KCBS Board of Directors Regular Meeting Quick Notes For October 20, 2020

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Quick Notes
October 14, 2020 7:00pm CST
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None
Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm
Roll Call: 
Alan Sellers, Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Haymo Gutweniger, Myron Berry, Ralph Williams, Nancy Goldsmith, Chiles Cridlin, Rick Wagner, David McAllister.
KCBS Office:  Emily Detwiler
Board Pledge:
Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve, and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Consent Agenda
            Notice concerning Committee Reports. Some committees do not meet monthly, If a report is presented, it will be included as attachments to the Agenda.
  • Minutes of August, 14 & September 9 , 2020 Meetings
  • August & September 2020 Financial Reports
  • Contest Report
  • Sanctioning Committee
  • International Operations
  • Judging Committee
  • Contest Representative Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Marketing Committee
Discussion of any items removed from Consent Agenda
David Qualls- I Move to Approve the Consent Agenda and reserve for discussion for the Sanctioning and Nominating Committee Reports
Second- Gutweniger – Motion Passed Unanimously
Myron Berry- I Move to approve sanctioning for the Mission Que Contest in Tuscumbia, AL On November 21-21, 2020
Second- Sellers – Motion Passed Unanimously with Bigler Abstaining
Committee Chair Berry gave report that  nomination period was open thru October 31, 2020 and  several people have been nominated to date.

Chief Executive Officer’s Report
Membership report:
  • Membership is currently at 17,000. This includes moderate declines in renewed members and International members; largely driven by contests postponing to 2021 due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns. As previously mentioned, your membership provides ongoing support for KCBS to ensure a strong operation and dedication to our mission so that we can ensure a strong future when contests and activities resume.
  • We will have opportunities for a chance to win on each renewed membership each month during the rest of the year. 
  • Continuing to monitor and update contests that are moving to later dates due to COVID; updating on www.KCBS.US
  • Judges and Pitmaster teams should continue to look on www.kcbs.us or check with the Organizers to determine if their contest are still “on.”
  • Be sure to check www.kcbs.us for the most current COVID guidelines for preceding with contests, click here  
 One-Meat Contest Updates:
·        Developing marketing/communication outreach plans to drive awareness of and excitement for One-Meat contests. Priority on Organizers than Teams. Finalizing communication materials. 
 Organizer Outreach:
  • Working with Sanctioning and IT committee to schedule Organizer outreach to discuss upcoming programming, 2021 application process, fees, etc.
 KCBS World Invitational and Banquet Nov.13-14, 2020:
  • Based on the safety protocols in place from both KCBS and the event facility’s extra safety protocols in place, as well as the positive response from the Pitmasters and Judges involved in the contest, the  KCBS World Invitational is currently a “go.” Teams were sent communication on 10/9.
  • Teams and Judges can pre-order apparel at https://kcbsstore.spiritsale.com/
  • Should any changes be made, we will communicate by end of October.
  • KCBS Banquet and TOY awards to be held at on the Saturday evening, 11/14. Tickets available online: https://mms.kcbs.us/members/evr/reg_event.php?orgcode=KCBA&evid=43311025
  • We will continue to hold educational events during the KCBS Banquet sessions on 11/13 at the Prairie Band Casino (i.e. Certified Table Captain Class, Building your Brand session, Coffee with the CEO, and Organizing an Event sessions). Please register for sessions on www.kcbs.us under “Events”
Member Communication:
  • We’ve continued to send out membership communication via digital Bullsheet and mid-month “Meat Sheet” with very positive response and “open” rates from the membership.
 Team of the Year 2020: 2021 Planning:
  • 2021 planning is underway for TOY, partnership programs, new programming and contest planning.
Old Business  
New Business
  • Finance Committee Report
  • Discussion of Sanctioning & World Invitational
  • Discussion of Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic
  • Discussion and Possible Motion to modify the Judging Guidelines, Judges Manual, Cook's meeting and Judge's Meeting mp3 scripts as follows:
Remove: "If presented with skin on, you shall taste the skin" Replace with: "If presented with the skin on, you shall include the skin in your scoring for appearance, taste and tenderness."
Ralph Williams- I Move to Approve the modification as presented in the agenda
Second- Qualls – Motion Passed Unanimously
  • Discussion and Possible Motion to accept the 2021 Rules Pamphlet with the RA footnotes
Chiles Cridlin- I Move to Accept for publication the 2021 Rules Pamphlet as presented without the RA footnotes.
Second- Gutweniger – Motion Passed Unanimously
  • Discussion and Possible Motion to add to the Reps Advisory Manual the following for 4.14 :
RA 4.14 question:  Can Cook teams share a site for more than one contestant for a single meat contest?
Answer: Yes, when a single meat contest is being held adjacent to a sanctioned Master Series or Back Yard contest, teams may subdivide the area for the single meat contest.  This is allowed as long as the team area is large enough to accommodate multiple contestants where they can prepare, cook and box their single meat entry separately from each other.  At no time shall contestants share a cooker.  KCBS wants to encourage team members to be able to compete against each other in single meat contests if they wish to do so
Chiles Cridlin- I Move to Approve the modification as presented in the agenda
Second- Gutweniger – Motion Passed Unanimously
Discussion and Possible Motion to amend Section 2.18 the Reps Advisory Manual to contain the following language:
2.18) Judges and Team Good Luck Shots Question:  Can judges attend the pre competition “good luck shots” with the teams on the morning of competition?
Opinion:  No, the BOD has approved the following "Judge and Team Socialization Policy" that was in April of 2019:
  1. Be brief.
  2. Be general in your discussions. Do not advise or coach teams prior to judging.
  3. Do not view or sample anything on the day of judging.
  4. Most importantly: be visible. Do not go inside an enclosed area or out of view, in a cook site.
  5. Do not congregate in the cook area of any team.
  6. Check in at the judging area at designated time, before visiting with Cook Teams.
  7. Do not be late to the judging area for the Judges' meeting or you will be replaced.
  8. Visiting with teams after the contest is over and sampling products, if offered by a team, is Permitted and encouraged.
  9. Socializing with teams the evening before the contest and participating in activities such as “pot luck dinner” is also permitted. It is not acceptable to view turn-in boxes or to sample any product that you could judge the following day.
  10. Judges may visit with Cook Teams if the cooks are open to visit. If not, the Judge is to respect that choice and move on.
Additionally, The CBJ Committee has determined that judges should not attend these ceremonies. This includes those that plan on or have already been assigned to volunteer duties, not judging. Volunteers are included because they may be called upon to judge should circumstances arise. Reasoning: Most of these are hosted by cook teams within their cook site, thus the perception by teams, cooks, and reps of fraternization. Though the host may provide alcohol-free shots and judges partake of these, there is still the perception that these judges are partaking. And, there is no way reps would be able to determine which was consumed (alcohol or non-alcohol) if asked to investigate. BOD Aug 2018
Chiles Cridlin- I Move to Approve the modification as presented in the agenda
Second- Goldsmith – Motion Passed Unanimously
  • Discussion and Possible Motion to expand the Single Meat program to be available to all Master Series Meat Categories.
David McAllister- I Move to expand the single meat contest program to all four Master Series Categories and no Sanctioning requests will be allowed after August 1st of each TOY year which ends on 10/31 of each season.
Second- Wagner – Motion Passed Unanimously
Closed Session Agenda:
  • Chief Executive Officer Reports
  • Discussion of Financial Reports
Myron Berry- I Move to Enter in to Closed Session
Second- Gutweniger – Motion Passed Unanimously
Entered Closed Session at 8:51PM
Board Returned To Open Session at 9:52PM
After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session
Adjourn or Suspend
Randy Bigler- I Move to Adjourn
Second- Goldsmith – Motion Passed Unanimously
Meeting Adjourned at 9:53PM
Attachments and Reports
Contest Report
BOD Approval – None  
In-house Approval –    
The Nightmare Before Zom-B-Q 10/29-30/2020 Wytheville, VA
Smoke on the Bricks 08/20-21/2021 Baldwin City, KS
Georgia BBQ Championship Throwdown 11/20-21/2020 Cumming, GA
Smokin' on the Buffalo BBQ Brawl - Day 2 05/15-16/2021 Mannington, WV
Smokin on the Osage Day 1 07/23-24/2021 Osceola, MO
Smokin on the Osage Day 2 07/24-25/2021 Osceola, MO
Red White & Que Day 1 - One Meat Companion Ribs 10/16/2020 Jackson, NJ
Red White & Que Day 2 - One Meat Companion Ribs 10/17/2020 Jackson, NJ
Lakeland Pig Festival 01/29-30/2021 Lakeland, FL
Rufus Teague BBQ Throwdown - Roebuck 06/11-12/2021 Roebuck, SC
Rufus Teague BBQ Throwdown - Pine Ridge 04/16-17/2021 Roebuck, SC
Rufus Teague BBQ Throwdown - Pirateland 03/12-13/2021 Myrtle Beach, SC
W.E.S.T. Winter Extreme South Tyrol BBQ Contest 01/16-17/2021 Rein in Taufers, Italy
Bare Bones BBQ Comp 10/30-31/2020 Perth, Australia
All American Smokers Competition Day 1 & 2 10/8-10/2021 Bonifay, FL
Rufus Teague BBQ Throwdown - Zooland 07/16-17/2021 Asheboro, NC
Rufus Teague BBQ Throwdown - Dorchester Shrine Club 03/19-20/2021 Summerville, SC
Pending- None  
CBJ Committee
September 22, 2020
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.  Members present were Randy Bigler, George DeMartz, Emily Detwiler, Frank Gonzales, David Grousnick, Maxine Kilgore, Dennis Polson, Alan Sellers and Ralph Williams.
Topics for discussion:
1. World Invitational - To be held November 13-14, 2020, Mayetta, KS.  Currently there are 130 Master Series teams and 30 Backyard teams.  Ancillary events on Friday evening will be Turkey, Beef, and dessert.  Saturday judging events will be the Master Series and Back Yard series. This would entail using 24 tables of judges (168).  Friday activities also will include a Branding and Marketing session, Certified Table Captains class, Organizers session and various raffles and merchandise sales. Saturday activities include the judging of the Master Series and Back Yard events, awards banquet and TOY awards.
2. Seating Program – Lots of discussion both pro and con.  The current seating program will not be used after November 1, 2020 and will be replaced with the chip draw process.  It was suggested the seating program be re-examined, updated and thorough Beta testing completed, thus allowing the possible return in a year or so.
3. Comment Cards – Although not a concern issue at this point, a review was sought to be sure we are still content with the current method.  A brief verbal history of comment cards was presented.  The consensus was the comment card currently in use id still helpful to cooks, but only when completely completed by the judge.  Comment cards are encouraged by Reps to help cooks better understand the score they received.  Comments cards are voluntary!!   A new form of judging slip was presented but the Committee did not feel it was what KCBS is looking for this time.
4. MP3 – From the Rules Committee, a new version of the Judge’ MP3 was presented for review.  It appeared to have some new wording, added rules and needs additional wording to strengthen some areas. For the most part, it remained the same.
Being no further business, the CBJ meeting was adjourned at 8:32 pm.
IBOM Report
September was another slow month for the IBOM as we have had no activities in International Classes or Contests.
The past months involvement centered around clarification of the International TOY and how it effects teams that compete in smaller contests and different regions.  No new International Regions will be added in the 2021 TOY year and minimum requirements for Regional Cups are being reviewed.
International did have a CBJ class of 28 new members in Perth, AU.
We have 4 sanctioned contests left in 2020 with one still awaiting approval; 35 contests scheduled for 2021 and 6 contests postpone from 2020 still waiting to decide their 2021 date.  New contest activity continues to increase in Latin America with discussions centering around 12 new events in 7 emerging countries. New contest discussions are also being held in Scandinavian Countries where we used to have sanctioned contests.
Jim Johnson, International Cooking Instructor, has been making videos for Costa Rican sponsors to raise funds and support for the local contest organizers.
Nominating Committee
The KCBS Nominating Committee is currently accepting applications for the 2021 KCBS Board of Directors Election and will continue thru on October 31, 2020.
 All members of KCBS in good standing are eligible for candidacy.
 A Director must be a Member of the Corporation in good standing and have been a member of the Corporation for a period of not less than (12) months. Any member may be nominated by another member or by self-nomination. Please provide the name, address, phone number and email address of each nominee being submitted for candidacy. Each candidate nominated must accept the nomination for his or her name to appear on the ballot. All candidates will be required by the 5th day of November 2020 to provide to the KCBS office a current photograph and their answers to the election questionnaire.
The Nominating Committee will select a slate of candidates from the nominees.
This information will be published in the Bullsheet, on the KCBS website and electronic voting website. The submission may be modified one time following initial publication and changes must be received by December 5th, 2020,
Myron Berry, Chair
Technology Committee
Submitted by David McAllister
Committee Members:
David McAllister (chair), Chiles Cridlin, David Qualls, David Johnson
General Discussion
  1. Licensing Agreement with data consumers.
    1. Discussion around formal process.
Software Sub-Committee
            Tasks Assigned:
  1. Online Contest Sanctioning application
  2. Online Judging Class Registration/Submittal
  3. Marketing Landing page for KCBS.us
  4. Excessive email events
Task Progress:
  1. User Acceptance Testing has started.
  2. Development paused.
  3. Discussions paused until after KCBS Invitational.
  4. Issue was identified and corrected.
    1. Monitors put in place to identify potential problems in the future.
Infrastructure Sub-Committee
No updates    
KCBS Rules Committee
Motions and discussion under New Business.