Turkey Smoke Series


To further inspire pitmasters about the versatility of turkey on the smoker, the National Turkey Federation is continuing its partnership with the Kansas City Barbeque Society for the Turkey Smoke Series. The Turkey Smoke Series will incorporate a turkey category into select KCBS-Sanctioned contests across the U.S. during the 2024 barbeque season.

Thousands of dollars in extra prize money and bragging rights will be up for grabs! Winning recipes will also be featured across the National Turkey Federation, KCBS websites and social channels.

There is no doubt that teams and judges love this category, and we are so excited to bring it back for another smokin' season!

"Thank you Turkey Smoke BBQ and The Kansas City Barbeque Society. We love these Turkey Smoke events and hope they continue next year!" - Bourbon and Blues BBQ team

"Smoked turkey is the best, I look forward to another great year of the turkey smoke!" - Robert Flores, MCBJ

The 2024 contests have been selected, and we're excited to get this season underway.

Email turkeysmoke@kcbs.us with any questions. Find the Turkey Smoke Rules by clicking HERE.

                          *Turkey Smoke series events subject to change based on any changes to the main contest.

Turkey Smoke Series


KCBS pitmasters receive points for their performance at each of the Turkey Smoke contests. A team's top 5 highest scores count towards the Turkey Smoke Team of the Year points chase.  KCBS will track pitmasters' points across contests Turkey Smoke series using the Team of the Year points system. 

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