could be generated after discussion.
Nominating Committee
Dennis Polson:  Nominations for 2020 Board Election
Committee: Dennis Polson, Randy Bigler, Richard Fergola, and Emily Ditwilder.
The 2020 KCBS Board has 5 seats open for election.
The membership can vote on up to 4 candidates.
The top 4 votes will fill the 4 3-year position.
The 5th highest votes will fill the one-year position.
11 Nominated Members
Tom McIntosh
Richard Vandermeulen
David McAllister
Nancy Goldsmith
Rick Wagner
Chris Shores
Michael Fay
Myron Berry
George DeMartz
Chiles Cridlin
Brian Turner
The election voting shall begin the first business day of the year (2020 January, 2nd) through the Thursday prior to the Banquet (2020 January 16th 11:59 PM) CST.  Mail in ballots must be received in the KCBS office by January 16th, 202011:59 AM CST.
     The results will be announced at the KCBS Annual Banquet January 18, 2020.  The newly elected members shall begin their term at the February KCBS board meeting.  All board members are required to serve on Board Committees and be an active member of the Board by attending monthly board meetings and participating in KCBS events.  All board members are required to sign a Conflicts of Interest Disclosure and a Board of Directors Responsibility Statement and Code of Conduct Policy.  Each Board Member is expected to promote the mission and ideals of KCBS.
Philanthropy Committee Report
Myron Berry: The Gary Wells Sportsman Award and the Carolyn Wells Ambassador Award applications are available online at kcbs.us under the Philanthropy Tab. Deadline to file applications is December 1, 2019. The awards will be presented at the January KCBS banquet.

Audit Committee Report
Myron Berry:       The Audit was completed and presented at a special meeting of the Board on November 12th.  This concluded the Audit Committees work.

Bylaws Committee Report
David Qualls: No Report this month.

Old Business   None

New Business
Discussion and possible Motion to Schedule the February Board Meeting and New Member Orientation in Kansas City for February 7-8, 2020
Closed Session Agenda:
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director Reports
Discussion of Financial Reports
Discussion of Technology issues.
Discussion of Real Estate Matters
Discussion of Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
Discussion of Contest Participant issue.

After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session

Adjourn or Suspend