KCBS Quick Notes for February 2021 BOD Meeting

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’
February 3, 2021 7:00pm CST
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None
Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 7:02pm
Roll Call: 
Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, Myron Berry, Ralph Williams, Nancy Goldsmith, Chiles Cridlin, Rick Wagner, David McAllister.
Newly Elected Board Members: Stan Dobosenski, Corey Linton
KCBS Office:  Emily Detwiler
Board Pledge:
Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve, and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Election of 2021 KCBS Board Officers Per Section 6.02
Candy Weaver: I Nominate Rick Wagner As President of KCBS For 2021
David Qualls: I move that Nominations Cease and Elect by Acclamation

Second-Williams Motion Passed Wagner Elected President
David Qualls: I Nominate David McAllister as Vice-President
Ralph Williams: I move that Nominations Cease and Elect by Acclamation
Second-Dobosenski Motion Passed McAlister Elected Vice-President
Rick Wagner: I Nominate Myron Berry as Treasurer
Ralph Williams: I move that Nominations Cease and Elect by Acclamation
Second-Qualls Motion Passed Berry Elected Treasurer
Nancy Goldsmith: I Nominate David Qualls as Secretary
Stan Dobosenski: I move that Nominations Cease and Elect by Acclamation
Second-Williams Motion Passed Qualls Elected Secretary
New Business
  • Discussion of Board planning session for February 6, 2021
Discussion Only
  • Discussion and Consideration of sanctioning application approval for two Contests with conflicting dates. on April 9-10, 2021 
  • Ralph Williams: I Move to Accept the Recommendation of the Sanctioning Committee and deny the Sanctioning of the of the Orlando, Event
  • Second-Goldsmith Motion Passed
Board Entered into Recess at 7:17PM
Resumed Agenda From February 3, 2021
Board Returned from Recess at 7:00PM
All and members and CEO present except Corey Linton
New Business For February, 9, 2021
  • Board Ratification of Committee Appointments Per Section 7.01 and 7.04 of the Bylaws.
Standing Committees;
Nominating Committee: Myron Berry, Candy Weaver Co-Chairman
Sanctioning Committee: Myron Berry
Rules Committee: Stan Dobosenski
Judging Committee: Chiles Cridlin
Contest Representative Committee: Ralph Williams
Special Committees.
Foundation Committee: Nancy Goldsmith
Finance Committee: Myron Berry
Bylaws: Rick Wagner, David Qualls Co-Chairman
The Following Workgroups will be under the Direction of the C.E.O.;
Technology-Marketing-Special Events
Nancy Goldsmith: I Move to Accept and Ratify the Committee Appointments for 2021
Second-Williams Motion Passed
Closed Session Agenda:
Discussion of Legal, Financial, and Real Estate
Nancy Goldsmith: I Move to Enter into Closed Session
Second-Williams Motion Passed
Entered Closed Session at 7:01PM
Board Returned to Open Session at 8:16PM
After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session
David Qualls: I Move Under Section 11.01 of the KCBS Bylaws to authorize Board President Rick Wagner, to enter or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of the Corporation Until the Next Regular Meeting of March, 2021
Second-Bigler Motion Passed
Adjourn or Suspend
Nancy Goldsmith - I Move to Adjourn
Second- Weaver – Motion Passed Unanimously
Meeting Adjourned at 8:16PM