Randy Bigler

Randy Bigler - Hunstville, AL

1. Please describe the skills you posses (which you believe are stronger than the other candidates) which would make you an asset as a board member, in dealing with the challenges facing KCBS, and give an example of how those skills would serve the KCBS Board of Directors and its membership.
I am a past board member from 2010 to 2016. Much of my time on the board I spent as co-chair of the Rep committee as well as co-chair of the CBJ committee. I was also the President for 2016 and as such I was invited to listen to all committee meetings and voice my opinion when needed. I pride myself in listening to all sides of an issue, before making any judgments. As a candidate, I pledge to the membership to calmly
listen to all members on any issues they feel need to be addressed to the board and I will answer all e-mails sent to me in a timely manner.

2. If you are a Cook, Judge, Rep or Backyard Cook, please identify the major KCBS issues concerning one of the areas in which you are involved. Describe the major issue, your strategies to correct or improve the issue, and what you see as the biggest challenge to the success of your plan.
I am a cook, judge, Rep, CBJ instructor, Kosher CBJ instructor and past board member. As a past board member, I was instrumental in getting KCBS to sanction Stand Alone Backyard events. Subsequent boards have not followed what was intended by that sanctioning and I would like an opportunity to establish guidelines that would be followed in the future. I feel as though there are current board members that would like to limit the way backyard events are to be handled. I would also like to see the posting of backyard team points that were promised to those teams’ years ago.

3. Identify your major short term goal and the major long term goal, if elected to the Board of KCBS and your plan to implement change or improvement in order to carry out each of these goals.
My short term goal is to find out why contests are canceling and how KCBS could help them keep their contests or get them back. What could KCBS do to improve the chances of a contest surviving? Would good seminars help and if so what do they need help with and how could we as an organization make this type of help available. My long term goal is basically the same although it concerns the membership drop off. What are we doing to entice new membership? Do we need to better explain what our membership gives to its members?

4. If elected please explain, “your level of commitment, time and energy” for committee projects and monthly reports, board meetings and attendance, as well as representing KCBS to the public and being responsive to our members. Please understand that “whatever time is required” is not an acceptable answer. Executive Committee members typically volunteer 8-10 hours a month and Committee Chairs typically volunteer 3-5 hours a month. “No Report” often means no activity. Will you be an active board member or inactive board member?
I know the level of commitment it takes to be a responsible member. It is very important to me that as a board member that is assigned to a committee that you submit a report to the board at each monthly board meeting. I have noticed there have been board members on the board (past and present) that have not submitted any or very few reports to the board. A couple of notes during their monthly meeting would be enough of a report. The membership notices when no reports are given. In my years of past service, I think I may have missed one or two meetings, in six years, due to family commitments. I will strive to set the same standard this time, if elected.

5. What new ideas would you have in regards to marketing or new ideas that would benefit membership?
I would work to develop a marketing strategy plan to keep current sponsors as well as bring on new sponsors, increase memberships and contests events. I would work with those with marketing experience as well as survey KCBS membership to develop a plan that benefits KCBS as an organization.

6. Please describe your previous participation in KCBS activities and years of experience.
I have been a KCBS member since 2000 when I became a judge. I went on to become a Master Judge and then a Rep in 2005. A few years later, I became a CBJ instructor. In 2010 I was voted onto the Board of Directors of KCBS. I have been a KCBS member for eighteen years. I have been on a master series cooking team since 2001, although I do not cook on the circuit as much as I would like. 

7. Please explain why you want to be a member of the KCBS Board of Directors.
I would like to address the issues that are currently weighing on the board. Membership, loss of contests, sponsorship, the new building woes just to name a few. If elected, I will work hard for our entire membership as their representative instead of the concerns of select groups. It is my feeling that all members should be heard, not just the few that talk the loudest. The broad base of experience in all aspects of KCBS (judge, cook, rep, former board member and president) provides me with a unique understanding of KCBS and the ability to address issues across the board spectrum of KCBS.