2022 KCBS Board of Directors Election Results

Date: January 17, 2022
From: Christopher Vieth, Owner of Vieth Consulting

To: Whom it may concern
Re: KCBS Election Results

Per the request of our client, Kansas City Barbecue Society, we have implemented our online voting
system solution to authenticate voters and tabulate results for the following election:

2022 KCBS Board of Directors Election

After completing an audit process, Vieth Consulting LLC certifies that during the voting period,
that our online voting system performed correctly, experienced minimal downtime*, and no security
issues were observed. Multiple databases were checked for tampering, and the results indicate the online vote was conducted fairly and honestly.

*On the morning of Jan 2nd, there was brief disruption in availability of the election system, due to operator error in setting up election configuration. It was restored by late morning.

The election results are included below.

Total Number of Eligible Voters: 15,086

Voter Turnout: 1,741

Election Results: 
Candidate             Votes             % of voters
Cliff Davis:             1,054            60.54
Joel Fleetwood:       891             51.17
David Qualls:           868               49.86
Jeanne Titus:         1,293            74.27