KCBS Thanks Emily Detwiler for Her Service and Wishes Her Well

On behalf of the KCBS Board of Directors, we announce the resignation of Emily Detwiler, Chief Executive Officer to pursue another opportunity. Ms. Detwiler will be leaving the Kansas City Barbeque Society at the end of July. 

During her nearly three-year tenure with KCBS, Ms. Detwiler has been instrumental in leading the organization into the future, as well as leading the organization through some challenging times. 

“Ms. Detwiler has been a tremendous leader serving KCBS via partnering with the Board, leading the Staff, leading the Contest Reps and Instructors, as well as developing new processes and overall stabilizing the business,” stated Stan Dobosenski, President of the Board. “We are grateful for her leadership and appreciate her dedication to KCBS and service to our membership. We wish her all the best in her next opportunity.”

Some of the highlights of accomplishments under Detwiler’s leadership include: 

• Creating a plan to safely maintain operations during the global pandemic, while keeping KCBS members and organizers engaged.
• Elevating KCBS World Invitational and expanding Team of the Year programs to include Backyard teams, while also launching one-meat series
• Bringing marketing and partnerships in-house; saving hundreds of thousands of dollars while improving the effectiveness and image of KCBS with partners, members and followers
• Growing relationships with existing partners and bringing in new partners and programs 
• Developing the staff and providing opportunities for career growth
• Selling the KCBS building and right-sizing expenses
• Finalizing the lawsuit brought by a former Board member to a positive end result for KCBS.

“I have truly enjoyed leading the Kansas City Barbeque Society. I will continue to remain a Lifetime Member of KCBS and will serve the organization as I’m able. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together and the achievements that have come from them,” stated Emily Detwiler. “I’m grateful for the Board of Directors, the International Board of Manager. I’m so proud of the Staff, Reps, Instructors and Organizers who do so much to create great experiences for the Members on a consistent basis. Thank you for the opportunities and ‘que on!” 

For questions, please reach out to President Dobosenski at sdobosenski@kcbs.us. Please join us in thanking Ms. Detwiler for her service to KCBS and wishing her well for the future.