Founder's Statement

Founder’s Statement
With the start of 2020, I will be stepping away from the everyday work of managing staff and finances at the Kansas City Barbeque Society.  I will not be going away!  I intend to be more involved in special projects, video documentation efforts and being an ambassador for KCBS. 

With Emily Detwiler at the helm of the KCBS office, KCBS is in very good hands to move towards a bigger and brighter future!  Please know that I have great faith in Emily.  It’s difficult to turn loose of your “baby” and KCBS is very lucky to have Emily on board, and a dedicated and enthusiastic staff to deal with the day-to-day opportunities and challenges.

It has been a wild and great ride these past years, and I can assure you that KCBS is the best extended family anyone could encounter. I am humbled and grateful to have served as your Executive Director. Gary would second that. I so look forward to collecting and sharing the stories of our members, and know they will reflect the sense of community that KCBS members embody.

As KCBS nears its fourth decade, I am confident that my baby (now a teenager with raging hormones) is in great hands to continue on to a great future!

See you on the BBQ trail.
Happy New Year!
Carolyn Wells

On behalf of the Board of Directors, join us as we celebrate the 2019 BBQ Season and Carolyn Wells!
KCBS Banquet Awards Dinner on 1/18/20 at the Argosy Casino in Kansas City. Hotel reservations can be made at, Dinner reservations
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