KCBS BOD Meeting agenda October 11, 2022

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda
Tuesday October 11, 2022 6:00pm
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None
Call to Order
Roll Call: 
Stan Dobosenski, David McAllister, Myron Berry, Joel Fleetwood, Chiles Cridlin, Cliff Davis, Nancy Goldsmith, Corey Linton, Jeanne Titus, Rick Wagner, Ralph Williams
KCBS Office:  Rod Gray
Board Pledge:
Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve, and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Consent Agenda
            Notice concerning Committee Reports. Some committees do not meet monthly, If a report is presented, it will be included as attachments to the Agenda.
  • Minutes of September board meeting
  • Financial Report
  • Finance Committee
  • Contest Report
  • Sanctioning Committee
  • Judging Committee
  • Contest Representative Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Foundation Committee
  • Nominating Committee
Discussion of any items removed from Consent Agenda
Chief Executive Officer’s Report
Old Business
  • Discussion and consideration of new 2 meat series
New Business
  • Discussion and Consideration of proposed rules for 2023 season
Closed Session Agenda:
Discussion of Legal, Financial, and Real Estate
After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session
Adjourn or Suspend
Attachments and Reports
Contest Report
BOD Approval –    
In-house Approval –    
Christmas on the River State Bar B Q Championship 12/1-3/2022 Demopolis, AL
The Downtown BBQ Showdown 4/14-15/2023 Lake City, FL
Smoke on the Bricks 8/25-26/2023 Baldwin City, KS
2nd Annual Oscar Bothwell Memorial Scholarship Rib Rally (One Meat Ribs) 10/7-8/2022 Oneonta, AL
3rd Annual Obion County Fair BBQ Cook Off - Day 1 5/19-20/2023 Union City, TN
3rd Annual Obion County Fair BBQ Cook Off - Day 2 5/20-21/2023 Union City, TN
Smokin' for Down Syndrome 3/31-4/1/2023 Marion, AR
Belgisch Barbecue Weekend - Day 1 3/17-18/2023 Boom, Belgium
Belgisch Barbecue Weekend - Day 2 3/18-19/2023 Boom, Belgium
Bring'n Home the Bacon Day 1 6/9-10/2023 West Salem, WI
Bring'n Home the Bacon Day 2 6/10-11/2023 West Salem, WI
Eastern BBQ Contest 2023 - Day 1 4/7-8/2023 Meerbeke, Belgium
Eastern BBQ Contest 2023 - Day 2 4/8-9/2023 Meerbeke, Belgium
Spring Break BBQ Contest 4 3/25-26/2023 Lommel, Belgium
Morris Rhythm & BBQ Festival (BACKYARD ONLY) 6/17/2023 Morris, IL
10th Annual Bull Moose BBQ 4/14-15/2023 Somerville, TN
Smoke on the Waters 2023 9/23-24/2023 Devon, United Kingdom
Ribs, Rods & Rock N Roll 9/8-9/2023 Vermillion, SD
Sanctioning Committee
OCTOBER 5, 2022
Members present:
Alan Rothrock, Sherry Byler,Karrin Murphy, Randy Bigler, Stan Dobosenski,
Rod Gray and Myron Berry
Meeting began at 12:02PM CST
A discussion was held regarding how to be more efficient in getting information to our organizers. Many of our organizers only have one contest annually. Once their contest is completed most of them do not have any contact with KCBS until it is time for their contest the following year.
All our organizers need to be aware of all changes and/or additions that are made each year. There were several good suggestions discussed and will be forwarded to our rep chair and an ad hoc committee for organizers.
We also discussed the months that have 5 Saturdays and how it could affect contests when they plan for their next years contest. The organizers have the responsibility of scheduling their contests.
Meeting adjourned at 12:29pm.
Myron Berry, Chair
Judging Committee
Closing – Any additional questions or concerns that are provided. 
Contest Representative Committee
KCBS CBJ Committee Meeting Notes
September – Not Held
Invitees: - Chiles Cridlin, Rod Gray, Stan Dobosenski, Amy Acock, Julie Poe, Nancy Goldsmith, Frank Gonzales,  George DeMartz, Kelly McIntosh, Bill Jones, Dave Druetzler, Paul Buob, Cliff Brockman, Tom Colla, Mark Gantt, Mark Bucksbaum, David McAllister. 
Not in attendance – 
Old Business

  • JSSP and JCUP progress review (as of 10/06/2022).  
    • The JSSP Program 1858 passes from 1596 unique members successfully passed!
    • The JCUP Program 2868 passes from 2315 unique CBJ’s have successfully passed!
New Business 

  • Update on Outstanding CBJ Nominations, develop review process as submissions ended Oct 1. 
    • To date, we have receive more than 20, but a few are duplicates.  
    • A sub-group of this committee has been formed and submissions have been requested to be evaluated so that selected candidates can be notified by Friday, 10/14/2022.  

  • Develop program considerations for full Online CBJ course to determine if viable and how it would work.  Not a replacement for traditional in person class, but an alternative.
    • Develop requirements.  
      • 10 modules, now referred to as the JOTC or “Judge Online Training Certification”.
      • Code of Conduct and Anti-Discrimination to be electronically signed at the registration / payment for class and test questions could be included in subsequent modules. We would not include this as a module in the online class if this is acceptable. 
      • Leveraging existing JCUP chicken, ribs, pork and brisket modules and questions.
      • Preference is still leaning towards a live “zoom” type format where the class will be online, but instructor led to answer questions or give examples. 
      • Final CBJ Committee draft to be completed for all modules by October BOD meeting. 

  • Develop RFP for a new seating program on hold, developing an RFP for a new SCORE program takes precedence.
    • Two year project, where it is estimated to take three months to develop the RFP, three months to shop and award the RFP, Three months for funding and another three for the awarded company to develop.  Beta testing, Rep training and rollout will take another, or the second year to complete. 
    • Recommendation is to not invest in a separate judge seating program until SCORE is updated, add seating functionality to the new SCORE program so Reps will have all features in one program. 
    • Current SCORE program utilizes Microsoft CE 4.0 that was built in 2012, end of life in 2016 and end of support in June of 2021.  .  
    • Would rely heavily on KCBS Rep Committee and our technology provider for input for usability and functionality.  Have requested $1,250 to work with Park Road Technologies to develop RFP. 
    • Initial conversations held with Technology Committee are VERY encouraging.  Currently gathering requirements from Reps and KCBS Office.  

  • Develop program considerations for a new KCBS CBJ Portal applet that could link cook teams with Judges that need to cook for their MCBJ requirement.  Search by geographical are and automate sending emails to teams willing to host judges by area on behalf of the judge.  
    • Quote delivered to the CEO, this will remain on the list with low priority. 
    • Secondary functionality could be for Judges that are willing to cook with cook teams to provide guidance (Teams searching for judges for cooking assistance). 

Closing – Any additional questions or concerns that are provided.
Rules Committee
Rules Committee Agenda for 9/21/2022
Old Business
  • 2nd head cook
    • Rule 2?
    • Adopt proposed clarified rule 2
  • Foreign Object rule clarification
    • What should we improve/clarify
      • Clarification on if a foreign object is found after appearance, but multiple judges will see it (piece of foil on greens under a slice of brisket – everyone after that slice is removed will be able to see that piece – how should it be scored?)
    • Adopt proposed rule
  • Definition of a BY cook
    • See email forwarded on 9/19/2022 with new wrinkle/inquiry
    • Definition of BY team will be revisited next year
New Business
  • 2023 rules
    • Need to make any amendments (including foreign object) so that we can present to board in October
    • Changes will be brought to board in October meeting
  • Review 2 meat series rules, Myron will be present to answer any questions
    • Use master’s series rules, unless a new series is approved
  • Any topics that have come up any one wants to discuss
Finance Committee
Foundation Committee
September 26, 2022  7:00pm Central Time
Nancy Goldsmith, Beth Salzl, Priscilla Smith, Matt Greer
New Business

  1. World Invitational Pop-Up Shop:
  • As of 9/23/22, have 222 bottles of rubs/sauces to sell and one raffle item
    At least 2 more raffle items are “in the works,” but waiting on final details

  • Pricing:
    Rubs and sauces: $10 per bottle or $25 for 3 bottles
    Raffle items: $5 per ticket
    Cash and checks accepted

    50/50 Raffle:  $5 for one ticket or $25 for 6 tickets
    Cash only

Continuing Business

  1. Scholarships for 2023
  • Reviewed updated application instructions and clarified new optional question wording.  Application window opens on 1/1/23.