Motion for updated scoring to be reviewed and introduced by the Rules Committee for the 2022 TOY Season

The KCBS Certified Judge committee has been working on a solution to narrow the judging scale to remove seldom used scores and eliminate the description of “average.”  Our goal is to make judging more consistent from contest to contest, coast to coast, and worldwide.  KCBS does not want to become a “7-8-9 scoring” organization.  We will have an updated scoring system that removes scores that are seldom used and better define the remaining scoring numbers for judging use.  This outline is our plan to achieve this goal.   
  • Eliminate the use of the scoring numbers 3 and 4.  Research has validated that these numbers are used so little that they are simply not needed.  Data from 2014 to 2021 was pulled and an initial analysis shows the combined total of 3’s and 4’s never exceeded .0025 (.25%) of all individual scores given in a single year.  Using 5 through 9 narrows the "band" of usable numbers and provides a center of the scale at 7.  
  • The new scoring system will read:  The scoring system is from 9 to 5; all whole numbers between nine (9) and five (5) may be used to score an entry: 9 is Excellent, 8 is Very Good, 7is Good, 6 is Fair, 5 is Poor, and 2 is Inedible.
  • As always, a score of 1 is a penalty or disqualification and requires the approval of the Contest Representative.
  • Consider using the Academic system of grading (A, B, C, etc.), as an analogy or teaching tool to show how we intend judges to use the new 9 through 5 scale. In this analogy, 9 would be an A, 8 would be a B, and so on.  The new scorecard will read as follows:
  • 9 - Excellent
  • 8 - Very Good
  • 7 - Good
  • 6 - Fair
  • 5 - Poor
  • 2 - Inedible (e.g., raw chicken)
  • 1 - Disqualification or Penalty (requires Rep approval) 
The CBJ committee is urging removal of the word "Average" all together because it seems no one can agree on what “average” is and it also alludes to comparative scoring which is something that KCBS does not do.