Ralph Williams

Work Experience:  

  • Elementary Teacher   Fort Smith Public Schools
  • Elementary Principal 25 years Fort Smith Public Schools
  • Supervisor Student Services 15 years Fort Smith Public Schools
  • Chaired numerous committees for the District
  • President South Central Principals Association
  • Arkansas Principal of the Year 1985
  • Arkansas National Principal of the Year 1985
  • Northeastern Oklahoma State University Outstanding Young Education 1986??

KCBS Experience:

  • Certified KCBS Judge
  • Certified Master KCBS Judge
  • Certified Table Captain
  • KCBS Contest Representative
  • KCBS Instructor  (CBJ & CTC)
  • KCBS Committees:
    • KCBS Rep Committee
    • KCBS CBJ Committee
    • KCBS Instructors Committee

General Campaign Platform

To review all material / information presented with an open mind.  Be fair and consistent with decisions related to organizers, cooks, and judges.  Decisions rendered need. To be in the best interest of promoting KCBS. I have no personal agenda except to see KCBS presented as a fun, positive experience for individuals and families. I reserve the right to disagree agreeably when opposing views are presented.  I agree to be available to listen to concerns and present opposing views when necessary.  

Reason to Be A KCBS BOD Member:

There are areas of concern being presented by various entities from both inside and outside KCBS. (Ex. Seating, rules, website) Hopefully, another new opinion might be the one that was overlooked and could provide the springboard for change. My former work experience required I make critical decisions.  I am not afraid to make a decision but only after complete review of the issue(s)

Previous Participation: 

See above

Challenges Facing KCBS:  

Seating, consistent scoring, judge retraining, judge recertification, membership retention

Skills Dealing with Challenges: 

Being a good listener, being fair and consistent, and being willing to address the tough issues.  All of this to make KCBS a better organization. No Board member or Board decision will make all persons happy.  We must deal with all issues and try to make decisions that support and benefit all areas of KCBS.