KCBS Board of Directors Election Results

The Results of the 2020 Board Election were announced at the banquet last night.
The following is a list of the results.
The four candidates that received the highest votes will serve a three year term on the Board of Directors while the fifth Highest will serve one year of the open Unexpired term.

We want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all of the candidates that stepped up for the opportunity to serve KCBS.

The Official Certification will be posted on the website at;


Total Number of Eligible Voters 17721
Voter Turnout   2195
Candidate Votes % of voters
Chiles Cridlin: 954 43.462
Myron Berry: 901 41.048
David McAllister: 835 38.041
Rick Wagner: 757 34.487
Nancy Goldsmith: 703 32.027
Tom McIntosh: 620 28.246
Brian Turner: 613 27.927
George DeMartz: 508 23.144
Chris Shores: 497 22.642
Michael Fay: 470 21.412
Richard Vandermeulen 266 12.118