KCBS Board of Directors Regular Meeting Agenda For May 25, 2021 6:00 pm CDT

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda
Tuesday May 25, 2021 6:00pm
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None
Call to Order
Roll Call: 
Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, David Qualls, Richard Fergola, David McAllister, Myron Berry, Chiles Cridlin, Rick Wagner, Ralph Williams, Nancy Goldsmith, Stan Dobosenski, Corey Linton
KCBS Office:  Emily Detwiler
Board Pledge:
Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve, and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Consent Agenda
            Notice concerning Committee Reports. Some committees do not meet monthly, If a report is presented, it will be included as attachments to the Agenda.
  • Minutes of April 27, 2021 Meeting
  • April 2021 Financial Report
  • Finance Committee
  • Contest Report
  • Sanctioning Committee
  • Judging Committee
  • Contest Representative Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Foundation Committee
  • Nominating Committee
Discussion of any items removed from Consent Agenda
Chief Executive Officer’s Report
Old Business  
Tabled from the April 27, 2021 Meeting
  • Discussion and Consideration of Judge Signatures on participating in multiple events on same day
Original language currently reads;
A CBJ or MCBJ CANNOT get double signatures the same day (e.g., doing a Master Series and a Backyard Series the same day). A CBJ or MCBJ will receive only one signature for Double Duty for Table Captain and Judging per contest. The Judge can choose the Volunteer signature or judging signature.
New Motion Chiles Cridlin- I move to Amend Item 2 of subsection “When to sign the Book” of the Rep Manual to read as follows;

A CBJ or MCBJ may obtain multiple signatures on the same day (e.g., doing a Master Series and a Backyard Series or Single Meat Series on the same day). A CBJ or MCBJ will receive one signature for each separately sanctioned contest.   A CBJ or MCBJ will only receive one signature for Double Duty for Table Captain and Judging per sanctioned contest. In the case of Double Duty Table Captain, the judge can choose the Volunteer signature or judging signature for either a Master Series or four meat Backyard (See Rule 12).
New Business
  • Discussion and Consideration of Approving Sanctioning Committee recommendation of the Country Roads BBQ Battle, Morgantown, WV, July 17-18, 2021
  • Discussion and Consideration of Approving Sanctioning Committee recommendation of the Smokin' Deltanna BBQ Challenge, Delta Junction, Alaska, July 23-24, 2021
  • Discussion and Consideration of referring to the Rules Committee to finalize Amending Rule 15 Concerning Foreign Objects
  • Discussion and Consideration of referring to the Rules Committee to review and revise the existing rule on Pork
  • Discussion and Consideration of any needed changes to the COVID Policies
  • Discussion and Consideration of establishing rules concerning the intended use of Non-Certified Judges
  • Discussion and Consideration of Amending Rep Advisory 1.06B concerning procedures for verifying entry boxes after the contest by teams
  • Discussion and Consideration of Required Reps needed for Backyard and Single Meat Events
  • Discussion and Consideration of whether a material interest exists in accordance with 2005 Missouri Revised Statutes - § 355.416. — Director's conflict of interest and Article XVII of the KCBS Bylaws in the Execution of a contract with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
Closed Session Agenda:
Scholarship Committee Selection Report
Legal, Financial, and Real Estate
Marketing and Promotions
Discussion of Judge Certification Update Program
Discussion of Contests
Discussion of Foundation
After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session
Adjourn or Suspend
Attachments and Reports
Contest Report
BOD Approval –    
Country Roads BBQ Battle 7/17-18/2021 Morgantown, WV
Smokin' Deltanna BBQ Challenge 7/23-24/2021 Delta Junction, AK
In-house Approval –    
Smoke in the Valley (International) 10/30-31/2021 Perth, Australia
Bring'n Home the Bacon II Day 1 (Backyard) 10/15-16/2021 West Salem, WI
Bring'n Home the Bacon II Day 2 (Backyard) 10/16-17/2021 West Salem, WI
SC - BBQ Shoot Out Day 1 10/22-23/2021 Summerville, SC
SC - BBQ Shoot Out Day 2 10/23-24/2021 Summerville, SC
GBC Summer Showdown 7/30-31/2021 Cumming, GA
GrillBillies BBQ Shootout 6/4-5/2021 Wendell, NC
Papa Joe's Banjo-B-Que Day 1 9/3-4/2021 Augusta, GA
Papa Joe's Banjo-B-Que Day 2 9/4-5/2021 Augusta, GA
Mother Road BBQ Competition Day 1 4/1-2/2022 Waynesville, MO
Mother Road BBQ Competition Day 2 4/2-3/2022 Waynesville, MO
Nevada Chamber Low and Slow Barbecue Cook Off 8/27-28/2021 Nevada, MO
The Real Squeal BBQ & Music Festival 10/8-9/2021 Lyons, GA
RBC County Fair Backyard Cookoff 8/5-6/2021 Meeker, CO
2nd Annual Obion County Fair BBQ Cook Off - Day 1 5/13-14/2022 Union City, TN
2nd Annual Obion County Fair BBQ Cook Off - Day 2 5/14-15/2022 Union City, TN
Great Americana BBQ Festival 8/27-28/2021 Franklin, TN
Pending- None  
Sanctioning Committee
Judging Committee
May 18th, 2021
Invitees: Chiles Cridlin, Emily Detwiler, Rick Wagner, Amy Acock, Dave Grousnick, Nancy Goldsmith, Jennifer Eggleton, Frank Gonzales, George DeMartz, Kelly McIntosh, Bill Jones, Dave Druetzler, Paul Buob
Not in attendance – Rick Wagner, Amy Acock, Jennifer Eggleton,
New Agenda Items –
  • More Discussion of new MP3 that was released for the KCBS Judges meetings
    • The goal is to encourage judge’s review their own scoring habits to determine if they are consistently lower than their table average, use the KCBS Judges portal to review their scores and to encourage more comment cards.
    • Develop a new MP3 that will combine the new message along with the standard MP3 content. – Chiles will develop a new MP3 script and send for review. Ongoing Agenda Items
  •  Goals for the 2021 CBJ Committee.
    • Develop Online or Web Based 2022 Certification Update Training course (In progress)
    • Develop Online or Web Based CBJ Training for new judges (Not started)
      • Review of conceptual updates to the KCBS Scoring System (100%)
      • Define Objectives (This is a separate document 95%)
      • Determine content (Most common misconceptions as seen in the judging tent 90%)
      • Develop a story board (not started)
      • Build test questions (not started)
        • Start with the ones we have and review them first.
        • Create questions based on new content and objectives
      • Write script (25%)
      • Choose LMS Platform (KCBS.US website has the capability) (Not started)
      • Gather media needed (Not started)
      • Assemble video or training program (Not started)
      • Beta testing, review and deploy (Not started)
  • Update related documents
    • CBJ Training manual (Not started)
    • Reps manual
    • Rep Advisory manual and Redacted Rep Advisory Manual (handed off to Nancy Goldsmith) (100%)
    • Judging Tri-fold (part of the Rules pamphlet)
    • Judges MP3 (currently under review again)
    • Determine if there are others
Contest Representative Committee
May 11, 2021
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM BY Chairman Ralph Williams.  Other members present were: Scott Grinstead, Steve Grinstead, Mike Winter, Julie Poe, Jeanne Titus, Dave Druetzler, Debby Gage, Phil Morrow and Alan Rothrock. Invited guests were David McAlister, Rick Wagner and Emily Detwiler.
An MP3 was developed to be played at all KCBS events.  The MP3 was to bring to the attention of everyone the outlier judge, that person who consistently scores 2 or more points below the average of those judges at their table.  Judges are encouraged to go online to view their scoring averages and compare them to the judges at their table.  If they have questions, they can visit with the contest Rep as to the correct judging processes.
An idea of revising the current turn-in times was presented for discussion.  The proposed times were: 12:00 chicken, 12:45 pork ribs, 1:30 pork butt and 2:15 for brisket. Lots of good comments for and against these times.  The overall consensus was to leave them as they are now.  These times will most likely be used at the AR to help teams that are only one person and for those teams that are located quite a distance from the turn-in locations.
The overall focus for this meeting deals with showing alternate numbers to cooks after the event is over.  Cooks feel that once the event is over it should not make a difference what alternate number was used.
Our current process allows a cook to see their box(s). The Rep will pull the box(s) and peel back the alternate number to verify the box has that cooks’ number on the box.  However, cooks are wanting to see the alternate number of the scorecards and verify the scores on the cards match the scores on their individual information sheet. 
After much discussion covering many possible scenarios, the Committee feels the following steps should be taken: 1. Have a third-party person as an observer to all actions taken and any dialogue between the various parties.  A safety net for everyone. 2. Continue our current practice of showing the team number on the box. 3. Pull the cards for the category in question and read aloud those scores for each of the cards. The cook should follow along, checking their scores on their individual data sheet. 4. If a discrepancy is noted, the Rep will then conduct an audit of the contest scores for that team.
It was also noted that number labels, upon getting moist, are hard to remove from the box without destroying the label. We were reminded that using a bright light, one can hold the light under the box lid and the number can be seen.  If black ink is used, the number shows through better.
We are still looking for possible new Reps in specific areas.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.
KCBS Contest Rep Committee Special Meeting
May 24, 2021 6:30 p.m
Special Contest Rep Meeting was called to order at 6:32 p.m.   Members present were: Scott Grinstead, Steve Grinstead, Jeanne Titus, Mike Winter, Dave Druetzler, Debby Gagge, Phil Morrow, Julie Poe, Emily Detwiler and Ralph Williams.  Absent: Alan Rothrock
The primary focus of this special meeting is to address the need of contest Reps in isolated areas. The question being:  Can a Back Yard or Single meat contest be efficiently run by one KCBS contest Rep?   Answer:  YES, with the following criteria being met.
1.  Each event is on a case by case basis with extenuating circumstances being the need for one Rep                  (ex. Isolated event, long distance, lack of available Reps)
2. Maximum of 24 teams, 4 tables of judges’
3. Maximum of 2 meat categories
4. One hour between turn-in times   (times approved by the office)
5. Organizer to provide cooks with turn-in information well ahead of the event.
6. Normal invoicing to occur
The Rep on site can use this opportunity to encourage the organizer to move to a Master Series event utilizing all 4 meat categories. Thus, furthering the KCBS brand to a new level for their event.
Note:  If a Master Series event has a Back Yard with that event, the organizer cannot utilize the one Rep concept.
Rules Committee
The Rules Committee met on 5/18/2021.  General discussion was help on Projects for the remainder of the 2021 year.