June 2020 BOD Quick Notes

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting
Quick Notes
June 10, 2020 7:00pm CST
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None
Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7:00pm
Roll Call: 
Alan Sellers, Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Haymo Gutweniger, Myron Berry, Ralph Williams, Nancy Goldsmith, Chiles Cridlin, Rick Wagner, David McAllister.
KCBS Office:  Emily Detwiler BOM: Wayne Lohman
Board Pledge:
Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve, and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Consent Agenda
            Notice concerning Committee Reports. Some committees do not meet monthly, If a report is presented, it will be included as attachments to the Agenda.
  • Minutes of May 13, 2020 Meeting
  • May 2020 Financial Report
  • Contest Report
  • Sanctioning Committee
  • International Operations
  • Judging Committee
  • Contest Representative Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Marketing Committee
Discussion of any items removed from Consent Agenda
Rick Wagner- I Move to Approve the Consent Agenda
Second- Gutweniger – Motion Passed Unanimously
Old Business  
New Business
  • Discussion of Bylaws for procuring a resource to assist with a comprehensive revision.
Closed Session Agenda:
  • Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director Reports
  • Discussion of Financial Reports
  • Discussion of Sanctioning
  • Discussion of Real Estate
  • Discussion of Legal
  • Discussion of future TOY Program
  • Discussion of Sanctioning Structures
  • Discussion of Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic.
Nancy Goldsmith- I Move to Enter in to Closed Session
Second- Gutweniger – Motion Passed Unanimously
Entered Closed Session at 7:07PM
After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session
Returned to Open Session at 9:39pm
Myron Berry- I Move to approve the one meat contest that is held in conjunction with a Master series contest to also be sanctioned as a one meat standalone contest.
Second- Bigler – Motion Passed Unanimously
Rick Wagner- I Move to change the TOY annual point system to be graduated from the 15 to 25 team level going up to 100 teams and increased with the increased teams. Levels to be put out before the year starts on November 1, 2020.
 In addition, this motion would add four new national events during the year to be in “stages” with each being independent of the other resulting in 4 independent national winners in addition to the yearlong TOY, based on the same new point system.
Stages to be set so similar number of events are in each stage not based only on a certain time period. The last item to change would be the awards to be given to each stage and for the annual Team of the Year for the yearlong event.
Second-Goldsmith – Motion Passed Unanimously
Adjourn or Suspend
David Qualls- I Move to Adjourn
Second- Gutweniger – Motion Passed Unanimously
Meeting Adjourned at 9:39PM
Attachments and Reports
Contest Report
In-House Approval –    
McGregor Lions Club Barrels & BBQ Day 1 11/20-21/2020 Belton, TX
McGregor Lions Club Barrels & BBQ Day 2 11/21-22/2020 Belton, TX
BBQ & Blues on the Levee 10/9-10/2020 Helena, AR
Back to Mayberry Day 1 06/26-27/2020 Rodney, IA
Back to Mayberry Day 2 06/27-28/2020 Rodney, IA
Pitboss Backyarder BBQ Series Round 2 6/28/2020 Bakersville, Australia
The Hayfield 6/19-20/2020 The Sticks, MN
Giant BBQ Battle Virtual Junior Chef Competiton 6/1-21/2020 Bowie, MD
Giant BBQ Battle Virtual Experience Contests 6/1-21/2020 Bowie, MD
The June Contest 6/19-20/2020 Cumming, GA
Covid-Que Relief (Day 1) 6/19-20/2020 Franklin, IN
Covid-Que Relief (Day 2) 6/20-21/2020 Franklin, IN
Traager NorUt State BBQ Championship 6/19-20/2020 Riverdale, UT
Sanctioning Committee
Attending:  Myron Berry, Haymo Gutweniger, Charlie Brinza, Debbie Yopp, Karrin Murphy
                   and Emily Detwiler
Meeting began June 3, 2020  at 12:03PM
Karrin reported that we had no contest conflicts.
 A discussion was held about the BBQ contest in Warsaw, Indiana this past weekend. Dave Druetzler and Kent Schuetz were two of the reps at the contest and they have provided lots of informative information on how the contest was run with the KCBS recommended Proactive Measures for contests. Dave will be sending in photos showing table set up, turn in area, etc. for us to share with reps and contest organizers. The contest was very successful with 66 teams competing.
Charlie and Haymo shared the Burger Battle Rules that were discussed in the rules committee with their recommended pricing structure that will be on the Burger Battle contest sanctioning application. At the April 2020 board meeting, the Burger Battle was approved for introduction.
KCBS has had about 230 contests postponed with approximately 125 postponed until this fall and the balance postponed until next year. We have been able to reschedule these 125 contests until fall without any major conflicts.
Meeting adjourned at 12:48PM
Myron Berry
Chair, Sanctioning Committee
2020 June IBOM Report
The IBOM is pleased to assist KCBS domestic in the development of a video on Regional BBQ in the US to present to the US Embassy in Canada.  This will be an excellent tool in promoting KCBS globally with Embassy’s around the world.  We are providing pictures of both classes and contests that will show the birth of KCBS in each country.
The IBOM continues to stay in close touch with new organizers in Central and South American Countries which offers so many opportunities for new contests and judging classes.  We currently have new contests discussions with 3 countries in South America, 2 countries in Central America and 3 city locations in Mexico. We expect to add discussions with Chile and Peru in the near future.
KCBS Rules Committee Meeting, June 2nd 2020
Attendees: Chiles Cridlin, Theresa Bell, Jim Frazee, George DeMartz, Charlie Brinza, Candy Weaver, Mike Wozniak, Dave Druetzler, Ed Hartman, Haymo
Not in attendance - Barry Johnson
  • Roll Call 
  • Hamburger contest Rules - The final review was completed on June 2nd by the entire team.  Final edits are in the hands of Charlie and we expect to be able to put to the board for approval at the next BOD meeting. 
    • All “rules” need to be consistent.  We need to go back and edit Rule 1, 4 and 19 to make sure the 2021 versions are consistent wherever we have them published. 
  • Steak Rules ancillary - Chiles would like to suggest the same format of the Hamburger contest.  This would set us apart from other contests.  
  • KCBS MP3 review – too long and could be considered “not interesting”.
    • George D. has read thru all MP3 scripts.
      • Chiles and George have done a complete review of the MP3 scripts and have made suggestions for the 2021 MP3 version.
      • George to distribute a reviewable version of each for team review
  • Rep Advisories – We should plan to incorporate older advisories into the rules or rep handbook.
  • Where are the old rep advisories?
  • Who will take lead? - Chiles
  • Timeline to complete this – No plan of timeline discussed in the 6/2 meeting.
  • Shorten rules Page – Review the current KCBS rules without losing integrity of the content.  
    • Charlie B. and Jim F. did an amazing job on this! 
    • Changes not reviewed on the 6/2 meeting as the Hamburger rules took precedence.
    • Pork definition – No changes have been accepted; this is a slippery slope. 
  • Version control on all documents - Date created, edited, etc.
    • Chiles has requested documents and locations from each committee.
    • Still an open item not addressed on 6/2
  • When a new rule has been passed, make sure we document the spirit or history of the rule so we can review the intent or reason the rule was put in place to begin with.  The example was pooling of sauce – History about the lettuce cups of sauce. 
Closing – No additional questions or concerns were provided. 
Scholarship Committee Report for Agenda – June 2020
On 6/9/20, the Finance Committee accepted and approved the report from the Scholarship Committee.  Based on this report, KCBS is pleased award $8,250 in scholarship money for the 2020-21 academic year to 32 children of KCBS members.