New Ways to Support the KCBS Foundation

Hopefully you are already aware of how the KCBS Foundation provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors and continuing college students who are children of KCBS members.  Because our foundation is a 501c(3), all donations are tax deductible, so it’s easy to give.  Now we have two new ways you can support the foundation, making it even easier to make an impact in the lives of students.

The first opportunity is through Facebook.  Perhaps you’ve seen friends doing fundraisers for their birthdays.  Now you can do the same for the KCBS Foundation.

We’ve set up the Foundation on the list of non-profits within Facebook for making fundraising donations.  It’s super simple to set up and promote.  You can set and adjust goals over time; sharing to your friends and public.  After the fundraiser is complete, Facebook will send the funds to KCBS Foundation. 

The second opportunity to give to the KCBS Foundation is a meaningful way to pay tribute to KCBS members who have passed away by making donations available in their honor to the Foundation.

There are two options available and we can work with the family and/or friends of the departed to help determine what’s the best fit.  The first option is a general fund donation to fuel the entire scholarship and community outreach program.  The second is if they would like to establish a named scholarship for their loved one.  If they would like to create a named scholarship, we can also work through any specific qualities they’d like us to look for among applicants. 

Recently, we lost George Stone, a member of the Cool Smoke team along with his son, Tuffy.  To celebrate George’s life and passion for barbeque, Tuffy created the George Stone Scholarship.  This is an example of how your loved one’s legacy can continue through helping a deserving student in their postsecondary education journey.

More information is available at or you can call our office at 1-800-963-5227 to discuss giving opportunities.