Tracy Hixon


Hello, my name is Tracy Hixon. I have been involved in BBQ for about 13 years, from the very first amateur competition we did, to where we are now as a well known successful BBQ team.  I have also had my own backyard team and competed by myself as well.  I have been running a BBQ store since 2016, and know a lot about what people want. Not just as competition cooks, because not all KCBS members are competition cooks. They have a great love for BBQ.  I am a confident and outgoing person who doesn’t let things hold me back. I have been married to Dan Hixon of 3 Eyz BBQ for 17 years, and have a fur baby named Sarah.  When we aren’t doing BBQ related stuff I enjoy singing, crafting and doing stained glass.  

General Campaign Platform

I want to run for KCBS BOD because I believe KCBS needs passionate people who truly have the best interest of KCBS members at heart.  I have been a KCBS member in good standing as well as part of a successful competition BBQ team the last 13 years.  

Q: Please explain why you want to be a member of the KCBS Board of Directors and the skills you possess which would make you an asset as a board member.

I am a straight shooter, I am known for calling a Spade a Spade and I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe is right. I know I could be an asset to the Board with my ability to talk, listen and persuade others, as well as my ability to be fair and consistent.  I have been the Vice President of my Home Owners Association the last 2 years as well. I understand how important it is to have board members who truly care about the impact they have on the organization.


Q: As a board member, what do you believe are the major challenges currently facing KCBS?

I believe the current challenges the KCBS currently faces is a lack of consistency in the competition bbq circuit.  I believe that there are challenges that keep the organizers from holding consistent and fair bbq competitions, lack of judges with the ability to fairly judge is a big one.  I feel it has negatively impacted both the teams and the judges.  And ultimately can result in the demise of good competitions.

Q: In dealing with these challenges, give an example of how your skills would serve the KCBS membership as a Director on the board.

I believe I could definitely help impact consistency across the board, just by being honest and not being afraid to speak up. I’m the one who says what everyone else is thinking but are too scared to say it and hold others accountable.  Good or bad, right or wrong.