KCBS Board of Directors is excited to announce that at the 2023 KCBS World Invitational, Certified Barbeque Judges who have successfully completed JCUP will get first consideration in the invitational, open, and ancillary contests. This decision ensures that those who are invited to judge the World Invitational have a shared and consistent understanding of the updated scoring system. 

More than 2500 CBJs have completed the JCUP, demonstrating mastery in judging competitive barbeque and ensuring they remain current on all KCBS judging procedures. The 8-module course provides an overview of the history of KCBS, updates to the scoring system, and a review of guidelines and procedures. 

"Giving first consideration to CBJs who are JCUP certified for the World Invitational is an obvious choice for the Board. The WI is an exclusive contest where the best of the best compete for the Grand Champion title and up to $60,000 in cash prizes. Prioritizing judges who are up-to-date on KCBS rules and procedures demonstrate our commitment to quality and integrity," says Rod Gray, CEO of KCBS. 

Open Contest:  Certified Barbeque Judges with JCUP certification
Backyard Series Invitational: Certified Barbeque Judges with JCUP certification
Master Series Invitational:  Master Certified Barbeque Judges with JCUP certification

To complete the JCUP today, go to https://mms.kcbs.us/members/learn/course_list.php