New Board Officers and Committee Members for 2020

2020 KCBS Board of Directors.

Candy Weaver, Alan Sellers, Rick Wagner, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Myron Berry, Chiles Cridlin, Randy Bigler, David McAllister, Nancy Goldsmith, Ralph Williams, Haymo Gutweniger.

Elected Officers for 2020
President-Candy Weaver
Vice President-Alan Sellers
Treasurer-Rick Wagner
Secretary-David Qualls

Committee Chairs

Nominating-Myron Berry

CBJ.-Ralph Williams Co-Chairs-Randy Bigler, Nancy Goldsmith, Alan Sellers
CBJ Instructors-Randy Bigler, Co-Chairs-Ralph Williams, Haymo Gutweniger

Contest Rep-Co-Chairs Randy Bigler, Ralph Williams, Haymo Gutweniger
*Note CEO Emily Detwiler will have Direct oversight of the Rep Committee.

Rules-Chiles Cridlin

Sanctioning-Myron Berry

Finance Committee-Rick Wagner, Co-Chair Myron Berry
Note: Finance Committee will have direct oversight over the following.
Scholarship-Nancy Goldsmith
Philanthropy 501c3 and c4.

Tech Committee-David McAllister, Co-Chair-Chiles Cridlin, David Qualls

Marketing-Richard Fergola, Co-Chair-David Qualls, Chiles Cridlin
Alan Sellers will Chair the Ambassador Program

International Operations of the European Union Region. Haymo Gutweniger

Bylaws-David Qualls, Co-Chair-Rick Wagner
If you are interested in serving on any committees please send your information to