3rd Annual Made for KC BBQ Championship Determines New BBQ Restaurant at Kansas City International Airport

In 2022 Smoke n’ Magic took home the grand prize. In 2023 it was the O.G. Bandits. Who will it be in 2024?  
Kansas City, MO (April 29, 2024)--This September, Kanas City-area pitmasters will once again battle it out at the Made for Kansas City BBQ Championship, hoping to take home the grand prize which includes a 1-year License Agreement to be the Pitmaster at the 8,000 sq. ft. Kansas City BBQ Experience Restaurant located at the new Kansas City International Airport's (MCI) and a check for one of the largest prizes in Competition BBQ.
Bragging rights are up for grabs as the Restaurant at the Airport was awarded Best Local Inspired Restaurant in a Medium Size Airport in North America at the 2024 Airport Experience Conference this April.
This Championship is presented by OHM Concession Group (OHM), the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) and Old- World Spices & Seasonings (OWS). This year, the event will move to a “cooler” season and a new venue.
The 2024 Made for KC BBQ Championship will be held in the town of Weston, MO at City Hall and on the Campus of Holladay Distilleries. The event will kick off on Friday September 13th with the 50 teams setting up in the town of Weston. On Saturday September 14th, after a Double-Blind Judging by certified Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) judges, the winner will be announced at Holladay Distilleries.
"Our commitment to 'local means local' is evident in our many partnerships to deliver the food and beverage offerings at the new terminal at KCI and extending into this competition," OHM CEO Milan Patel said in a release. "This competition, the winning pitmaster or cook team, and the barbecue restaurant are the first of their kind anywhere in the world." This uniquely Kansas City experience was honored this past April with our industry highest honor as the best locally inspired restaurant in Airports across North America. The winning Pitmaster Team will have an opportunity to stand on the shoulders of our first two Champions, Smoke n’ Magic and the O.G. Bandits”.
Pitmaster teams are required to be based in Kansas or Missouri within 60 miles of the Airport. They must be at least a one-year KCBS registered pitmaster and have competed in no less than three KCBS-sanctioned competitions from 2021-2023.
Registration for the championship's 50 available spots begins April 25 and closes June 28. Teams can register at www.kcbs.us  (search for Made for KC BBQ Championship). There will be a live blind drawing held on July 17 at the Kansas City BBQ Experience Restaurant where the 50 team will be announced, as well as 5 alternates in case one of the 50 teams drops out. The winning Pitmaster will take control of the Smokers at the Airport restaurant on March 1, 2025.
Teams can find out more at www.ohmkcbbq.com where they will also find the link to the KCBS registration page www.kcbs.us.
About the Kansas City Barbeque Society:  
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