KCBS 2021 BOD Election Results

Date:   January 17, 2021
From:  Christopher Vieth            Vieth Consulting
To:       Whom it may concern
Re:      Election Results
Per the request of our client, Kansas City Barbecue Society, we have implemented our online voting system solution to authenticate voters and tabulate results for the following election:
2021 KCBS Board of Directors Election
After completing an audit process, Vieth Consulting LLC certifies that during the voting period, that our online voting system performed correctly, experienced minimal downtime*, and no security issues were observed.
Multiple databases were checked for tampering, and the results indicate the online vote was conducted fairly and honestly.
The election results are included below.
Christopher Vieth Owner
*The primary database indicated no downtime. The remote mirror database was missing one (1) vote record, this is attributed to a short period of downtime on the remote server; all other mirror records matched the primary database. This vote was counted on the primary database, and is included in the official vote totals.

Total Number of Eligible Voters
Voter Turnout
Election Results
% of voters
Cliff Davis: 631 29.98
Stan Dobosenski: 914 43.42
Nancy Goldsmith: 841 39.95
Steve Grinstead: 577 27.41
Haymo Gutweniger: 708 33.63
Jason Hardee: 707 33.59
Corey Linton: 751 35.68
Alan Sellers: 642 30.50
Ralph Williams: 816 38.76