KCBS Updated Emergency Procedures

Emergency Addendum to KCBS Sanctioning Agreement
Effective August 24, 2020 Until Further Notice
We continue to face unprecedented times. We continue to learn more as time goes on and as we have had the opportunity to have contests. As such, we have monitored, listened and discussed some changes to procedures to continue to keep all parties safe, while also adjusting based on experience.  As we have previously stated, the Contest Organizers are the entities responsible for their contests. KCBS will work with Organizers to support them in their decisions to postpone or to proceed with their events, depending on when they are scheduled and based upon their direction from local health authorities in their area. Each Organizer has final authority over the continuation or postponement of their events.
KCBS, being recognized as the world leader in barbeque, has a responsibility to promote and ensure a safe and healthy environment for the activities it sanctions and officiates for its members as well as the community of BBQ enthusiasts. As the dynamics of this pandemic change, so must the KCBS mandates that protect the people, the integrity of the event and KCBS as the worldwide leader in promoting Barbeque. This Global Pandemic makes it necessary for KCBS to require precautionary measurements above and beyond general public recommended guidelines within all processes of KCBS sanctioned activities.
KCBS expects Organizers to follow any standards or procedures put in place by their local health organizations or government, as well as our procedures during the period of the KCBS-sanctioned event where KCBS Reps, Teams, Judges or Contest Personnel are on the site. Only Local or governmental standards that EXCEED KCBS Required Procedures may be substituted for the KCBS Required Procedures, as maintaining the safety and well-being of our members and those involved in our sanctioning activities is paramount.
Organizers may have additional protocols and practices that they mandate all Cooks, Judges, Volunteers follow beyond these KCBS requirements.
KCBS has looked to the U.S. Center for Disease Control for their suggestions on "Steps to Plan, Prepare, and Proceed with a Mass Gathering.” CDC  In addition, we are monitoring Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Corona Virus Resource Center for daily changes and trends.
Please see below for the proactive measures that KCBS expects all parties involved in a KCBS-sanctioned contest to follow moving forward. KCBS Reps responsible for each event will work with Organizers to ensure all processes and safety procedures are being followed.
** Flagrant violations of these Mandates will be cause for disciplinary action of KCBS members and the potential loss of future sanctioning for Organizers or their organizations**
Meat Inspection:
  • During Meat Inspection, Team’s prep area must appear sanitary.
  • Teams must show possession of Masks, Disposable Gloves, Sanitary Wipes or Spray, and Hand Sanitizer.
  • Inspector will inspect for compliance and if a team fails to meet requirements, Organizer shall refuse participation with no refund. 
  • Meat inspection should be done outside of the cook’s trailer rather than having the Inspector come into the cook’s trailer.
Team Interaction:
  • KCBS contest Cooks Meetings are now MANDATORY, until further guidance has been provided.  This is when additional local guidance and last-minute instructions will be communicated, and it is imperative that all teams receive this communication. If a team is absent from the contest site at the time of the scheduled meeting, it is the Head Cook’s responsibility to make prior contact with the Contest Representative and seek them out for a full briefing of the missed information communicated at the Cooks Meeting.
  • Organizers are asked to make as much separation as possible between team spaces.
  • Teams MUST keep ample personal space while on the contest site.
  • Communal toasts are allowed, provided that each participant provides their own beverage and drinking vessel.
  • Refrain from hand-shaking or high fives. Share welcomes and congratulations via non-physical means.
Turn-In Process:  
  • Teams are Required to wear Masks and Gloves when approaching the Turn-In Table to meet with Officials or to turn in entries
  • It is recommended to create as much distance as possible between Cooks and Volunteers accepting the turn-ins.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes supplied by the Organizer will be at the turn-in table and the team must wipe the external surface of the box at the table. This will not degrade the Styrofoam box. Use special care not to wipe directly over the Box Number. It will be covered with a label
  • Teams Must Plan to allow for extra time to make the KCBS window and wipe their box.
  • The turn in boxes should arrive to the Number Changer already sanitized.
  • The KCBS Rep or volunteer that changes box numbers at the turn in table may be exempt from wearing gloves if it inhibits the application of the stickers, so long as they disinfect hands prior to changing numbers.
  • Hand sanitizer must be available to the Number Changer and used between each category.
  • The turn in boxes shall not be handled by the Number Changer. Boxes shall only be handled by gloved volunteers. 
Judging Procedures:
  • All judging surfaces sanitized before judging and between each category (Rep Verified and accepted).
  • Anyone walking into the judging tent must immediately use hand sanitizer prior to putting on gloves; (exception of those bringing in the trays for turn-in, but they must wear gloves.)
  • All judging participants shall use disposable gloves while handling turn in boxes and while receiving their samples from the turn in box.   (Single-use gloves can help keep food safe by creating a barrier between hands and food.)  Single use gloves that are FDA or Medical use approved (examples are such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nitrile, or polyurethane) shall be used and shall be supplied by the organizer. Judges and Volunteers may also bring their own if preferred. Due to allergy concerns, Latex gloves shall not be supplied by Organizer.
    • Judges will need a clean pair of disposable gloves per round of judging entries. (i.e. 4 pairs minimum in a Master Series contest).
    • The use of disposable utensils, if provided by the organizer, is allowed, as is the use of gloved hands to remove samples from the entry boxes.  However, gloved hands should be wiped with paper towels before taking the next sample from different entry box.  The use of the single-use gloves between categories is mandatory.  Never reuse your gloves, do not reuse disposable utensils between categories. Gloves can be removed by the judge while judging samples and filling out comment cards. Please use hand sanitizer before filling out comment cards.   
    • New gloves must be applied before handling the next category.
    • Do not touch your face, cell phone or other foreign objects while you are wearing the gloves.  If you do, please change your gloves to a new pair before proceeding. 
    • Only essential personnel allowed into the tent.  All Judge/Team meetings held as Open Air as possible.  If possible, any judging tents used should have at least one open wall.
    • Table Captains shall not take a seat to create more separation between the judges. Organizers and Reps should coordinate in advance to determine ample space and table configuration to ensure judges are kept 6 feet from one another.
    • Meat Samples from Entries not served to Judges may be kept and distributed only to the Organizer or their designee, who can determine whether to dispose of, keep or distribute to their staff at his / her discretion and in accordance with local health guidelines. Any Meat samples kept must be packaged and distributed immediately or kept in cold storage prior to distribution.
    • If local Health Guidelines allow AND at the discretion of the Organizer, judges are permitted to bring in small coolers with to take home their leftover samples from their own judging plate only. Coolers must fit under their chair. Judges assume all responsibility for keeping their leftover samples properly cooled.
    • Open grazing tables shall not be permitted. 
    • Trash carried out of tent as frequently as possible as to not be allowed to accumulate in an open environment. Covered receptacles are allowed.
    • The Contest Representative shall work with the organizer to ensure adequate toilet facilities are available for the use of Judges and must be within a reasonable distance from the Judging area given the limited time available. Wash Stations are REQUIRED with ample supply of anti-bacterial soap, water supply, and disposable towels. 
Masks / Facial Covering:
  • It is Mandatory that masks or a Facial Covering are worn:
    • When Approaching the Turn-In Table to meet with officials or turn in entries
    • During any meetings or gatherings (i.e. Cooks and Judges meetings, etc.) until people can be socially distanced from others not in their group.
    • During Awards; when approaching the Award Presenter to receive award or have photo taken.
    • Reps, Table Captains, Volunteers MUST wear Masks or a Facial Covering at all times in the Turn-In and Judging area
    • Judges MUST wear Facial Coverings at all times other than when judging Taste and Tenderness during each round of entries
    • While conducting Meat and Cleanliness inspections
We appreciate your understanding of the need for these requirements that are necessary for the continuance of sanctioning of the events to remain as well as the responsibility to our membership and the general public during this unprecedented time in our history.
These guidelines must be transmitted to the Teams and Judges by the organizer at least 48 hours prior to Team arrival verified by the Rep via copy on email. We recommend that Organizers request an acknowledgement of receipt from all Teams and Judges that they have received and reviewed the Guidelines prior to the start of the event.