KCBS Board of Directors Regular Meeting Agenda ForJanuary 2020

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda
January 8, 2020

Roll Call: 
Dennis Polson, Alan Sellers, Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Haymo Gutweniger, Myron Berry, Ralph Williams.
KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Emily Detwiler, Kim Collier

Board pledge:
                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Membership Requests to Address the Board:   One Request Pending

Minutes of Last Meeting
David Qualls: I move to accept minutes of the December 11, 2019 regular Meeting

Financial Statements
Myron Berry:   Attached is the November 2019 financial report.  Please accept this report.

Contest Report – Kim Collier
Event_Name  Begin_Date  End_Date  City  State
Southern Sounds BBQ & Bluefest 5/1/2020 5/2/2020 Semmes AL
Delta Smoke BBQ Contest 6/12/2020 6/13/2020 Wynne AR
Smokin on the White 9/11/2020 9/12/2020 Batesville AR
Clayton BBQ Cook-off 7/10/2020 7/11/2020 Clayton CA
Separation Day Colonial BBQ 6/12/2020 6/13/2020 Wilmington DE
Plant City Pig Jam 11/20/2020 11/21/2020 Plant City FL
Boss Hog State Championship Cook-OFF 5/7/2020 5/9/2020 Waynesboro GA
Papa Joe's Banjo-B-Que & Music Festival 5/22/2020 5/23/2020 Augusta GA
The Great Georgia BBQ Festival 5/29/2020 5/30/2020 Cumming GA
Hawgin On Lanier 7/31/2020 8/1/2020 Gainesville GA
BBQ Boogie & Blues 4/24/2020 4/25/2020 Calhoun GA
Swine At the Shrine  9/11/2020 9/12/2020 Savannah GA
Rose Festival KCBS BBQ Competition 6/19/2020 6/20/2020 State Center IA
Route 66 Smoke Out 5/1/2020 5/2/2020 Dwight IL
Red, White, & B-B-Q (DAY 1) 5/22/2020 5/23/2020 Westmont IL
Central Illinois BBQ Throw Down 7/17/2020 7/18/2020 Peoria IL
Up In Smoke on the Square 6/5/2020 6/6/2020 Lincoln  IL
Red, White, & B-B-Q (Day 2) 5/23/2020 5/24/2020 Westmont IL
BBQ SmokeDown at Chicagoland 6/19/2020 6/20/2020 Joliet IL
Minonk I-39 Smoke Off 7/4/2020 7/5/2020 Minonk IL
Smokin For Garrett 4/17/2020 4/18/2020 Boonville IN
Smokin Hot Cars & BBQ 7/24/2020 7/25/2020 Iola KS
Mclouth BBQ Blowout 29th Annual  6/5/2020 6/6/2020 Mclouth KS
East Central State BBQ Cook-Off-Paola Roots Festival 8/28/2020 8/29/2020 Paola KS
Interstate BBQ Festival 4/17/2020 4/18/2020 Hagerstown MD
12th Annual Auburn Hills Barbecue Cook-Off 6/26/2020 6/27/2020 Auburn Hill MI
Cameron Elks BBQ Cook Off 7/17/2020 7/18/2020 Cameron MO
BBQ & Fly-In on the River 8/14/2020 8/15/2020 Excelsior Springs MO
Anchor City Cook Off 10/9/2020 10/10/2020 Centralia MO
39th Annual Kennett Jaycees Show Me State BBQ Cook Off 5/1/2020 5/2/2020 Kennett Mo
Smokin' Trackside BBQ Bash 8/7/2020 8/8/2020 Winston MO
Downtown BBQ Showdown (BACKYARD ONLY) 5/29/2020 5/30/2020 Meridian MS
Roast-N-Boast 10/9/2020 10/10/2020 Columbus MS
Miles City Cowtown Cook Off 6/19/2020 6/20/2020 Miles City MT
Montana Pitmaster Classic 8/28/2020 8/29/2020 Bozeman MT
Kings of Q BBQ Cook-Off and Festival 5/15/2020 5/16/2020 Ayden NC
Butts and Beans BBQ Challenge  9/25/2020 9/26/2020 Newton NC
Eastern Carolina BBQ Throw Down 10/9/2020 10/10/2020 Rocky Mount NC
Polar Pig BBQ Cook-Off (Duel A) 11/6/2020 11/7/2020 Concord NC
Polar Pig BBQ Cook-Off (Duel B) 11/7/2020 11/8/2020 Concord NC
Currituck Heritage Festival Bulls & BBQ 11/6/2020 11/7/2020 Powells Point NC
Red White & Que: Day 1 CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES 10/23/2020 10/24/2020 Jackson NJ
Red White & Que: Day 2 CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES 10/24/2020 10/25/2020 Jackson NJ
New Jersey State BBQ Championship 7/10/2020 7/11/2020 North Wildwood NJ
Hudson Valley Ribfest 8/20/2020 8/23/2020 New Paltz NY
Oinktoberfest BBQ Cookoff 9/19/2020 9/20/2020 Clarence NY
Pig Mania Deerfield State Championship BBQ  7/18/2020 7/19/2020 Deerfield Township OH
Smokin in the Hills 9/18/2020 9/19/2020 Hillsboro OH
Blazathon 4/3/2020 4/4/2020 Stillwater OK
15th Annual HANOR Smokin' Red Dirt BBQ 4/24/2020 4/25/2020 Enid OK
Beats, Brews, & BBQ  6/12/2020 6/13/2020 Wagoner OK
BBQ, Blues & Brews on the Bay 5/23/2020 5/24/2020 North Bend OR
The Ironman 4/10/2020 4/11/2020 Greencastle PA
Hill City Wine Brew and BBQ Fest 8/21/2020 8/22/2020 Hill City SD
Cookin On Kampeska 7/17/2020 7/18/2020 Watertown SD
World Championship Hot wing Contest and Festival (COMPETITOR SERIES)  4/25/2020   Memphis TN
Sevierville's Bloomin' BBQ & Bluegrass Festival 5/15/2020 5/16/2020 Sevierville TN
International Goat Days Championship BBQ Contest  9/11/2020 9/12/2020 Millington  TN
Smoking For Down Syndrome (Formally Bull moose) 4/3/2020 4/4/2020 Collierville TN
Sixth Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship (KOSHER SERIES)  10/25/2020   Dallas TX
Mark Marley's Go Big or Go Home BBQ Bash (DAY  1) 5/15/2020 5/16/2020 Plainview TX
Mark Marley's Go Big or Go Home BBQ Bash (DAY  2) 5/16/2020 5/17/2020 Plainview TX
Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival 9/4/2020 9/6/2020 Bedford TX
Rockahock Pickin N Pullin BBQ Competition 4/24/2020 4/25/2020 Lanexa VA
The Harpoon Brewery BBQ Festival 7/24/2020 7/26/2020 Windsor VT
Gold Ribbin BBQ Fest-Day 2 7/11/2020 7/12/2020 Green Bay WI
9th Annual Deaths Door Barbeque (DAY 2) 8/29/2020 8/30/2020 Washington Island WI
Puckaway Pigfest 9/11/2020 9/12/2020 Montello WI
9th Annual Deaths Door Barbeque (DAY 1) 8/28/2020 8/29/2020 Washington Island WI
De Vliegende Hollander BBQ 8/22/2020 8/23/2020 Ternenzen  
Twin Smoke 5/16/2020 5/17/2020 Ezeraiciu km  
Porkapalooza BBQ Festival 5/30/2020 5/31/2020 Edmonton Alberta
Smoke & Fire Festival-Master Challenge 8/15/2020 8/16/2020 Essex  
Quebec City International BBQ Music and Festival-514 BBQ 6/5/2020 6/6/2020 Quebec City  
Summer Daze BBQ Classic 8/22/2020 8/23/2020 Niagara Falls  
Need Board Approval –
Albany Oregon Inside 90 Days
Guinea Pig Inside 90 Days
Iowa/Minnesota radius conflict.

Sanctioning Report:
Myron Berry:      The Sanctioning committee met on Jan 6, 2020.
In attendance was Haymo Gutweniger, Charlie Brinza, Robert Stouffer, Kim Collier and Myron Berry. Meeting began at 12:06pm.
Kim had two contests that needed board approval.
The contest in Albany, Oregon sent in their paperwork under the 90 day in house approval. This is a new KCBS contest but has been held with the Pacific Northwest for several years. The committee recommends approval.
The other conflict is two contests, one in Iowa and the other in Minnesota and are 127 miles apart. They have had contests on the same date in the past and only one team has cooked in both contests. The committee recommends approval of both contests.
Meeting adjourned at 12:38pm
Social Media / Member Liaison Committee: *Note- This Committee is charged with communication, education, marketing and membership issues. 
Alan Sellers:        Committee Report our phone call meeting on Dec 16th conference call:  SM-MScommittee@kcbs.us
Monday, at 4:00 pm Kansas City time:
This groups meeting time is changing to the 3rd Monday of the month at the 4:00 PM Kansas City time.
(Marketing), (Social Media), (Member Services).
Notes from our committee discussion: we did not have a phone meeting this month as we had several issues that caused most on the committee to not be available.
  1. Membership Counts.
We are currently 18,322 Members count Down 110 from last month.    
New Members: 139 from 233 last month, down 94                                                                                              
Re-New Members: 576 this month from 574 last month, Up 2
Non-Renew: 329 this month from 275 last month,
Lifetime: 1942 this month, up 10
International Members: 2225 this month 2256 last month, down 31
Countries represented: 42 this month, Steady
  1. Sammye has been approving all requests for the members to join the official Facebook page. “Official Judges Facebook Group” new Members approved in the last 28 days 25.
Total active membership on the Facebook group in 1,349.
Over the past 28 days we have accepted 25 new members into this Facebook group.
12 requested members to enter are still pending.
International Committee:
Wayne Lohman: No Report for this month.
Strategic Planning Committee:
Haymo Gutweniger: No meeting this month. Committee meets Bi-Monthly

CBJ Committee:
Dennis Polson: KCBS CBJ Committee Meeting Minutes January 6, 2020 7:30 pm
Present: Dennis Polson, Chair, Ralph Williams Co-Chair, Linda Polson Recording Secretary, Frank Gonzales, Brian DeCoud, Carl Parrish, Marge Plummer, Jon Amedei, Maxine Kilgore, Carolyn Wells KCBS Co-founder, and Emily Dewiler KCBS CEO.
Dennis opened the meeting and reviewed the agenda for the CBJ portion of the upcoming KCBS Annual Meeting/Banquet.  The Committee discussed the Park Road presentation; questions/suggestions will be sent to Emily this week so she and Park Road stall will be able to organize the presentation.  There will also be an opportunity to ask live questions during the meeting.
Dennis reviewed the list of accomplishments of the committee during 2019 and asked for feedback.
Dennis expressed his appreciation to the committee for their participation and contributions to the committee’s work and Emily reminded the committee to vote and to encourage other KCBS members to vote in the Board election.
The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Rep Committee
Randy Bigler:  No Report for this month.
Technology Committee
David Qualls:  No report

Event Committee:  *Note: Event Committee is charged with Banquet, Invitational, Team of Year, and Great American Cookout  
Randy Bigler:      No Report for this month.

Nominating Committee
Dennis Polson:  Voting has started, and results will be announced Saturday the 18th at the Banquet.

Bylaws Committee Report
David Qualls: No Report this month.

Old Business   None

New Business
None at time of posting

Closed Session Agenda:
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director Reports
Discussion of Financial Reports
Discussion of adding a Contest Representative
Discussion of Real Estate
Discussion of Legal Matters

After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session

Adjourn or Suspend