KCBS Board meeting agenda November 13, 2023

Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda
Monday November 13, 2023. 6:00pm CT
Membership Requests to Address the Board:   
  • None
Call to Order
Roll Call: 
Stan Dobosenski, Joel Fleetwood, Chiles Cridlin, Cliff Davis, Nancy Goldsmith, Jeanne Titus, Ralph Williams, Charlie Brinza, Randy Todd
KCBS Office:  Rod Gray
Board Pledge:
Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve, and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Consent Agenda:
            Notice concerning Committee Reports. Some committees do not meet monthly, If a report is presented, it will be included as an attachment to the Agenda.
  • Minutes of previous BOD meeting
  • Contest Report
  • Financial Report
  • Sanctioning Committee
  • Judging Committee
  • Contest Representative Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Foundation Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Workgroups:
    • Organizers Work Group
    • Backyard Work Group
Discussion of any items removed from Consent Agenda:
Chief Executive Officer’s Report:
  • CEO Report attached.
Old Business:
  • None.
New Business: 
  • Sweepstakes update (Goldsmith)
  • Request the "Final review of the nomination and candidate selection processes" be presented to the BOD and published in this "today's" BOD meeting quick notes. (Cridlin)
  • Request that BOD return to its long-standing practice of recording the BOD meeting "open sessions" for publication on the KCBS website. (Cridlin)
Closed Session Agenda: 
Discussion of Legal, Financial, Personnel and Real Estate
  • Personnel issue (Todd)
  • Request for the name of the legal counsel, along with his/her credentials that was referenced in the " Board of Directors’ Meeting QUICK NOTES" from Monday August 14, 2023, whereas " Legal representation on the committee will be present for the process" be fully disclosed as our legal representative, including any retainers paid for such legal services in this BOD meeting quick notes. (Cridlin)
After Closed Session:
The Board may take any necessary actions including Motions on any or all matters discussed in closed session
Adjourn or Suspend
Attachments and Reports
Contest Report 
In-house Approval                
In-house Approval                          
Swampfest                                                                                         4/5-6/2024          Waycross, GA
Dinuba's BBQ & Brew Fest                                                           3/15-16/2024     Dinuba, CA
12th Annual Bull Moose BBQ                                                      4/12-13/2024     Somerville, TN
The Art of Barbeque                                                                       6/28-29/2024     Sterling, CO
Bernard Blues and BBQ Cookoff (BACKYARD ONLY)           9/6-7/2024          Cullman, AL
Smokin' in the Creek BBQ Contest                                            4/26-27/2024     Sugar Creek, MO
Jiggy with the Piggy - Day 1                                                          5/3-4/2024          Kannapolis, NC
Jiggy with the Piggy - Day 2                                                          5/4-5/2024          Kannapolis, NC
BBQ Gives Back (Day 1) (Masters and Backyard)                 3/22-23/2024     Urbanna, VA
BBQ Gives Back (Day 2) (Masters and Backyard)                 3/23-24/2024     Urbanna, VA
BBQ Gives Back (ONE MEAT CHICKEN)                                    3/22/2024            Urbanna, VA
BBQ Gives Back (ONE MEAT RIBS)                                             3/22/2024            Urbanna, VA
O'So Good BBQ Festival (BACKYARD ONLY) Day 1               5/3-4/2024          Oneonta, AL
O'So Good BBQ Festival (BACKYARD ONLY) Day 2               5/4-5/2024          Oneonta, AL
Tri City BBQ Fest                                                                               9/20-21/2024     Denison, IA
Smoke on the Falls                                                                           4/12-13/2024     Gadsden, AL
Rock Island BBQ Competition (BACKYARD ONLY)                10/11-12/2024   Stover, MO
Riverland Smokers BBQ Contest                                                6/22-23/2024     Netherlands
BBQ, Blues & Brews on the Bay                                                  5/25-26/2024     North Bend, OR
Original SD BBQ Championships (ONE MEAT RIBS)             6/7-8/2024          Huron, SD
Original SD BBQ Championships                                                6/7-8/2024          Huron, SD
Americamps BBQ Throwdown (ONE MEAT RIBS)                8/9/2024              Ashland, VA
Americamps BBQ Throwdown (ONE MEAT CHICKEN)       8/9/2024              Ashland, VA
Americamps BBQ Throwdown (Day 2)                                     8/10/-11/2024   Ashland, VA
Americamps BBQ Throwdown (Day 1)                                     8/9-10/2024        Ashland, VA
Farm Meat "De Vaartse HOeve" Barbeque Contest (Day 1)            9/6-7/2024          Netherlands
York Count BBQ Festival                                                                6/21-22/2024     Delta, PA
Trekking for CDH                                                                              9/14-15/2024     Pierron, IL
Smoke on the Plains BBQ & Music Fest                                   6/7-8/2024          Derby, KS
Morris Rhythm & BBQ Festival (BACKYARD ONLY)              6/14-15/2024     Morris, IL
Pigmaster BBQ Challenge                                                             9/20-21/2024     Rutherford College, NC
Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle                                   6/22-23/2024     Washington, DC
Cotswolds Barbecue Championship                                         6/22-23/2024     Cheltenham, UK
Meat Inferno                                                                                     10/4-5/2024        Edgerton, KS
Meat Inferno (ONE MEAT RIBS)                                                  10/4/2024            Edgerton, KS
Derby City Que Off                                                                          5/10/11/2024     Louisville, KY
BBQ Boots & Brew                                                                           4/12-13/2024     Perris, CA
Smoke in the Mitten BBQ Competition                                   5/3-4/2024          Westland, MI
Saluting with Smoke (ONE MEAT RIBS)                                    9/13/2024            Yorkville, IL
Saluting with Smoke (COMPETITOR'S SERIES)                      9/13-14/2024     Yorkville, IL
Go Hog Wild                                                                                       10/4-5/2024        Sheridan, AR
Meat Inferno                                                                                     10/4-5/2024        Edgerton, KS
Meat Inferno (ONE MEAT RIBS)                                                  10/4/2024            Edgerton, KS
All American Brisket Battle (ONE MEAT BRISKET)                10/5/2024            El Dorado HIlls, CA
BBQ, Boogie & Blues                                                                       4/26-27/2024     Calhoun, GA
Dr. George Smith BBQ Brawl (COMPETITORS SERIES)       4/19-20/2024     Murfreesboro, TN
Bring'n Home the Bacon Day 1                                                    6/7-8/2024          West Salem, WI
Bring'n Home the Bacon Day 2                                                    6/8-9/2024          West Salem, WI
Iowa State BBQ Championship                                                   3/29-30/2024     Altoona, IA
W.E.S.T. Winter Extreme South Tyrol                                       2/24-25/2024     Rein in Taufers, Italy
18th Annual Boss hog State Championship Cook-Off        5/10-11/2024     Waynesboro, GA
2024 Cameron Elks BBQ Cook Off (ONE MEAT RIBS)          7/12/2024            Cameron, MO
2024 Cameron Elks BBQ Cook Off                                             7/12/13/2024     Cameron, MO
Fo.G & Smoke 2024                                                                         9/21/2024            Italy
Best Dam Barbeque                                                                        5/24-25/2024     Boulder City, NV
Frog Alley Brew-B-Que Cookoff                                                 6/22-23/2024     Schenectady, NY
Financial Report
No report filed.
Sanctioning Committee
No meeting was held in November.
Judging Committee
October 25, 2023

Cliff Davis, Chair; Myron Berry, Florence, AL; Randy Todd, Cookeville, TN; Kelly Wilde, Louisburg, KS; Jeanne Titus, St. Louis, MO, and Ron Keefover, Topeka, KS. Rod Gray, KCBS CEO

The meeting included discussion of a request for creation of a pin or other indicia of a CBJ’s completion of 300 contests. It was decided that altering the wording on the existing badge that identifies CBJ certifications would properly honor the achievement and would be cost effective.
Kelly Wilde, who is lead on the Outstanding CBJ of the Year Award selection process, reported that as of the October 25 meeting date, 14 CBJs, domestic and international, had been nominated. It is anticipated that additional nominations would come in before the November 1, 2023, cutoff date. Selection will be done in the month of November 2023 by a sub-committee of three.
The meeting wrapped with Rod Gray sharing information with the Committee on the independent audit of the scoring issues at the American Royal and the “Root Cause Analysis Report.”
Contest Representative Committee
No meeting was held in November.
Rules Committee
There was no monthly meeting in October.  The 2024 Rules and Judging Procedures are posted on the website and available for printing.   The November meeting agenda will include a discussion of 2025 Team of Year points change.
Finance Committee
November 6,2023
Present: Stan Dobosenski, President, Joel Fleetwood, Vice President, Rod Gray, Chief Executive Officer, Randy Todd, Treasurer, Finance Chair 
The meeting was called to order at 6 pm.  Adjournment was at 7:55 pm.
Old Business
1.  Rod/Beth:  pull tab update. 
Beth Salzl has volunteered to create a pull tab proposal that the Finance committee can bring before the full KCBS Board. This proposal is to include the estimated initial cost and proposed income. Beth was not able to attend the meeting. Beth will communicate with Rod.
2. January 13, 2024 Annual Banquet budget
Speakers per diems.  
Facilities expenses. 
Banquet expenses. 
Awards expenses.
KCBS needs to sell 265 tickets to break even on the banquet. 
3. Proposed 2024 Master Series TOY payouts total $26,000, paying 15 places for the four meats and TOY Overall. 
Proposed 2024 Backyard TOY payouts total $10,225, paying 10 places for Chicken, Ribs and TOY Overall. 
Proposed 2024 Master and BY combined TOY payouts total $36,225.
4. Update on new accounting firm, 2022 990 due November 15th. New firm is doing well,  990 will be submitted by the due date. The Finance Committee should have approved financial statements from the new accounting firm ready to present to the full KCBS Board by next month. 
5. Overall financial impact of the American Royal looks to be $4000 thus far. We are anticipating purchasing five new laptops at a budget cost of $2000 so that only proprietary KCBS devices will be used for the American Royal contest in the future. Many thanks to Park Road Technologies for their prompt response and charging KCBS only for their direct cost.
6. Priority budget for SCORE program. A separate Money Market account will be opened for SCORE program monies. 
New Business 
Discussion of Human Resource financial matter. The KCBS Finance Committee asks that this discussion be brought to the full KCBS Board during closed session. 
Foundation Committee
October 23. 2023
The meeting was very brief as there were 3 reports from the chair and no new business.
1. Smoker Sweepstakes
a. Online raffle of smoker closes on 10/31/23
b. Please continue to share on social media
2. Plummer Scholarship
The family will be adding funding
3. 2024 Scholarships
 Application period will open on 1/1/24; system will be set up and ready to go
Nominating Committee
The window for submitting nominations for the BOD closed on October 30. The committee is reviewing the responses from the candidates.   The candidates will be listed in the December and January Bullsheet with voting to begin on December 26, 2023 and end on January 9, 2024.  Results to be announced at the January Annual Meeting.
Organizer Work Group
October 26th 2023
Invitees: Chiles Cridlin, Nancy Goldsmith, Randy Todd, Brandon Bressner, Noel Kay, Julie Poe Myron Berry, Cindy Wells, Jim Palmer, Nick Nicholas, Rod Gray, Stan Dobosenski
Not in attendance: Brandon Bressner, Myron Berry, Noel Kay, Nick Nicholas, Rod Gray, Stan Dobosenski,
Purpose: The Organizer work group is established to research then recommend assistance for KCBS contest organizers to the KCBS Board of Directors for their consideration. 
Resulting discussion from the Organizer’s QuickStart Guide
The QuickStart Guide was growing too large to fit the bill for what we wanted, so it was decided we would request to update the existing KCBS Organizers Guide to include an interactive quick start section. Other updates discussed will also be included.  Nancy and Julie have the current MS Word version and are planning updates as requested.
A discussion was held to promote the idea of having a “One Meat” organizers guide.  This will be a condensed version of the existing organizers guide but tailored for one meat sanctioned competitions.  The existing guide can be overwhelming for what a single category really needs.
Resulting discussion from People’s Choice:
No more interviews have been received Work now is proceeding with combining the interviews to put together the recommended recipe for success.  A copy of the current version in progress has been distributed to committee members for their input.
Resulting discussion from HOF criteria development:
Research and interviews have yielded a starting list of candidates.  Work is continuing to review those that are recommended and use their qualifications as a baseline for future inductees. Below is the recommendation to the BOD for HOF consideration. 
Minimum consideration is 4 out of the 7 as listed below.
  • 20 years or more as a KCBS organizer
  • Minimum of 10 years KCBS and 20 contests.
  • Number of other KCBS BBQ contest that were mentored.
  • Paid KCBS Membership during period of active involvement.   
  • Pioneers in BBQ criteria – Started in a new area, contributed greatly to growth.
  • Additional services to KCBS.
  • Held CBJ, CTC, Competition cooking, Kids Q or other ancillary.
Backyard Work Group
No meeting was held in November.
CEO Report
November 2023
Key Highlights:   As we put the finishing touches on the 2023 American Royal, and celebrate the 2023 Jack Daniel’s, the staff turns their attention to the 2023 Team of the Year, the 2024 contest season, and the Annual Awards Banquet.  Renewing sponsorships for next year is in full swing.  We’re also looking ahead to the 2024 KCBS World Invitational.  Social media continues to be strong, and we’re seeing improved open rates for the Bullsheet.
The November 9th, 2023 membership snapshot reflected 15,723, down 151 members from 15,874 reported on October 4th, 2023.  Because of the number of lapsed members, the renewal postcards have been delayed while we work towards an autorenewal solution for those members.  This would allow members to reinstate their dropped membership without direct intervention from a KCBS staff member.  A system change is being tested now.  It will determine the feasibility of this option.  Once completed, we’ll move forward with postcards.  
377 Contests Completed in 2023 (calendar year)
388 Contests Completed in 2023 Season (November 1, 2022 – October 31, 2023
381 Contests Scheduled for 2023 (calendar year)
388 Contests Scheduled for 2023 Season (November 1, 2022 – October 31, 2023
34 Contests Canceled for 2023
10 Contests Postponed in 2023
CBJ & Table Captain Classes:  
37 CBJ Classes Scheduled for 2023
19 TC Classes Scheduled for 2023
Partnerships Discussions: 
We’re turning our attention to identifying potential banquet, ToY, and HoF sponsors. 
Sponsor Updates:
  • National Turkey Federation: 2024 contract finalized, includes banquet breakout sponsorship.
  • Jack Daniel’s: Keynote and Wells Awards planning underway. 
    • Grilling Giveaway: all winners scheduled for 2023 and 2024.
  • Westlake Ace Hardware–Thanksgrilling events Nov. 18th. 
  • Q39, American Royal, and Westlake Hardware 2024 CBJ class sponsorship expansion proposals under review.
  • United Soybean: 2024 contract discussions planned. Soy Combine Award series very successful and well-received by teams, CBJs, and organizers. 2 events remaining. 
  • Food Export of the United States: Sauces, Rubs, and Fuels webinar part II December 12th
    • plans to offer a breakout session at the 2024 Annual Awards Banquet
  • Reviewing and updating 2023 sponsorship agreements with current partners. 
Marketing & Communications: 
  • Auto-renewal: membership auto-renewal options forthcoming
  • Banquet: Advance registration ends on 12/1/23–after that date, tickets go from $75 to $100
    • Table sponsorships
    • Keynote panelists and breakout session confirmed
    • Promotional video featuring Tuffy Stone and Chris Lilly on social media. 
      • PLEASE SHARE on social media
  • Bullsheet:  The email open rate for the October Bullsheet is 56%.
    • December Bullsheet is focused on the year-in-review. 
    • Committee Chatter: please submit committee articles in advance of publication deadlines on the 15th of each month (with a firm date of 11/21)
    • New Organizer Holiday Ad Sale–20% off ad packages bought 12/1-1/15/24 to be used at any time during 2024
  • Board Content
    • Incentivizing Membership Board Retreat: successful retreat, follow-up actions forthcoming. 
    • Nomination Committee: article and promotional material published in the Bullsheet and on website; Voting Booth will be set up for BoD Nomination and Election.
    • Foundation: article and promotional materials for Scholarship and Raffle on social media, Bullsheet, and website; announcement of Anne Laurer Scholarship in the Bullsheet. 
      • Scholarship recipient promotional video produced
      • New Scholarship Recipient Recognition Webpage 
    • Outstanding CBJ: announcement at the banquet
    • Carolyn Wells Ambassador Award & Gary Wells Sportsman Award: announced by Brian Rosenfeld at the banquet
Social Media 
We continue to leverage social media to drive member conversion, promote the KCBS brand, showcase our sponsors and events, and provide value to our members through fun and educational content.
Social Media Growth: 
  • All platforms saw continued growth and increased engagement
  • Total Audience, as of 11/7/2023: 123,830 total followers
  • KCBS gained 411 new followers across social media platforms within the month, with the biggest increase coming from Instagram and Facebook.
Facebook 78,564 followers  [Up from the 78,340 followers from the beginning of October] 224 new followers 44 posts, reaching 305.2k accounts
Instagram 24,238 followers [Up from the 24,150 followers from the previous report.] 88 new followers 19 posts, 37.2k accounts reached
Twitter 21,028 followers  [Up from the 20,929 Followers from the previous report.] 99 new followers 5 tweets,  9 retweets

  • Our most reached post of the month: The American Royal World Series Letter Apology Post on Facebook, was posted on Thursday, October 5th. 
    • Impressions: 37, 326, Post Reach: 37,085, Engagement: 18,984