December 13, 2022 KCBS BOD Meeting Agenda

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda
Tuesday December 13, 2022 6:00pm
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   None
Call to Order
Roll Call: 
Stan Dobosenski, David McAllister, Myron Berry, Joel Fleetwood, Chiles Cridlin, Cliff Davis, Nancy Goldsmith, Corey Linton, Jeanne Titus, Rick Wagner, Ralph Williams
KCBS Office:  Rod Gray
Board Pledge:
Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve, and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Consent Agenda
          Notice concerning Committee Reports. Some committees do not meet monthly, If a report is presented, it will be included as attachments to the Agenda.
  • Minutes of
  • Financial Report
  • Finance Committee
  • Contest Report
  • Sanctioning Committee
  • Judging Committee
  • Contest Representative Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Foundation Committee
  • Nominating Committee
Discussion of any items removed from Consent Agenda
Chief Executive Officer’s Report
Old Business  
  • Discussion of 2023 Turkey Smoke Rules
New Business
  • Discussion and Consideration of Resoluton for the KCBS Annual Meeting    
  • Discussion and Consideration of Alaska BBQ contests for 2023 with possible motion
Closed Session Agenda:
Discussion of Legal, Financial, and Real Estate
After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session
Adjourn or Suspend
Attachments and Reports
Contest Report
BOD Approval –    
In-house Approval –    
WV Coalfields Cookoff 6/10-11/2023 Welch, WV
WV Hunting Heroes BBQ Throwdown 4/21-22/2023 Ripley, WV
Smoke on the Ohio 9/8-9/2023 Mt. Vernon, IN
Twin Smoke 5/20-21/2023 Vilnius, Lithuania
Mission Farm's King of the Farm 2/24-25/2023 Iron Station, NC
Colorado Rib Challenge (ONE MEAT RIBS) 7/29/2023 Castle Rock, CO
Pepsi Wyoming State BBQ Championships & Bluegrass Festival 8/18-19/2023 Worland, WY
Bring'n Home the Bacon II 10/13-14/2023 West Salem, WI
Robertson County Fair Assoc. Barbeque Throwdown (COMPETITORS SERIES) 6/9-10/2023 Springfield, TN
Knights of Columbus BBQ Smoke Off "4 Life" 6/16-17/2023 Kansas City, KS
Kings of Q BBQ Cook-Off and Festival 5/20-21/2023 Ayden, NC
Squeal on the Eel Festival (BACKYARD ONLY) 6/16-17/2023 Logansport, IN
Smoke in the Park 8/12-13/2023 Glencoe, AL
Westmont Red White & BBQ (BACKYARD ONLY) 5/27/2023 Westmont, IL
Jiggy with the Piggy - Day 1 5/5-6/2023 Kannapolis, NC
Jiggy with the Piggy - Day 2 5/6-7/2023 Kannapolis, NC
Bent Brewstillery BBQ (BACKYARD ONLY) 9/9/2023 Roseville, MN
Smokin on the Route 7/28-29/2023 Miami, OK
Chillin and Grillin in the Glades 7/14-15/2023 Wise, VA
Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle (ONE MEAT CHICKEN) 6/24/2023 Washington, DC
Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle (ONE MEAT RIBS) 6/24/2023 Washington, DC
Que' For a Cause 10/20-21/2023 Tahlequah, OK
Que' For a Cause (ONE MEAT RIBS) 10/20/2023 Tahlequah, OK
DuPont-Hudson's Bay BBQ Competition 8/19-20/2023 DuPont, WA
Bar-B-QC (BACKYARD ONLY) 9/23-24/2023 Davelport, IA
Puckaway Pigfest 9/8-9/2023 Montello, WI
CBCA Clayton BBQ and Brews Festival 8/25-26/2023 Clayton, CA
Boo-B-Que BBQ Championship 10/27-28/2023 Oak Grove, MO
Horse Town Brew n Que Festival 6/2-3/2023 Norco, CA
Rocking BBQ Warsaw 5/19-20/2023 Warsaw, IN
Rocking BBQ Warsaw (ONE MEAT RIBS) 5/19-20/2023 Warsaw, IN
NWA Grand National BBQ & Expo 9/23-24/2023 Bella Vista, AR
DelMarVa BBQ Battle (Day 1) 3/31-4/1/2023 Whaleyville, MD
DelMarVa BBQ Battle (Day 2) 4/1-2/2023 Whaleyville, MD
DelMarVa BBQ Battle (ONE MEAT CHICKEN) 3/31/2023 Whaleyville, MD
DelMarVa BBQ Battle (ONE MEAT RIBS) 4/1/2023 Whaleyville, MD
Granite State BBQ Championship - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES 6/3-4/2023 Merrimack, NH
Southern New Engalnd Barbecue Throwdown - CAMPGROUND SERIES 4/15-16/2023 Bristol, CT
Southern New Engalnd Barbecue Throwdown - CAMPGROUND SERIES (ONE MEAT RIBS) 4/15/2023 Bristol, CT
New Jersey KnoQ-out - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 1) 4/21-22/2023 Blairstown, NJ
New Jersey KnoQ-out - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 2) 4/22-23/2023 Blairstown, NJ
New Jersey KnoQ-out - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT RIBS) 4/22/2023 Blairstown, NJ
New Jersey KnoQ-out - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT CHICKEN) 4/21/2023 Blairstown, NJ
Border War Barbeque 10/20-21/2023 Osawatomie, KS
Smoke in the Woods - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 1) 4/28-29/2023 Cuddebackville, NY
Smoke in the Woods - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 2) 4/29-30/223 Cuddebackville, NY
Smoke in the Woods - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT RIBS) 4/29/2023 Cuddebackville, NY
Delaware Bay-B-Que - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 1) 5/5-6/2023 Lincoln, DE
Delaware Bay-B-Que - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 2) 5/6-7/2023 Lincoln, DE
Delaware Bay-B-Que - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT CHICKEN) 5/5/2023 Lincoln, DE
Delaware Bay-B-Que - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT RIBS) 5/6/2023 Lincoln, DE
Smokin' Trackside BBQ Bash 8/11-12/2023 Winston, MO
Nor'Easter BBQ Showdown - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 1) 9/22-23/2023 Southwick, MA
Nor'Easter BBQ Showdown - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 2) 9/23-24/2023 Southwick, MA
Nor'Easter BBQ Showdown - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT RIBS) 9/23/2023 Southwick, MA
Green Mountain BBQ Championship - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 1) 9/8-9/2023 Braintree, VT
Green Mountain BBQ Championship - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 2) 9/9-10/2023 Braintree, VT
Green Mountain BBQ Championship - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT RIBS) 9/9/2023 Braintree, VT
Red White & Que - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 1) 10/20-21/2023 Jackson, NJ
Red White & Que - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (Day 2) 10/21-22/2023 Jackson, NJ
Red White & Que - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT CHICKEN) 10/20/2023 Jackson, NJ
Red White & Que - CAMPGROUND BBQ SERIES (ONE MEAT RIBS) 10/21/2023 Jackson, NJ
Smoke on the Water - Saracen Casino PB 10/20-21/2023 Pine Bluff, AR
International Goat Days Championship BBQ 9/8-9/2023 Millington, TN
Pigmaster's BBQ Challenge 9/22-23/2023 Rutherford College, NC
Pending- none  
Sanctioning Committee
Judging Committee
KCBS CBJ Committee Meeting Notes
November 29th
Invitees: Chiles Cridlin, Rod Gray, Stan Dobosenski, Julie Poe, Nancy Goldsmith, Frank Gonzales,  George DeMartz, Kelly McIntosh, Bill Jones, Dave Druetzler, Paul Buob, Cliff Brockman, Tom Colla, Mark Gantt, Mark Bucksbaum. 
Not in attendance – Rod Gray, Kelly McIntosh, Frank Gonzales,
Old Business
  • JSSP and JCUP progress review (as of 12/12/2022).  
    • The JSSP Program 1880 passes from 1615 unique members successfully passed!
    • The JCUP Program 2944 passes from 2382 unique CBJ’s have successfully passed!
      • Time to consider a boosting awareness, CBJ committee has a few ideas to review.
      • Organizers are now encouraging JCUP participants to be seated first.
      • Email blast to active judges that have not taken it. 
      • First person testimonials, new faces or celebrity judges. 

  • Outstanding CBJ Nominations complete.  
    • Four US based awardees have been selected as well as one international CBJ.  There was also one additional “special mention”.  Looking forward to having this printed in the next BullSheet. 
      • Kevin Burnett,   Individual Lifetime,         BROWNSBORO TX 
      • Tim Lively,      Individual US, WAYNESBORO GA 
      • Sue Seymer,      Individual US, COLUMBUS MS 
      • Kenneth Sawyer,  Individual Lifetime, DENVER CO 
      • Stephen Bresina, (International), Individual Lifetime, Switzerland 
      • Rich Goldstein,  (Deceased)   Individual US, Atlanta GA

  • Develop program considerations for full Online CBJ course to determine if viable and how it would work.  Not a replacement for traditional in person class, but an alternative.
    • Final CBJ Committee draft completed, sent to the BOD for review and also sent to the CBJ Instructors (worldwide) for their feedback.  Reach out to Rep Committee to look for any updates.  
New Business 
  • Develop RFP for a new seating program on hold, developing an RFP for a new SCORE program takes precedence. This needs to ramp up for a faster timeline. 
    • Current SCORE program utilizes Microsoft CE 4.0 that was built in 2012, end of life in 2016 and end of support in June of 2021.  Estimated to be a two year project, from the RFP creation to Training and Rollout.   Recommendation is to not invest in a separate judge seating program until SCORE is updated, add seating functionality to the new SCORE program so Reps will have all features in one program.  (This will be removed from the CBJ Committee for a special committee). 
      • Julie P. has gathered requirements and a wish list from the KCBS Office.  Tech committee aligned with proposed functionality.  Next step is to create a survey for all reps to complete.  Would like to have this in the Reps hands by the first of the year. 
  • The following items have been received by the CBJ committee and require further review, perhaps by the Rules committee and then BOD review.  
  • NO Finger Licking, wiping ungloved hands and Covid guidance in the CBJ manual could use a little more clarification. Chiles forwarded review to the Rules committee on 11/29.  
  • Comment cards.  The CBJ committee will take it as an action item to see if a different font and or font size can be used to make the card easier to read in less than ideal lighting.   
  • Over and undercooking verbiage in the Judges and Cooks MP3 sent to the Rules committee on 11/29 for review. 

  • Develop program considerations for a new KCBS CBJ Portal applet that could link cook teams with Judges that need to cook for their MCBJ requirement.  Search by geographical are and automate sending emails to teams willing to host judges by area on behalf of the judge.  
    • Quote delivered to the CEO, this will remain on the list with low priority. 
    • Secondary functionality could be for Judges that are willing to cook with cook teams to provide guidance (Teams searching for judges for cooking assistance). 
Closing – Any additional questions or concerns that are provided.  
Contest Representative Committee
Contest Representative Committee
Monday December 5th, 2022 at 18:30
In attendance: Stan Dobosenski, Debby Gage, Rod Gray, David McAllister, Bob McKee, John Scharffbillig, Jeanne Titus, Mike Winter, Jonathan Williams, Ralph Williams
Topics discussed:
Rep Advisory 1.11 - 180 pins/stickers with no conclusion.  Other options will be looked into.
Turkey Smoke rules for cooks to be read at Cook’s Meetings.
What can we do on Single Meat contests to identify Backyard Teams vs Pro Teams.  Email will be sent to all Representatives
Head cook numbers verification when handing out boxes.  Email will be sent to all Representatives.
Rep Advisory 1.18 Contest Organizer Vending or Competing at Their Event
                Question: Can an organizer vend or compete at their event?
                Opinion: No. The contest organizer may not vend (sell food and beverages) at their contest. They may have volunteers/personnel to vend but the organizer must be available to the teams, judges, and the Contest Reps.  BOD February 17, 2006
                No person or spouse, whether listed as, or acting as, a contest organizer shall compete either as an individual, or as a team, they are associated with at that contest.  To keep it simple, neither an organizer nor their spouse may compete as a head cook or as a team member in his/her own contest.  Additionally, withdrawing from the capacity prior to the competition does not remove this restriction.  BOD February 17, 2006 Updated BOD July 2015
Next meeting January 2, 2023
Rules Committee
Finance Committee
Foundation Committee
November 27, 2022  7:00pm CST
Nancy Goldsmith, Beth Salzl, Priscilla Smith, Matt Greer
New Business

  1. World Invitational Fundraisers
    1. Results: Combined, the Pop-Up Shop and 50/50 raffle raised $4,354

    2. Ideas for 2023:
      Take credit cards
      Create QR code for 50/50 raffle – get buttons with code to scan
      Tasting cups and one “tester” per item, particularly for rubs/sauces that are not well-known
Continuing Business

  1. Scholarships for 2023
    1. Final review of application and instructions

    2. Short blurb for January 2023 Bullsheet

      KCBS Postsecondary Scholarships

      The application period for 2023 scholarships opens on 1/1/23, closing at 11:59pm CST on 3/30/23.  Realizing that not all young people want to attend a four-year institution, these scholarships can be used for community college, technical training, culinary school, and any other accredited post-secondary education.  Please encourage your eligible children to apply.  And, if you have any questions, please reach out to:  office will insert appropriate email address.